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  1. More info/interest about the dogs than about the human that got shot. About right for this board. "Who would you save?"
  2. Shazam is doing a pretty good job IDing most of these songs. Indian Trap ftw.
  3. This showed up in my "recommended" videos on YouTube. Big Brother (Google) is listening. Trigger Warning (contains Muppets) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x3YkkmMxjV0&ab_channel=TheMuseumofClassicChicagoTelevision(www.FuzzyMemories.TV)
  4. Why on earth would Disney release content that has a "harmful impact"? Serious question.
  5. Because of "sides"...plain and simple. Too many caught up in the third grade version of politics in this country....just as the politicians like it. This times a million. And It's playing out in this thread. I think both "sides" of this argument are closer than they want to admit, but each is taking the far left or far right "side" of the equation, and neither will capitulate. Just the way our dark overlords want it.
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