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  1. IMHO, I think this is a pretty good year to get a WR......especially at those draft positions! If you wanted a RB, it's a bad class. I like Bateman and Marshall.
  2. If Rodgers leaves GB, does Adam’s value drop? If so, by how much?
  3. I today traded for the 1.01 pick and now have 1.01, 1.02 and 1.05. Looking at Harris, Chase and Pitts. Thoughts? Wonder if Lawrence instead of Pitts at 1.05? 1 QB, Dynasty, 1/2 PPR.
  4. You are correct about the 3rds IMHO. It really was Montgomery & 2022 1st for the 1.01 then.
  5. 12 team Dynasty League, keep 15 players, then you draft including the Rookies. I traded: Montgomery, 3.02, 3.12 & 2022 1st I received: 1.01 Any thoughts? Win....lose......draw?? I already have the 1.02 and the 1.05 and I think it's a "top 5" rookie draft this year. I won the league last year.
  6. I picked up Boone in both of my Leagues thinking if Gordon doesn't work out, gets hurt, etc. that Boone is cheap insurance right now. Later on........maybe not so cheap!
  7. Well, I guess we have our answers on who will be the NE TEs.....Henry and Smith and the 2 rookies can take a seat on the bench.
  8. Examples: John Brown, Buffalo is dropped, is Davis a player to consider adding to your Dynasty squad? Or, Parham with Henry non-franchisee tagged? I realized some of these players may eventually sign with their team, but.......????
  9. Conversely now, what is Wentz’s new Dynasty value now that he has a real team to lead? 2021 first rounder in non-SF? Maybe he is comparable to Stafford in LA Rams? Let’s discuss.
  10. I use Hindery’s trade chart along with 3 others and come up with an “average” of these 4 trade charts. With Excel, it’s easy to do. Eventually I plan to decide which 1 or 2 come closest to my “average” and then only need to use that 1 or 2. But, will take some amount of time to determine who’s is most accurate. It’s fun....and I have the time!
  11. You know.....I agree in much preferring Taylor as I value RBs higher than WR, all things equal. I would want at least a 1.03-1.06 if I even considered trading Taylor.
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