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  1. The inconsistency of the NFL officiating is the most aggravating thing. The game is just too fast for 50 year old men.
  2. He's far from perfect but at some point the players need to execute as well. They are executing. They're executing an early 90s philosophy that just doesn't play in today's NFL. Zimmer is either won't or can't adjust to today's NFL. He is a dinosaur and needs to go. He'll make someone a great Defensive coordinator next year.
  3. Zimmer has to go. This #### is getting old.
  4. John J. Bowman and Isaac Bowman (Port Barrel Finished) So good, and you can actually find it. Both under $50
  5. Too much money to be made keeping us on "sides". Not going anywhere anytime soon.
  6. Definitely should have been. This game is too fast for the old farts they have out there in stripes. The NFL has to fix this crap. They are still measuring 1st downs with two dudes holding sticks with chains...
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