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  1. I have too much going on to do this right but sign me up if needed to reach a specific number.
  2. I wonder if an “unvaccinated firing lottery” would be more effective public policy than terminating all unvaccinated employees at once. I have concerns about the ability of already-understaffed hospitals, nursing homes and schools to function if they fire 10% of their enployees at once. Maybe it should be like “all unvaccinated employees are put into a pool and 5% of them will be fired each week until they’re all gone.”
  3. I think the part of the story I like most is that this guy is literally both a billionaire and the governor. Nobody ever says no to him. You would think all that power would make him happy but what he really craves most is to coach basketball. But three random public servants took away his dream.
  4. Yeah but JFK and Obama were serious people, or at least they faked it convincingly. Trump was the first guy to show that being serious and convincing your colleagues with facts isn’t necessary you just need to get the voters on your side and the politicians will fall in line.
  5. Smoking crack is worse than being a “narcissistic sociopath bad person?”
  6. The real reason is that the Governor wants to play an uptempo running style and the three retirees on the school board prefer a physical style of play battling under the boards.
  7. I agree that this is flawed logic. There are definitely considerations in competitive sports that make trans women different from cis women. Mostly all the posters in this thread arguing for greater trans inclusion have recognized that fact. ETA: There's a somewhat similar argument some folks have made that we should treat trans women as female in sports because we treat them that way in other aspects of their lives. Is that what you're referring to?
  8. “Female” is used in a lot of different contexts. In most of those contexts I think it would be appropriate to include trans women. We shouldn’t let the constraints of language prevent us from good policy choices.
  9. My son takes testosterone shots every week. Would that have prevented him from playing high school or college sports if he wanted to? I don’t know the answer but it would seem to apply to a lot of trans girls.
  10. I do think that's an important consideration. The two primary arguments against trans participation seem to be "safety" and "competitive balance." If a kid wants to play a non-contact sport and isn't particularly good at it, it doesn't seem like either of these considerations are even relevant.
  11. OK, this is anecdotal but I only know one trans kid really well so let me try to personalize this for you. My trans son is at college right now. Over 99.9% of the campus where he goes just assumes he is a cis male. He has a masculine name, his birth certificate and drivers licens say he's male, he has a male roommate, his life is indistinguishable from every other male on campus other than his inability to use a urinal. He is having the best time of his life. The freedom he has in being able to decide if and when to come out to people has changed everything. He is happy in a way that I don't think I ever witnessed back before he transitioned. He has begun his life as a male. The thing he has struggled with for years is finally resolved and he can move on. Both he and I expect his life to be joyful and fulfilling. The idea that he would even consider participating in a girls-only activity is so outside the realm of possibility it's hard for me to take it seriously. He has gone through so much just to get his life the way he wants it, going backwards is absolutely the last thing he would ever agree to. I believe that you guys are sincere when you present the "just play with your birth gender" as a genuine option. But I think that more experience with trans people might change your perspective on whether that position is akin to a ban on trans sports participation.
  12. I don't think I've ignored the fact that some cis girls may be negatively impacted by competing against trans girls, we've talked about it a lot, and I've agreed that there may be some instances in which trans kids need to be excluded. I just don't think that it makes sense to exclude trans kids in all instances.
  13. Yeah, nobody is forcing people to play sports. That's why my sentence was "forcing a trans kid to deny her gender identity to play a sport." (emphasis added). It's hard to keep track of the conversation because it's been going on over a whole day and there are other side conversations going on, but here's the gist of where my comment fits in the overall picture (the bolded line is : Me: "This is a ban on trans kids playing sports!" Random FBG: "It's not a ban, they can still play with the gender they were assigned at birth." Me: "Yeah, but that's pretty much the same as a ban because doing that is really traumatic and very few kids would actually do it. Random FBG: "It's actually not all that traumatic get over yourself." Me: "Forcing a trans kid to deny her gender identity seems traumatic to me."
  14. This strikes me as just an absurd take. The overwhelming number of people that transition are not elite athletes. People in the United States and other democratic countries are not transitioning to do better in sports. With that said, I certainly could imagine some repressive regime somewhere trying to coerce athletes to transition to get more gold medals or something. That's another reason to treat professional and high-level athletes differently than high school kids.
  15. Yeah, as @KarmaPolice noted above, the traumatic experience I was referring to was a trans kid being forced to play a sport as the gender he was assigned at birth.
  16. This seems like a very different situation due to: 1) the severity of the alleged trauma; and 2) whether there are benefits to subjecting the kid to this particular painful experience. With respect to the goldfish, that's a painful thing virtually everyone goes through, gets over quickly, and moves on. And it can teach important lessons about dealing with death. Forcing a trans kid to deny her gender identity to play a sport seems way more traumatic and doesn't appear to have any benefit to the kid.
  17. https://apnews.com/article/sports-nba-basketball-42ac166530fbff699c70dafccd07b56f I love this story for like a million different reasons.
  18. Can you give an example of the sort of thing you mean? Because, yeah, I think I’m against traumatizing kids but maybe I’m missing something.
  19. I think trans people are in the best position to judge this particular question.
  20. It's effectively a ban if the only way to participate in sports is to traumatize and humiliate yourself. ETA: If your response is to say "it's not traumatic or humiliating", then I'd argue you're ill-informed.
  21. This is what I was discussing earlier about how actually knowing some trans people would be helpful in understanding the issue.
  22. Yeah, it's also not a good solution for trans boys to compete with cis girls because many of them are on performance-enhancing hormones. This is another complicating factor.
  23. Here's a NY Times article that talks about a lot of the issues you're raising: Vaccine Resisters Seek Religious Exemptions. But What Counts as Religious?
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