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  1. America first always and forever. I can’t understand why someone would live in America and not want to make America great again. NAFTA hollowed this countries industrial base out just like Ross Perot predicted. Trump stood up to China. Nobody has ever done that. Seems like the left is working harder for China and the U.N. than they are for Americans. All they can focus on is their hate for Trump and everything this country stands for. They have become public enemy number one trying to overthrow a President who disagrees with their Marxist/ commie worldview.
  2. Yeah it’s easier to believe the Russian conspiracy theories invented by communists like Brennan and Comey and broadcast on creepy CNN. They follow their marching orders from the U.N. not the U.S. Watching the Biden’s wilt under their Ukraine robbery has been a nice start to draining the commie swamp.
  3. You said it was typical left right blame game. I said it’s different this time because the communist path the democrats are on are driving some former democrat voters to leave and switch sides like me. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one. We are very likely to get four more years of Trump and I’m sure four more years of making up crimes to pin on the prez while doing everything possible to drag our country down to third world status like the streets of San Fran have already been. No one is nullifying anything just pointing out that the Bolshevik tactics are driving people to Trump and aw
  4. All aboard! Lot’s of black folks and Hispanics I know are turned off by the communist bent the left is displaying. People immigrated here legally to get away from communism not get it started here!
  5. Except it’s not really. Millions that voted for Obama are switching to Trump like me.
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