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  1. She asked me to post it. I was going to leave it up for 24 hours and then memory-hole it, but this is a much better solution. Anyone interested, PM me and I’ll pass it along.
  2. Hey all, Tom’s sister wanted to let you know that she appreciated everyone’s replies in this thread, and if anyone had any other stories of her brother they wanted to share, she’d love to hear them. Feel free to PM me and I’ll pass them along.
  3. I did. I tried to PM you just to make sure you saw but PMs weren’t working. I still need to discuss with the rest of the league what we’re planning on doing going forward. Most of the rest of the guys have been playing with Tom for as long as I have. But if they’re okay with it and you’re still interested, I’d love to offer you his spot. I think he’d have liked that. There may or may not be a dispersal draft, but I do feel since we’re on a fantasy football board and all it’s worth noting that Tom built himself a *team*. Lamar, Henry, Cook, Davante, Lockett, Woods, Kelce, Ravens. The
  4. No one did. Totally unexpected. He was complaining about not feeling well when he went to bed Sunday night and again when he got up on Monday, but no indications it was anything serious. Two weeks ago he was taking me down in a championship game and already talking trash about the pending repeat. A week ago we were making plans for the off-season. If there are any people in your life who you’re grateful for, it’s a good reminder to make sure they know. Tom knew, and I’m grateful for that at least.
  5. Hey y’all. I wish to hell I wasn’t writing this right now. But Tom, better known around here as @Man of Constant Sorrow, died of natural causes on Monday morning. I know many of you knew him and some of you have met him. I’ve seen people I know disappear before and always wondered what happened to them, and I didn’t want you to wonder. He always spoke fondly of the FFA. I know this was a place that was here for him when he needed it. I’ve known Tom for nearly 20 years now. I met him on a long-defunct forum for a video game (Baldur’s Gate 2). He invited me to join a fantasy football league
  6. If you saw jurb posting about developmental prospects, and you clicked his profile to see if he's someone you should be listening to... he is. If you saw jurb posting about anything else, and you clicked his profile to see if he's someone worth listening to... he still is.

  7. Good dude, great user name. Highly recommended.

  8. You know what's weird? For the past two years, I would have sworn that his username was "Concert Coop". It used to vaguely bug me- what the hell is a concert coop, anyway?- and when I came to post about it, I realized it's actually ConcePt Coop. Weird.

    1. Adam Harstad

      Adam Harstad

      But seriously, though, what the hell is a concept coop? I don't know. His name may not make sense, but his posts sure as heck do.

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