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  1. I was just reading about how Cousins is close to setting a record for passes since he threw an interception set in 2001. So yeah I am sure he will throw one at some point but it's been a long time since he did. I do remember the Falcons game last year being bad.
  2. Thanks for posting this travdogg. I think Kirk Cousins should be ranked higher than Sam Darnold at least.
  3. Shrugs. I'm kind of surprised by the no call there as well.
  4. Jefferson with the TD to close out the half. Great drive..
  5. Whatever Zimmer said to the defense after that time out seems to have helped. The Vikings actually stopped them.
  6. The crowd was pumped up at the start of the game but then they realized this defense sucks.
  7. I dont think the timing is great to put him on the trading block right now. However there is some wisdom in what Menobrown said and also just looking at a pretty large sample size of players from my study, it was only one out of 4 players who had a top 12 season who were able to do this for more than 2 seasons, which CMC has done so far already in his career. Now CMC has a lot going for him that are positives as far as him being one of those players. Even with missing several weeks he still might do that this season, and his opportunities when healthy are elite. I dont think it hurts you any to listen to offers. You may get some really bad offers right now because he is injured. As long as you dont mind listening to those and saying no I dont see any harm in doing that. It's actually a good opportunity to gather information from your competitors. Maybe some one actually makes you a good offer worth considering. I would not sell CMC at a discount because he is injured though and I would expect most offers to be trying to buy low. As I said though you might learn some things from those offers like what players your competition is willing to move on from, maybe that information leads you to some other deals that do not involve CMC. I dont see any harm in doing it. Just be prepared for a lot of low ball offers. Doing this now may cause your competition to smell blood in the water and start sending you lots of offers you would not get otherwise. That doesnt mean you have to be a tomato. You can always say no.
  8. So dont click on it. I dont think your missing anything.
  9. Hmm maybe so as far as the play calling.i only watched the game live, I didnt watch it again. I did note some of Cooks better runs were from big personnel packages. The Vikings really miss Irv Smith. Especially his blocking. Part of me just wants the Vikings to rest Cook and go with more 3 and 4 WR sets I think they have the WR to do that. It doesnt play to Cousins strengths though.
  10. One reason to he optimistic about Cook is that he did come back into the game after the injury and gutted it out. He wasnt very effective coming back though. In any case him being able to come back in and play does signal that it might not be that serious, even though he hasn't practiced this week. Listening to Cooks press conference was kind of a mixed bag. He said the reason he stayed down for so long after Watts tackle was that what he felt wasnt pain he was used to feeling, so he was just being cautious about the unknown. On the other side of that he expressed confidence in Mattison doing well if he isnt able to go. So I wasnt able to get a sense for how he was leaning on that, if he will play or not based on his comments.
  11. Patterson looks great. Happy for him and I hope he can keep it up. He had some nice runs getting yards after contact too. He does seem to have improved that part of his game. I dont blame anyone looking to sell as he has been pretty inconsistent over his career so far, but what he has done in those clips seems sustainable if they keep giving him opportunities.
  12. Yeah he didnt practice Friday which normally means he wouldnt play. Kyle Rudolph is the only player to miss all practices during the week but played anyways under Zimmer so far. If Cook does play he may be on a pitch count or he might reagrevate the injury and need to be spelled as you say. Its definitely worrisome and while Cook could prove those worries wrong, if you have other options might be best to use them. I wish the Vikings felt they had other options and let Cook rest and fully recover, but he is a special player and not really replaceable.
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