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  1. Makes sense when you're at the precipice of an enormous crossroad
  2. The kid was just trying to create a little dysentery among the ranks
  3. Probably a contributing factor to Chrissy's death as well. RIP little Cozette.
  4. I'd pay good money to hear Little Carmine do this
  5. I'm trying but the Rockets are a brutal watch without C. Wood. I had some hope when he was in the rotation but I think it's time to trust the process - trade Oladipo for picks/prospects to a contender and overtake Minn for that 1.1.
  6. It's a shame The Many Saints of Newark keeps getting pushed back. I was really looking forward to that during the pandemic. Looks like Fall 2021 now.
  7. I went there a while back with my family and really enjoyed it. Very spread out and lots to do. Not really dependent on the beach. Sure you'll find drunks but that's not unique to the Keys and easy to avoid. Key Largo is really laid back IIRC and a good stop on the way to Key West. As for resorts, I can't really help you there. Seemed like a lot of smaller hotels, BnB type scene.
  8. If you're limited by passports, etc and don't want to travel far, I'd recommend the Florida Keys.
  9. Just depends who you are. 6' and under 200 is something most of us can do if we work hard. 6' @ 185 is probably ideal. When I plateau and stop losing fat/making gains, I switch up my routine. That normally means eating less or more and changing up my workout - fasted cardio, more weights, etc. Our bodies constantly need to be shocked or they'll adjust.
  10. Yep. During and after that madness, I definitely treated myself. Got back on the grind Monday and been eating clean since. It's a beautiful day to enjoy if you can get out there for a walk/run. Take care dhock!
  11. Yeah, don't get too bummed out about the number as long as you're doing the work. Often times, you'll be adding muscle and leaning out while the scale is suggesting no progress.
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