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  1. And you're mis-characterizing my comments. I did not suggest that Maria Taylor was given a job because she is black. (Unlike Robinson, who seemingly was.) I am saying there should be nothing wrong with speculating that diversity was a factor that contributed to her promotion. And that perhaps some people should relax when this speculation is given a voice, especially considering the existence of affirmative action and diversity hiring policies.
  2. But isn't Maria Taylor a hypocrite too? Complaining when a coworker suggests that diversity played a part in her ascension, but also telling ESPN execs that they need to add more black faces?
  3. Sorry not sorry to be so un-woke, but I have an issue with what you're suggesting. Frankly I find it very annoying when POC express such outrage because someone dared to suggest that intentional diversity played a part in their hire/promotion, all while shamelessly exploiting policies that were specifically designed to ensure that this happens. If you're going to reap the benefit, then you should own it. I find your indignation especially ironic as it pertains to Maria Taylor. She criticized management at ESPN for a lack of diversity in their Women's NCAA basketball coverage. As a result, LaChina Robinson was added to the broadcast team. So Robinson got the job largely because she is black, but God forbid anyone mention this out loud.
  4. I'm enjoying this thread, as I am also in the market for a slightly used SUV. Looking to bump up in size a little from an '03 RAV4 that has served me very well. Several of the vehicles mentioned in this thread have been in my crosshairs recently. Anyone have personal experience with a Chevy Equinox or GMC Terrain that they'd like to share?
  5. I wasn't expecting them to make a splashy WR signing, but the nonchalance they've shown toward the position thus far is certainly troubling. Investing major draft capital seems like a prudent move (if they nail the picks), but I'd still like to see them bring in a veteran for more reliable depth. Looking at the remaining free agent scraps, only Robinson and Allison seem remotely appealing. RFA David Moore is also intriguing. A trade might be more likely - there's a few teams with crowded WR depth charts, maybe Rasul Douglas would interest them?
  6. Not exactly. I was able to package Ekeler with Darnold (!) earlier this week, to get Winston and Gallup. Maybe I hopped off a little late, but I enjoyed the ride.
  7. Darren Waller listed as a WR in the online Draft Dominator, and the mobile app as well.
  8. Why can't I install the mobile version on my chromebook?
  9. I don't understand the people who say the Eagles need to add CB depth. And there are many of them.
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