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  1. I die a slow death every time I'm exposed to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TVfjtii-2qg
  2. Thanks GB! I bought a little OKE and some KMI for dividends!
  3. Just started new job and rolled over my 401k to an IRA where I can now trade securities. Any recommendations on good buy and hold stocks?
  4. It's that time! Need $$ for next period from: @Chemical X @eoMMan @FantasyGirl @IC FBGCav @Peak ** ** on escrow
  5. that's like the great wall of china, that thing. More like this
  6. Glad you like it GB! After I sent it I went back through this thread and saw you weren’t partial to black shirts… hope grey, navy and brown are OK That Pilsner is one of my favorite local brews… and the cherry ale is tasty! In case you weren’t aware, Michigan is famous for cherries (even though it’s in Traverse City mostly - 250 miles away)
  7. One of my favorites. Also liked the hat so much I bought myself one.
  8. I got a random text the other night... went something like this: Them: Hello, who are you? Me: Who's asking? Them: my name is Xiaoya. nice to meet you! Me: I'm glad you contacted me, I've been trying to reach you about your vehicles extended warranty Radio silence...
  9. Package sent to the other land of lakes. should be there by Friday. 👕
  10. Absolute HAUL received from @The Gator. All arrived intact and I absolutely love the shirts. Dipped my finger in the mustard… AWESOME! Waiting for the beers to chill! Thanks GB!!! The Haul
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