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  1. I don't think I've been very secretive about my desire that we tax wealthy people more and use that money to help poor people.
  2. Sorry, maybe I should lay out my views more plainly.: 1) I think the United States needs to greatly improve its social safety net, either through a UBI and Medicare-for -All or through expansion of the types of programs we already have. I think that, assuming we have the ability to do so, the government should assure that every person can at the very least have shelter and food and education and healthcare. I view this as a moral issue. 2) To the extent that politicians are unwilling to expand the social safety net to provide that sort of life for all its citizens, we should raise
  3. What about when they don't heed the wake up call? Just suffer endlessly?
  4. My judgment of your worth as a person isn't tied very closely to your ability to flip burgers. I think merely being a human should entitle you to certain basic needs in life. There is sufficient wealth in the United States for that to happen for every person in the United States. We've just decided that if you managed to start a successful business you are worth billions of dollars but if you are bad at flipping burgers you deserve a life of poverty and squalor.
  5. I'm talking about public policies of our government, not the personnel decisions of individual business owners.
  6. What if they never become a good employee? Then we're all good with homelessness and starvation?
  7. There are lots of studies showing that people’s behaviors are shaped very much by the people around them. Some are really striking - like people not leaving buildings when a fire alarm goes off if everyone else is also ignoring it. I suspect that allowing immune people to stop wearing masks will influence lots of non-immune people to also stop wearing masks. If you were fortunate enough to be an early recipient of the vaccine, then continuing to wear a mask for a few more months just for the sake of performance doesn’t seem like a terrible bargain.
  8. Then what? Should they just be homeless and starve to death?
  9. What should happen to the bad employees then?
  10. I don't think that it's a "problem" that their bad employees have to be paid a decent wage. Being a bad employee at McDonald's shouldn't consign you to a life of misery.
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