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  1. Well I guess we will see. I may draft him again.
  2. I would say you need to offer something that is as valuable as one of those players plus something. So that means more than two 1st round picks I think or it means a top 12 player plus a 1st and likely something else. If I had CMC but not much else I might try to trade him for 3 1st round picks or something equivalent to that. If my team is good without CMC then you likely could not offer enough for me to move him. Similarly for Dalvin Cook. If someone offered me Swift and AJ Brown or something like that though I would certainly think about it. eta - on the flip side o
  3. Thanks Bob @A_PLUS I hope that answers your question.
  4. Scroll back it should be clear. I think ETN is the best rookie player for fantasy in 2021. If he had come out last year I would have ranked him as the same tier as Taylor Swift and Dobbins and he would be at the top of that tier although it's more of tie between him and Taylor, and I dont think Swift or Dobbins are far behind. Maybe the Jaguars and their coach cause me to be disappointed in his performance. That remains to be seen. But I believe in the talent of the player.
  5. I just meant comparing the two players based on them both playing for the same school in college. NE RBBC has always been difficult to figure out. If anyone could its Anarchy but even he throws his hands up at the prospect most of the time. I think that's the way Bill likes it to be for defensive coordinators. My comment more about agreeing with Soul that Damien Harris is a good player. I dont know if he is good enough for Bill to change his ways or not. It's possible but the other guys would need to fail somewhat as well for Harris to earn a majority share of RB opportunit
  6. There are too many Moores for me to be sure which one you are talking about here. I am guessing DJ Moore based on wgoldsph response. I think a lot depends on your personal goals as GM of your team. Looking at the big picture the quality of years remaining on these players careers is going to favor the younger players even though established vets, especially at the WR position are going to be the players worth starting right now. Personally I am on the fence as far as Chase or Smith being the best WR of the 2021 draft class. I do like Burrow and the Bengals offense for passing vo
  7. That is a good get in my opinion. Elliot will be 26 years old this season and I expect him to be his usual self and shut up all he folks saying he is washed up. At least for a few seasons until he is actually is washed up and then those folks will say see I told you so. Win some championships while they are focused on exit strategy. I have looked at this from a lot of different angles and not saying I have looked at them all, but everything I have seen points to Elliot having a bounce back season in 2021 and what he did in 2020 was still top 12. He just fell out of the top 3 las
  8. :nods: People will throw bricks at me but I still think he is about as good as Najee despite the difference in draft position. Sure I would say Najee is better than Damien but its not by a lot in my opinion.
  9. That is a good question. I don't know. @Joe Bryant maybe you could answer this question? To the best of my knowledge projections are being constantly updated so that would be the main reason you don't see the previous projections, as those would be out of date now. If you were planning to do some sort of timed study for change detection you might need to keep record of these things yourself for that. I am not sure. I have been doing my own projections for many years now and I think what David Dodds MT and so on have been doing for just as long is high quality and usually be
  10. I completely agree with this. Whenever I watch college football there is an adjustment compared to pro football you have to make and its mostly because of incompetence on defense. As far as what to look for with a RB I try to ignore everything besides just the RB and what they do. Context is important of course, you have to recognize what the RB is reacting to and it is helpful to understand the play they are running, thats not always easy to do but it helps a lot if you understand the play and what the rules are for the RB on such plays as part of the evaluation. When I was doing th
  11. With 46 votes in we currently have tie in the PPR poll between Trevor Lawrence and Trey Sermon with 10 votes each. So I will need to let this run a bit longer to see if this resolves itself.
  12. Oh of course. I would expect William's to have something near 100 touches if healthy all season. I would expect Swifts opportunities to be twice that with upside for more if he does play very well.
  13. That is all fair to point out about the coach. Ballage is a terrible RB and some one else always deserves the ball more than he does. That said Ekeler not the best RB for those dive plays and I can sort of see why he might do that. Those plays do set up other aspects of the offense. As far as rational coaching goes, the statement presupposes that we are rational or at least more rational than the coaches, and in Blooms case I think he has always been more of a go with your gut over data type of person. So its kind of funny coming from him. Its also arrogant to think we actually know more
  14. Vikings come to terms with Sheldon Richardson One year deal. He was able to get the QB off the spot last time he played for us. Its really important to be able to do that.
  15. I am also glad that the Vikings did not sign Shamar Stephen who I think we all have seen enough of. He was good 4 or 5 years ago but not any more.
  16. I do like Montgomery and I might be interested in him at that price even though I dont think he catches as many balls this season. I think he is the worst RB in the NFC North but that he is still pretty good.
  17. With 30 votes in now there is a lot of support for Lawrence in the 3 polls where he is still available. I am stunned that ETN is still there in the 2 QB poll but maybe not for long.
  18. Yeah I have seen a lot of RPO from the Bears offense and Fields might take that to a higher level than Trubisky could I agree. The running threat from Fields should open up some nice gaps and help whoever is the RB get larger gains running the ball because of that. For fantasy purposes that bonus does not make up for the likely loss in targets to RB that comes along with it though.
  19. Yeah I know. I was one of the folks arguing against how low Rodgers was valued in dynasty prior to last season. I even in fun tried to argue against Rodgers comment that below average for him is better than most QB are doing but for the most part what he said is true. He had an injury and missed games as part of those down years as well. Very possible the drafting of Love pissed him off and motivated his play to even a higher level in 2020. 2020 was also a historically bad year for defense and some of the worst defenses in the NFL the Lions and Vikings was 25% of Rodgers schedul
  20. Thanks for the info on number of routes run TS Garp. I didn't know that before.
  21. Waldman is so wrong again then. If you ever watched young Clinton Portis that is who ETN reminds me of as a runner. ETN may be a better receiver than Portis was. Portis is my ideal RB by the way.
  22. You make some interesting points I didnt fully consider yet. IIRC Lazor only called plays for a few games near the end of the season but Nagy took play calling back in the final game. In any case Montgomery had good games with Nagy play calling last season so I dont think that had a big impact on Montgomerys touches but maybe that deserves a closer look. I missed that the Bears signed Damien William's. I think Montgomery is a better RB than William's especially the trait of elusiveness and change of direction ability but William's is a very good RB and perhaps has better speed than M
  23. Vikings, Danielle Hunter agree to reworked deal Glad thats settled. Now maybe the Vikings are perhaps adding Sheldon Richardson as well?
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