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  1. My wife and I get our second shot on April 16, and after waiting the appropriate 2 weeks, I’ll be celebrating my wife’s birthday on May 1 by having her fully vaccinated family over for a mask-free BBQ. I’m sure there will be many tears of happiness as we haven’t all shared a meal or any holiday or event since this thing started. We all are very excited.
  2. I picked the wrong day to stop sniffing glue...
  3. It’s really just a high risk mutual fund. 😉
  4. Interesting article about Jamie Raskin Here Can’t imagine how this guy made it through the last 45 days.
  5. “We got answers...we just aren’t sharing them now. They will be delivered with Trump’s health care plan”
  6. You would think FLGT would be part of the ARKG portfolio. Alas, it appears not.
  7. In for a grand just because some guy on the internet said it will be like Amazon in 2004.
  8. I am literally crying from laughing so hard. That is hilarious.
  9. Resident Alien is a show based on a comic book that just debuted on SYFY this week. The great Alan Tudyk stars as an alien who is forced to interact with residents in a small town. Surprisingly funny - especially because I don’t expect much from SYFY.
  10. I walk away for a couple hours and the whole thing took a dive. Which of you guys broke the stock market?
  11. They may follow the GE 20-70-10 method of performance reviews, so if you want a suite rather than 2 queen-sized beds, you need to repent REALLY hard.
  12. Dude....check out “Off the air” on HBO Max. It’s an Adult Swim show and I’m pretty sure it was created for such a purpose...
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