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  1. T. Williams, in week 6 backing up Mixon who always gets hurt. Worth a stash?
  2. Good question, but I am on the other end and looking to trade him, either for players or picks! What should he fetch?
  3. I think it is a fair offer and worth a try!
  4. Looking at Rest of Season, but could use a win this week too.
  5. Which of these 3 defenses on the waiver wire would you prioritize? Maybe list them in order as I will need to prioritize them when I submit my waiver request. * NE * TB * Dallas thank you all!
  6. Where did you see Lamar was “out”? Latest reports I see have him okay and playing.
  7. So, with all the options being mentioned, Dallas, Ten, Det, Miami, would you start any of these over Baltimore this weekend against Denver?
  8. All those who picked the Panthers are nervous. A one possession game now. Ouch……. but, it is an away game for Carolina!
  9. You are all looking at “away” games and one of my 2 cardinal rules is to NOT select a road team to win. Good luck to you this week!
  10. My only issue with taking Denver is the extremely high number of folks taking them this week. It does decrease their likeability.
  11. All in on the "don't be cute" the first week or two in a season, eliminates Carolina. No road team pick mantra leaves SF out. Therefore, with a 7 1/2 point spread and a 73%-75% winning probability......I will take the LA Rams. They don't have a particular easy schedule for the next 5-7 games, so take them now.
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