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  1. I watch it every few years. The story is brilliant (Spielberg also wrote the screenplay, BTW) and it was way ahead of it's time, IMO.
  2. That was the weakest bottom of the ninth I've ever seen in a competitive MLB playoff game.
  3. For me, Close Encounters is his best film. I imagine most would probably go with Schindler's List though.
  4. ... and someone who is perceived as being, shall we say... "weak"
  5. We'd lose a lot of leaders if we all had access to their private emails.
  6. No. We've seen a similar example with Kevin Durant's (much more recent) texts/tweets. Superstar athletes get a pass.
  7. Let's read everybody's emails from the past 10 years. To each other. Under candlelight, with a nice bottle of shiraz.
  8. Amazing how many exceptions to this are made for the "right" people... ala Joy Reid, Kevin Durant, Matt Damon, ad infinitum...
  9. Wow. If what I'm seeing on Twitter reporting is accurate. His team seemed to have his back, so not sure what pushed him over the edge. And yes, cancel culture will eventually begin to eat its own if left unimpeded.
  10. Has anyone mentioned The Ritual in here? It's on Netflix and it's great. Four Brits get lost in a Nordic forest and things get weird and bloody.
  11. He's almost singlehandedly killed my season.
  12. Draft AJ Brown instead of Justin Jefferson with my 2nd round pick.
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