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  1. thats the hand held one, right? Maybe that one is better, but the backpack is just ok. It has a Boost button which works well, but they say it drains the battery faster, and when we are blowing heavy maple leaves here in the NorthEast in fall, that wouldn't get me through it. Yep... hand held. What CFM is your backpack? That makes all the difference. 650 handles my MidWest maple leaves just fine.
  2. I got the EGO 650 clearanced when HD stopped carrying them... that thing is a monster... every bit as powerful as my old gas blowers
  3. Did you turn in tickets for last period yet?
  4. No, we do MM only... except when we buy from slush, then we buy whatever has large jackpots
  5. Yep... it's that time again. Need payment for next period from: @Angry Beavers @Fear The Turtle @JoeSteeler @Jules Winnfield @McBokonon @Peak @Pigskin Fanatic @Socrates11 @Wildcat
  6. I die a slow death every time I'm exposed to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TVfjtii-2qg
  7. Thanks GB! I bought a little OKE and some KMI for dividends!
  8. Just started new job and rolled over my 401k to an IRA where I can now trade securities. Any recommendations on good buy and hold stocks?
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