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  1. Thanks for doing these Faust. I can likely do the post NFL draft polls. I have been busy lately and not reading anything about the NFL right now.
  2. Thanks Faust. I figured DJ and the usual suspects were talking him up. I am purposefully trying to avoid opinions like his as I want to make up my mind without such influences. I do note that DJ says his hands have improved and maybe they have. I have been aware of who Waddle is for 3 years now and I do not think so highly of him as DJ.
  3. Okay this is where we disagree then as I think Smith is much better than Waddle where as in your view they are close to the same? Or in the view of mock drafts they are similarly ranked? Although I have been critical of Bateman I think I prefer him to Waddle as well and possibly other 2021 WR as well. I dont think Waddle should be in the top 10 players for fantasy.
  4. As far as the offensive productivity being up in 2020 I think a lot of it is just the lack of crowd noise and home field advantage. There were a lot less offensive penalties in 2020 than years past. That should change.
  5. Perhaps the disconnect between Andy and me in regards to Waddle is just ignorance on my part. I was somewhat suprised to see him winning this poll so handily to be honest. As I said though I have been tuning out the mock drafts and so on. I did read Andys mock draft he posted here awhile back. There are several players in this poll I have never even watched before. As I said I was not ready to start this poll yet. Jaylen Waddle is not a player I am unaware of. He plays for Alabama of course I know who he is. So why the face Andy?
  6. Yeah I dont mean to dismiss the productivity of the 2020 WR with that. I just like to look at all sides of everything I can.
  7. Bear in mind however that the lack of preseason games and normal developemental opportunities being curtailed the overall result was record breaking numbers for NFL offenses, so that lack of preparation seems to have affected the defenses more than the offenses.
  8. No its not hindsight. I was skeptical of the 2020 draft class being as good as the 2014 draft class of WR but it certainly was being talked about as such before the 2020 draft. I pay attention to things. With hindsight that prediction turned out to be fairly true although we could debate the 2014 guys vs the 2020 guys. If you think thats silly oh well. I think its useful to try to compare the draft classes and see how they stack up just like any other ranking or organization of information. Thanks for the comments about Waddle being compared to Tyreek Hill. I have been tuning out the
  9. Because that is my guess as to how many 2020 WR I would take over Waddle.
  10. I believe you forgot Jerry Juedy, you know that guy who made Waddle an afterthought. If you guys want to sell me on why Waddle is better than 12 of the 2020 WRs I am listening.
  11. The mock drafters have been mocking edge rusher to the Vikings for about 6 or more seasons in a row now. Because they have not drafted one high for a long time because they had Griffen and Hunter develop into good rushers for them. Hunter should be back although I have heard he wants a new contract. Pierce will be back but he is a nose tackle. The Vikings really need an upgrade to Shamar Stephen who SUCKS I dont care what Zimmer says about him. The Vikings havent drafted a defensive lineman early since Sharif Floyd. I think you are absolutely right that DT should be a priority o
  12. I am not sure because I haven't spent enough time studing him or the other players to be sure about anything at this point. But I dont think Waddle is an exceptional talent no. I am okay if I am wrong about that.
  13. When we are talking about averages any production curve you look at will show that RB performance has a peak at 25 years old. Many RB perform well from age 26-28 years old but those years are not quite as much on average as the age 25 season. Some of the RB have good seasons at an older age as well. Most of those players were good performers earlier in their careers, and if you follow their careers, they likely performed better at a younger age than they did at age 29 or more. From the study I did I learned that a RB tends to be their most productive in their 1st six seasons in the league
  14. I have heard some say that this draft class compares to the 2020 class at WR. I am not seeing it that way at all. Here at pick 6 I think Pitts is a better prospect for fantasy than Waddle who looks like he will win the spot for 3rd WR of this class. I dont think Waddle is that good? Therefore this class is not comparable to 2020.
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