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  1. I find myself frequently agreeing with Theisman, and I do so again with this analysis. Watson is great but I would not give up Chase Young for him. Keep it mind it would be Chase Young plus several number ones plus another defensive starter. Just no. Darnold -- people are acting like he is such a catch and that the Jets may even be asking for a second round pick PLUS for him. This is all predicated on the idea that Darnold is actually great and it's just the Jets that are dragging him down. You know, just like Josh Rosen was really great and we would see that when he left Arizona
  2. Come on, man, make this happen: Heineken has 'no plans' to partner with Taylor Heinicke at this time https://www.yahoo.com/sports/heineken-no-plans-partner-taylor-153322120.html
  3. Jay Gruden is talking a lot of smack lately I notice. Snyder is a train wreck to be sure. But not sure how I feel about Jay spilling so many secrets publically in the last few days. There is this piece, and then there was some story trashing Garcon and Jackson for being the ones to blame when Cousins took a knee before the half vs. Philly and blew the chance for a field goal. So he's not just throwing Snyder under the bus but also trashing former players. Not a good look for Coach Jay...not a big fan of that guy...from what I hear, he also has some skeletons and maybe shouldn't be talking
  4. Hearing lots of talk about trading for Mariota lately. Pros: good athlete and measurables, High potential, starter experience, Relatively young, cheap in terms of parting with draft assets Con: is contract good if he doesn’t become starter? Is he a Clearly better option than Allen/heinicke? Thoughts?
  5. There are lots of "culture intangiables" here. I read an article where the other players on team really respect Heinicke for not only showing grit, but coming in and being very prepared with a high work ethic (ironically, same as Smith but not the same as Haskins). The fact that the team is placing faith in a guy like that and rewarding a guy like that is in fact part of "building a culture" based on a meritocracy. There is a trend. You elevate Cameron Kurl instead of signing the flashy free agent. You give Logan Thomas a chance instead of breaking bank on a big name TE. I'm not saying He
  6. Yeah, this rumor must have been cooked up by a LV homer. Watson will cost two firsts. So, instead of WFT giving those two firsts to Houston for Watson, they'll give two firsts to LV so they can get Watson, and we can have Carr. Alrighty then. I guess it would keep us from parting with additional picks and Defensive players but still...2 firsts for Carr? I'm with you that Carr would be an improvement, and I would think of giving the 19th pick for him, but nothing further...and agree that I'd much rather spend less on Fitz or Mariotta. Honestly, drafting a project and signing Fitz is lookin
  7. Good post, nothing to add but referring to the front office as "The Marty's" is hilarious. It reminds me off Office Space..."I"m going to talk to the Bobs." 😄
  8. Additionally: if we think Jones or Trask are worth of being projects to groom, a bonus here could actually be trading down in the first round for additional picks, then selecting Jones or Trask where they likely really fall, rather than a reach at 19...
  9. I think it's worth giving it a try but I do balk at giving up so much for him. Watson can indeed cover a lot of holes but he can't automatically elevate a team. He has been good for 10/11 wins a few years but Houston also went 4-12 last year, even while Watson played great. So, while it's true a great QB can cover some deficiencies, there are some limits as well. The question is, are the WFT "close enough" that we just need that one more piece to put us over the top? The thinking I have seen online in media articles seems to be that we can give up picks and top defensive talent for Wa
  10. Good post. I too like the idea of adding someone like Fitz on the cheap for a bridge QB while we groom someone else. You do a great job of laying out all our needs and why it would not be wise to part with players and picks for one player, even if that one player is a great one. The question I have is: based on where we pick: what are our available options for young talent to groom while Fitz tries to win over the next 2 years (9-10 wins with Fitz is not crazy to consider): -- Kyle Allen: coaching staff seems to think he has starter potential...do we (the fans) believe that?
  11. Re: Hurney -- my hope is that he was brought in to do things like contracts and whatnot. Just because GMs are traditionally guys who run the draft, doesn't mean he'll be the main personell guy. My understanding is that's still Rivera basically Hurney is HIS sounding board and then the guy who will do all the contract crap and stuff like that. Rivera is coach so he can't do full time GM duties but he can still be the main one pulling the plug on personnel. Maybe this is just what I hope but obviously I don't know. I'm also bummed over Kyle Smith. In general, it kind of bums me out
  12. That article is absurd. Here is the reasoning: 1. Since WFT is close, then should try to sign Watson. 2. To sign Watson, they should trade the very players that make them "close." I hope to God football people in Washington are not thinking this way. It terrifies me to think Dan Snyder MAY think this way. The only player on that list I would be cool with trading at this point is Collins, due to the emergence of Kameron Kurl. Ionnitis *maybe" and move Settle up. But dealing Chase Young, Montez Sweat or Brandon Shref? That's just stupid thinking right there. I wa
  13. the thing about Stafford is, he's real good, but he hasn't in fact taken a team with bad talent to the promised land. Hell, he didn't do that when he had Megatron! I'm not saying Stafford sucks. He doesn't suck. He's good It's just, let's look at this based on facts. Stafford with a depleted surrounding cast (due to trading picks or defensive linemen) is not likely going to the Super Bowl. And I like Stafford. I'm just thinking if we don't get OL and WR around him he's not going to automatically overcome that. We'll see what happens, but I'm seriously starting to warm to the idea of a
  14. Good post. Right after the game, I was so encouraged, I was thinking: "Let Heinicke start!" But as you say, there are questions. He has a lot going for him, but based on his physical size (exceptions such as Brees, Wilson or Murray aside) and injury history, it's probably not best to go "all in" on him right now. He is probably a capable backup under Turner's system and so I think it's well worth making him an offer, but agreed on either drafting a guy or bringing in a vet. Thoughts on the follwowing? Drafting a guy: I'm not bullish on drafting a guy at 19. It would probably be Mac
  15. WFT starting to investigate GMs in earnest now. Martin Mayhew a familiar name to long term Redskins fans... https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/2021/01/12/washington-football-general-manager-martin-mayhew/
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