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  1. And they went to work and school. No restaurant or bar closures.
  2. No I used the actual population of both nations. No difference in results. Just a lot less tyranny in Sweden
  3. Why did they keep restaurants and schools open and have the same results we did
  4. Whatever they let people go to work and school. They have similar results to us minus the totalitarianism.
  5. No. When freedom is being shot in the head you have to call out the fear mongers
  6. Oh my week old numbers. Add another minuscule 200. To the already tiny .025%
  7. Easy we have about the same results as Sweden does. The difference is they didn’t go all Stalin on their people.
  8. Where are you getting that from? We have a population of 350 million and roughly 60,000 dead if we had a.025% death rate that’d be 87500 dead here. Sounds like they got it right no lockdown necessary
  9. Their minds are made up. No amount of facts can convince them.
  10. Right 2500 dead is the Black Plague. They lose 90,000 every year to heart disease etc. 2500 is a very light flu season at best.
  11. Especially when no testing is being done. The numbers he quoted are fake as can be. How do you know how many are infected? I haven’t been tested have you? The Sweden deat rate of 2500 per ten million is a real number unlike the made up numbers in the post you quoted. You have to test everyone to get a true infection rate. Have we even tested 5%?. NO
  12. Walmart and Home Depot full. Number one employer in the country restaurants and bars closed. Makes sense🤪not.
  13. It would have worked out great if other nations followed their lead.
  14. Sanity and freedom first. Sweden proved it with their low .025% death rate due to Wuhan flu virus.
  15. It is for this thread too. When we are trying to say lockdowns save lives and was it worth it making a comparison to other leading causes of death is valid.
  16. Still a very low rate Sho. .025% Is very low for a country who let their citizens continue to go to school and work.
  17. Right...let me do the math again for you. Population 10 million. Let’s see 10 million times .02 = 2000 people. Not the Black Plague we dealing with here in Sweden. They got it right no lockdown necessary.
  18. Not sure you ever made a point. The discussion is was the lockdown worth it? Sweden’s low Wuhan Flu count of 2500 per 10 million says it all to me. The answer is no resoundingly. Want to save lives? Then stop legally killing babies.
  19. Incentives are high to report it as Covid. Sweden was right no shut down and rates of death very similar to tyrannical lockdown states
  20. Sounds like the flu. Number one killer is abortion by far
  21. That’s because they were sentenced to an early death.
  22. It must be the common core. Somehow 2500 deaths in a population of ten million doesn’t equate to a .02% death rate on this board.
  23. Not really it’s basic simple math. .02% is a rounding error not the Black Plague. Shut down unwarranted.
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