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  1. I went there a while back with my family and really enjoyed it. Very spread out and lots to do. Not really dependent on the beach. Sure you'll find drunks but that's not unique to the Keys and easy to avoid. Key Largo is really laid back IIRC and a good stop on the way to Key West. As for resorts, I can't really help you there. Seemed like a lot of smaller hotels, BnB type scene.
  2. If you're limited by passports, etc and don't want to travel far, I'd recommend the Florida Keys.
  3. Just depends who you are. 6' and under 200 is something most of us can do if we work hard. 6' @ 185 is probably ideal. When I plateau and stop losing fat/making gains, I switch up my routine. That normally means eating less or more and changing up my workout - fasted cardio, more weights, etc. Our bodies constantly need to be shocked or they'll adjust.
  4. Yep. During and after that madness, I definitely treated myself. Got back on the grind Monday and been eating clean since. It's a beautiful day to enjoy if you can get out there for a walk/run. Take care dhock!
  5. Yeah, don't get too bummed out about the number as long as you're doing the work. Often times, you'll be adding muscle and leaning out while the scale is suggesting no progress.
  6. Wow. I'm really sorry to hear this. Hope you, Cos and anyone else still effected get their power and water back shortly. I had a about 30+ hours without power/water. It got down to 37 but I could deal with it for a night. For 72 hours or longer and I'm sure I'd be tested. Hang in there. It's warming up which should lighten up demand on the grid. I'm off to hunt and gather supplies right now. I've heard most grocery stores are slammed. I got lucky at Whole Foods with a bunch of canned foods and cooked meals. I also found convenience stores to be relatively painless, stocked
  7. It's amazing people support that guy. I still laugh at this quote from his former Princeton roommate in 2016 " “I would rather have anybody else be the president of the United States,” Mazin told the Daily Beast. “Anyone. I would rather pick somebody from the phone book.”
  8. Assisted pull ups are gold when trying to build strength with proper form. Soon enough you'll be doing 20 unassisted. Change up the grip and go behind the neck for increased difficulty.
  9. Glad to hear this. I've been fortunate to have power this entire time in Houston (Montrose area). Now just dealing with some frozen pipes.
  10. Yeah, relatively speaking the macros aren't crazy. I love a good grilled ear of corn. I'm just comparing to healthier veggie options with a fraction of the calories and none of the sugar. I have friends that will think they're eating healthy because they're having 'veggies' i.e. corn with every meal. It's a good veggie treat but shouldn't be an everyday vegetable imo.
  11. Go easy with the corn especially if you're looking to drop weight. Starchy carbs like corn are packed with sugar.
  12. I can't be mad at Houston for letting Watt walk but just further reinforces the prevailing opinion that this franchise isn't committed to winning. They'd rather do the 'right' thing. You think they could've squeezed out at least a 3rd round pick. I know Belichick would've got something.
  13. Another sad day for Houston sports. While JJ was no where near his production in the early 2010s, those Turn Down For Watt days were a lot fun and bring back great memories. Not to mention, all he's done for Houston. The city is going to miss #99
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