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  1. 233 points…Andrews, Winston, and great WR play for my 2 flex. Need James Robinson and N. Harris to continue their respectable performance.
  2. So I really wanted to start Toney yesterday,, but I went “safe” with Meyers.
  3. I also started him this week. Not crazy about the results but I was encouraged by how much overall he was involved. Now I’m not too sure with Wilson being out how significant Carson or Collins will be going forward.
  4. Made it through with a 179 this week. Congrats to all the other survivors!
  5. Agreed. Much appreciated...sitting at ~180.
  6. Still alive with a 168, even with crappy RBs. This week McLaurin, Rondale Moore, Hock, and Daniel Carlson of all people "carried" me.
  7. Alive with 176 no thanks to 12pts from my dynamic Robinson/Harris RB combo🤨
  8. QB - Jameis Winston - 10 QB - Mac Jones - 9 QB - Justin Fields - 7 I've never gone this cheap before on QB, and it probably will potentially be my undoing....however if Jameis somehow can throw up a few 300yd, 3TD games until Fields gets going I might be ok. RB - Najee Harris - 25 RB - Javonte Williams - 18 RB - James Robinson - 16 RB - Gus Edwards - 11 RB - Sony Michel - 5 Bye Gus. Hopefully I'll get enough from Harris and Robinson until week 7 when I'll need Javonte to take over in Denver WR - Justin Jefferson - 25 WR - Terry McLaurin - 23 WR - Darnell Mooney - 11 WR - Corey Davis - 10 WR - Antonio Brown - 10 WR - Rondale Moore - 9 WR - Marquez Callaway - 5 WR - Bryan Edwards - 4 Had Lamb, Ridley, Adams all at some point, decided on Justin and Terry as 2 that could have monster weeks at any given time. Everyone else will be popular choices b/c of value/opportunity. TE - T.J. Hockenson - 19 TE - Mark Andrews - 16 TE - Zach Ertz - 7 Wanted 3TE. Couldn't fit in a Kelce, Waller, or Kittle, so tried the "potential" of TJ plus Lamar locking into Andrews with all the WR injured. Ertz just screamed to be added now that he's settled for the year and looking good. PK - Daniel Carlson - 3 PK - Brandon McManus - 3 TD - Philadelphia Eagles - 2 TD - Dallas Cowboys - 2 Total value: 250 Meh, Kickers and Defenses...Cowboys D actually looked decent last night in forcing takeaways/rushing the QB.
  9. I’m a Cowboys fan, and generally hate all things Eagles related, but you’re the one coming off like the jerk here....
  10. I'm starting him over Cole and MVS in a standard league.
  11. No Conner, Snell, Jonuu, Gostkowski, or Titans Defense this week...I'll need a flex score from one of Scott, Moss, Preston Williams, or Chris Herndon 😐
  12. I traded M. Davis to the McCaffrey owner for Crowder.... 🤷‍♂️
  13. 14 team standard with 5 point bonus for 100yds rec need 2 from: D. Parker S. Sims B. Edwards J. Reagor (leaning Parker and Sims)
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