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  1. Zimmer has to go. This #### is getting old.
  2. John J. Bowman and Isaac Bowman (Port Barrel Finished) So good, and you can actually find it. Both under $50
  3. Too much money to be made keeping us on "sides". Not going anywhere anytime soon.
  4. Definitely should have been. This game is too fast for the old farts they have out there in stripes. The NFL has to fix this crap. They are still measuring 1st downs with two dudes holding sticks with chains...
  5. Looks like fun. But I'll just watch as FBG has been blocked at work and I hate trying to post from my phone. Looking forward to lurking.
  6. Feel like I just watched the movie Airplane about 4 times.
  7. Just finished Replay by Ken Grimwood (1986) for about the 3rd time. (think I learned about it from this thread way back when) Now onto The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August by Claire North (2014) I usually read them back to back as they have very similar themes. Love them both.
  8. Yes, my wife's Honda Pilot had the "off" button too, but you had to hit it every time you got in the car. It didn't "remember". PITA.
  9. Your kids sound scared.
  10. I think I've said this one before - Anytime my kids or wife asks where something is (phone, keys, remote, dogs) I immediately pop back: "if it was up your butt you'd know". Sometimes they say it before I can in response to their own question. Pretty sure they are going to put it on my tombstone.
  11. And apparently there is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4SVaHxJhTmk Better with Subtitles: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LJ-EC8TLvAo
  12. Dimple Pinch It's a blended scotch, but I find it excellent neat or over a large ice cube. Used to be around $40, but may be a bit more now.
  13. Please take note that most of my experience is at the elementary level (pre-K through 5th grade) and I fully understand that middle school is a different world. I myself had horrible experiences in 6th and 7th grades. If I had been given the option to stay home and learn I would have. I'm glad I didn't have that option as I would have never met a friend that I still have today. We have had about 20 (out of about 90) students that have come back to in-person learning in January. It has been a very difficult transition for about 7 of them. Mostly social. They feel alienated and drift into the shadows or feel they have to overcompensate and be the "class clown" - one had gotten violent and was expelled for 3 days. That's just this year where parents had the option for their students to be on-line. In the past I've had several students (it always seems it's in 1st grade or 5th grade) that have had some pretty severe anxiety about coming to school. A few the parents just gave up and "home schooled" (I'm putting that i quotes because in my experience they were not prepared to actually teach their kid and it was more of a last ditch effort to make it all go away - I am in no way disparaging home-schooling) Almost every time (I'd say 95%) the student will come back to us or enter school again in middle school/high school and they are not only behind academically, but woefully unprepared for the social aspect of school.
  14. Not trying to imply it is. But given the option almost any kid with anxiety would gladly not have to deal with real life if possible. This is not going to make "real life" go away. If she has a diagnosis of anxiety she can get a "Section 504" to give her accommodations while at school. I just wrote one this morning. That may include breaks to go see the school counselor, school nurse or therapist (if they have one in the school - we are lucky enough to have a full time therapist in our school). IF it is very debilitating she may qualify for an IEP (Individualized Education Plan) to have actual personnel there to help deal with her anxiety. From the many kids I've seen with anxiety over my 26 years of doing what I do - the worst thing a kid can do is avoid school. It doesn't end well.
  15. And avoiding in-person school is not dealing with the condition. If she skips 7th grade, what do you think she'll want to do in 8th?
  16. 7th graders needs the social aspect of school. Is she going to hide forever?
  17. Is this him? If not why didn't he take a picture?
  18. Most dry south of Nashville. My daughter coasted home on fumes. I guess she's grounded for the rest of the week.
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