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  1. Snoop Dogg With so much drama at the OMB It's kinda hard being Snoop D-O-Double-G But, somehow, someway, Keep turning out policy, budget, management, and regulatory objectives like every single day.
  2. Why are you trying to disincentivize consumption by the rich? One of the primary benefits of the tax in my view is that it diminishes wealth inequality.* To achieve that purpose, it seems like the best choices, in order would be: 1) The government takes the money from the wealthiest Americans and uses it for the poorest Americans. Yay wealth tax!! 2) The wealthiest spend the money on goods and services, and some non-super rich people are the recipients of that money in the form of wages or by selling stuff to the wealthy. Unanticipated additional benefit of wealth tax!! It se
  3. Yeah that was my reward for the way the dice treated me against @chet! Hope next game you get the good dice.
  4. https://backgammongalaxy.com/match/6907110/results fatguy defeats Joe Mammy. Playoffs clinched!
  5. Oof. Yes clearly those guys also lack the deep economic understanding of people like @supermike80 and @GoBirds.
  6. My point was solely that your description of a wealth tax as some sort of cumulative income tax was misleading, particularly with respect to the very wealthy individuals that are subject to the tax. My perception is that the individuals subject to the tax generally obtain little of their wealth through what we normally consider income.
  7. Yes, inheritance, gifts, and capital gains are not considered “income” unde the tax code. Yet my sense is that they are the most likely ways that people become super rich.
  8. You’re using “income” differently than the way we typically use it when discussing taxation.
  9. It's fine to oppose the policy but the notion that Senator Warren has "no understanding of what she's proposing" is absurd given her expertise in this area. I see this all the time in the AOC thread, where differences in policy are attributed to AOC's purported lack of understanding. Even when they're proposing ideas that are advocated by Nobel prize winning economists.
  10. We could make the amendment say whatever we want it to say. If we want the government to be limited to only taxing the wealthiest 2%, that could be part of the amendment.
  11. I’m a huge fan of the bill but as mentioned above I can’t see it getting through this Supreme Court. I’d support a constitutional amendment.
  12. I was at a Knicks game like 25 years ago where the singer totally forgot the words and stopped in the middle. She was Jamaican or something and had just learned the song like the day before. ETA: couldn’t find it on YouTube but there are a bunch of other examples there.
  13. You guys are the last Round 3 game, after that chet will post round 4 matchups. There are no specific deadlines, just play when you guys can do it.
  14. The victim of the unpaid internship system isn’t your son. It’s the person that can’t do the unpaid internship because he needs to pay his rent and eat. And then can’t get the six-figure job later because he doesn’t have the experience that your son has.
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