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  1. Surprised to hear today that this is the first 5-0 start for the Steelers since the late 70s.
  2. Never liked this angle. The allure of the original Spidey was that he was a nerdy kid who had to figure stuff out on his own.
  3. Be sure to tell him you voted for Trump if you like the movie Scanners.
  4. Thanks for posting so I never, ever have to invest any time in watching any portion of this show. The youtube comments make it seem like it's the coolest scene ever. Some people are dumb.
  5. We grew up there but no longer live there. Horrible tragedy for the community.
  6. He's not an assistant coach anymore but has stuck with the stupid backwards hat thing. You're not waiting at the Chili's bar trying to score extra hot wings, bro.
  7. Man that's tough. Sorry for the loss of your brother and hope you and your family are doing ok.
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