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  1. I have had some time to think about this and despite Harris being selected one pick higher than ETN and Harris going to the Steelers who have a long track record if not using RBBC and the Jaguars with no track record to speak of with new coaches I still settle on who I think is the best player and that is ETN.
  2. I think Moore will give the Cardinals the kind of weapon they were hoping to get from Jarius Wright (Andy Isaballa) who they envisioned a Wes Welker/Julian Edelman type of role for.
  3. Mike Boone part 2. Maybe he is better than Boone, not sure I haven't watched him yet. Similarly gifted athletically UDFA for some reason. Jerrick McKinnon also athletic freak but the Vikings actually drafted him.
  4. Kind of reverse RB styles and chronology but yeah spot on.
  5. The Ravens are not a team that has developed good WR play that is useful for fantasy for a long time and there are many different reasons for that. One of the reasons was the lack of QB talent prior to them getting Lamar Jackson. They got a couple good seasons out of Flacco and even won a Super Bowl with him but this team has always been about good defense and a more conservative offense. They won a Super Bowl with Trent Dilfer too. When the Ravens have used high picks on WR those players havent panned out. Here are the guys they have drafted in the top 64 picks since 2000 1
  6. I spent some time watching Williams and I know many folks here have a high opinion of him. I do think he is good. I have never considered him as possibly better than ETN though. I did not see that.
  7. I guess we differ a bit on our opinions of their talent level. I am not part of the never draft a RB in the 1st round crowd though. I have a harder time with Harris being a elite talent than I do ETN or Taylor who check all the boxes for me. I totally agree with your point about priorities of the Jaguars regarding this and from that perspective they should have picked a player at a different position. Urban Myer has no NFL track record to consider here so that adds uncertainty about ETN.
  8. Before the draft I thought ETN was the best RB of the 2021 class and I still do. Harris was selected one pick before ETN however and has a more clear path to high volume opportunity with the Steelers than ETN has with the Jaguars in my initial assessment of the fit. I need to sleep on it but I am actually open to taking Harris before ETN for fantasy now where as I would not have been if ETN was selected first and went to a team with a track record of RB use like the Steelers have. Not sure if sleeping on it will add any clarity for me on this. I might just be on the fence on this fo
  9. You seem more certain about this than I am. I think both RB are very good and too close to call. I thought Taylor was worthy of a 1st round pick. The NFL draft tells me that ETN was valued more than Taylor was although that is easily dismissed by the team and coach selecting him I suppose.
  10. Or I guess we could still debate the merits of their decision. There would be nothing to talk about if they had been 2nd round picks in the 2021 draft.
  11. Where did you read that? I have heard the opposite in regards to Darrisaw and seen examples of him finishing strong and being relentless but there may be other opinions. I wanted him more than the guy the Jets took.
  12. The Ravens have a terrible track record drafting WR for about two decades now. I think Bateman is what Jackson needs and he will have a successful career there.
  13. So many of the top WR were wearing dress shoes without socks. Pitts was the only one with any sense. Draft accordingly.
  14. They dont unless the RB are really good and according to draft capital invested Harris and ETN are higher picks than any 2020 RB. I will have to let that settle in for a bit. People saying it was dumb for them to not come out last year are seeing their risk being rewarded by the NFL in this draft.
  15. I did some research on this and I do think there is some advantage for a RB to be younger coming into the NFL. I think you mainly should be wary of the 24-25 year old rookie RB as the success rate for them is a lot smaller although there have been some such as David Johnson.
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