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  1. I am well over 400 lbs and I recently turned 40 and this is the year I am going to freaking do something about it. I'm tired of making excuses. I'm tired of deluding myself into thinking that I "carry the weight well" on my 6'7 frame. I really want to make a significant change and I hope it's not too late. Not going to buy in to the 3 month contest because I need to make a wholesale lifestyle change, not just work towards short-term gains. (losses) I think a LCHF plan is probably my best bet, but I am more than willing to listen to advice from FBGs thinner than me. (Pretty much everyone then.
  2. So Lions are pretty much cap strapped until Suh has a new deal? Huh. Been reading that they are close to an agreement with Ihedigbo.
  3. Meet me in the office at 4. Bring your resume'.

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