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  1. Watching through the entire series (via Netflix) for the first time. Currently in season 6, episode 3. Just wanted to say the dream sequence with Tony contemplating entering the "Finnerty" house while he is in cardiac arrest at the hospital is one of the best scenes of the entire series so far. A very moving and well put together moment.
  2. This show is becoming unwatchable. I want to punch that silver-spooned Ames right between his enormously-spaced eyes. Most of the guys have never heard of Thailand. Ames, he's been there twice...in the past year. Guys are jumping around high-fiving. "THAILAND!!!" Ames is like, "Thailand...ah, man...again?" Ashley is just the worst ever. And they're really going to torture this girl by bringing Bentley back? Brutal.
  3. Well done, Pickles.There was a lot to cover in that first episode...what are your thoughts on the Columbia/Harvard/Yale wunderkind Aames? Seems like a silver-spooned stiff to me...I was a little shocked to see in the season teasers that he made the final 8 or so. And did you see in his "video" early in the show, when he was talking about being a Wall Street guy, that he had a driver dropping him off at his building for work. I was waiting for Billy Ray Valentine to get out of the backseat. Something isn't right with this Bentley storyline. I somehow don't think he's quite as bad as they've built this up to be. Maybe deceptive editing of his comments in the preview? The "checklist" comments...maybe he was talking about someone else...ex-wife perhaps? If were to go the way it appears, seems they've already blown their wad in week 1. Cha Cha de Gregorio called and said she really liked the cold cuts guy from Jersey. Good grief. "Danny Zuko" is exactly what I said to my wife last night. I wish I had a better idea about how long it took Tim to get that ####-faced. That is some serious, fast-paced boozing to get incoherent/pass-out-and-snore schnockered in the span of an hour or two. Can you imagine what it was like for that guy's friends/family watching the show last night?! Fun times ahead.
  4. Mondays finally mean something again.
  5. 2009 Cupcake Sauvignon Blanc. SB has become our go to White lately, and Cupcake is a nice, low-budget bottle. $12.95/bottle.
  6. KU ! I see a future muffin top in some of those gifs.Which is why I find Otis's love of her interesting. She definitely has a little meat around those hips and waist.There's no doubt that those sandbags are already sloppy for an 18 year old and will be a disaster at 35. And she's sucking in that gut ever so slightly in some pics. She's still very very hot.It was fine when you said this about Chantal O.....but now...well, you're venturing into dangerous territory. Sloppy?
  7. This chick is cool. This is the kinda pic she uploads on twitter. Oh, and hi.
  8. This girl is off the charts in my book. You guys are late to the party.
  9. She's probably never even seen the movie and he's too dumb to remember his canned lines written for him by ABC. And do you think any of these people are clever or funny or witty? Maybe the chick with fangs in a dry sort of way, but I bet a Baptist sermon has more laugh out loud moments than any conversation involving Biff, Emily or Chunks.
  10. I don't know what he saw in Emily. Sure, she's hot, but she seems to have zero personality and has major baggage, a child. But it seems that Brad's family liked Emily better, since she already is a mom. So you're saying that Chantal can't understand your world because she isn't a mom yet? Dude, who cares what you sisters in law think? All the signs were there that a relationship with Emily was going to be a trainwreck......but it seems that Brad had his blinders on. And Chantal looked really good when she got out of the limo.....and it was pretty hard to watch her break down like that....and you knew it was going to happen. But I couldn't listen to her talk for longer than 30 seconds. She says "you know" more than your average dumb jock. Her dialog is hackneyed and insipid and she probably doesn't know her basic multiplication tables. I also think she's got another man or better options out there than this turkey. I don't think I've ever cried when my mom or sister or dad came to visit me. Not once. Not even after a year or more of not seeing them. How long did he have to 'hold out'? A month or two? What a wuss.Thank you. That was such a puzzling and cringe-inducing scene. My wife was cooing about how sweet it was...I almost punched her. It's bad enough that the guy breaks down when his family shows, but he can't even cry normal. He was pacing and stalking around the room like a lunatic.
  11. Did anyone notice the bracelet Emily was wearing while meeting Brad's family? Black band with large, silver initials..."JRH." Joseph Riddick Hendrick IV. Oof.
  12. My impression of Biff after last night is that he has been a single guy, with plenty of dough, doing exactly what he wants, when he wants. He likes things to go according to his script. When things don't go exactly the way he plans, he gets irritable and starts crazily darting his eyes around and rubbing his neck. He looked like someone with roid rage at times last night. Best example is when he and Emily were on their last date. He sits down with this scripted, "I'm ready to be a dad, husband, blah blah blah." He expected his speech to make Emily melt...no questions asked, "Brad, you're my knight in shining armor. How could I be so lucky to find a guy who would say such amazing things to me." But she presses him a little (in an admittedly awkward way), "what does being a dad mean to you?" "are you sure you know what you're signing up for?" You know, a real conversation that doesn't just consist of cliches and greeting card material. Biff is stunned...she didn't melt...I thought this was the greatest, most heartfelt speech ever...I was 100% serious...you have questions for me? I don't know how to react...it's hot in here...I ...I'm getting angry...no, not angry...yes, I'm getting there...I need to pace around and drink water....this is by far one of the most amazing speeches I've ever written...and this is the thanks I get? They both just suck at this, but Brad is the worst. I don't think you could draw up a more socially awkward, communication-challenged guy. She figured out really quickly when you strip away the cameras, the exotic dates, and get down to real life, Biff is not much of a catch. She's waiting for the spotlight to dim a little, and she'll end it.
  13. Do any of you really think Ashley H. is responsible for that makeover? I think it was rather obvious from last night she will be the next Bachelorette. This is ABC's first shot at generating some interest in the Bachelorette, so they made her a very big focus of last night's show. I would be willing to bet the ABC folks had an intervention on the five-head and wanted to do something drastic to her looks to generate a little buzz for her.
  14. LOL @ "stumble upon."My bad...I should have realized the sources are calling Pickles direct.
  15. I was wondering when you would stumble on this. :gamechanger:
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