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  1. Hey guys... I totally spaced out and missed the re-up for this past week. We'll start up again next week. @brun has been doing the needful and buying ticket with our slush. No winners yet, but they are posted as usual. Need payment from: @Chemical X** @eoMMan @Getzlaf15 @Socrates11 @Waingro ** on escrow... out if not paid by Monday
  2. Can I ask what people like about SOS? I know very little but the company doesnt seem appetizing. WSB Reddit play - volume is huge
  3. SOS putting out an SOS pre-market
  4. Huge MARA fan these past few trading days! ETA: HVBTF too...
  5. GME scares and amazes me... Wish I had DDs fortitude.
  6. Stopped out at 179.98... quick $200 for a Monday morning...
  7. Trying a GME daytrade... in @170
  8. Selloff or runup before long weekend?
  9. So I got into EBS based on this thread... can someone tell me why the big drop at the open?
  10. I'll be holding... thanks. BTW... HBGB
  11. @Todem $QS up nicely on news.
  12. Literally every stock in my portfolio and on my watchlists are green. Can't say I've ever seen that before.
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