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  1. All those who picked the Panthers are nervous. A one possession game now. Ouch……. but, it is an away game for Carolina!
  2. You are all looking at “away” games and one of my 2 cardinal rules is to NOT select a road team to win. Good luck to you this week!
  3. My only issue with taking Denver is the extremely high number of folks taking them this week. It does decrease their likeability.
  4. All in on the "don't be cute" the first week or two in a season, eliminates Carolina. No road team pick mantra leaves SF out. Therefore, with a 7 1/2 point spread and a 73%-75% winning probability......I will take the LA Rams. They don't have a particular easy schedule for the next 5-7 games, so take them now.
  5. So far, nothing that has made me run to my waiver wire to pick up!
  6. Too many Johnson's for me........not enough for others.
  7. Would you accept a 2023 first round pick for him now?
  8. This. I agree, a big 3 then a drop off.
  9. As a Davis owner, this is as good a signing as I could hope for since he is not much of a pass catcher. He has similar skills.
  10. I would like to see if kept here. I read enough questions about dynasty that it feels appropriate to be included here.
  11. Agree with both of these posts. I wouldn’t trade Pitts for Kittle straight up.
  12. Who does this trade leave as the WR to have in Houston other than Cooks?
  13. I would still have CEH, Edmonds and Ekeler as RBs.
  14. DJ Moore and a 2022 1st and a 2022 2nd good dynasty value to get for Joe Mixon?
  15. I too have been made offers where the “value” of a WR being offered is much more than the “value” of a RB. But, I remain hesitant to make the trade since we value RBs so much more. Good question.
  16. Good job. I was going to tell you to take him! Great stash.
  17. Not “anything”, just Cooper doesn’t help hou much. Henry has 1-2 years, then you are fight back where you are now.
  18. IMHO, those players are not enough and do not improve your team. That is the only reason to make a trade…..to improve your team.
  19. I personally wouldn’t do any of these. Cam is short-lived in NE. None of them are appealing. What Harris are you looking at?
  20. If you could get Williams for Evan’s you’d have the draft won.
  21. Can’t imagine both of those players are available at 8. I myself lean a little more in the Pitts side, even if you need RB. Not much better than Williams, but enough better to take a once every 15 years tight end.
  22. Now that is a great question. You can decide this a little later. Accept the offer before he accepts one of the other 7 offers, then we can talk!
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