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  1. Why not. Doesn't sound illegal or unethical. Should provide some entertainment for an otherwise dull activity. Lots of things must align but I'd give it a go.
  2. McClain seems to be just a mouthpiece as of late. He hasn't been right about a lot of things and I take anything he says related to the Texans with a grain of salt.
  3. Think we all feel what JJ is feeling. Thanks BOB! https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/32446706/arizona-cardinals-jj-watt-says-facing-same-texans-remember-sunday
  4. Sure Floppo can chime in with the NYC subway situation which is very similar. Huge pet peeve.
  5. On the bright side, you're likely getting to listen to his mixtape for free 🔥
  6. The times I've been to Colombia, I felt safe, safer than many American cities. I think it gets a bad rap from the Pablo days. It's similar to NYC or LA, you hang out in the nice areas and don't stray. Of course, being a gringo, you should always be careful. Petty theft is my main concern so I'd don't wear jewelry or flash a fancy phone on the street.
  7. Wow, I haven't really followed the Dolphins action on all those picks Houston gave them plus their current bounty but really sounds like they blundered it. I thought they were sitting on a bright future at one point.
  8. That two out rally was something else. Strange series to say the least.
  9. In Houston, I used to think of Morey as a wunderkind of sorts, making something out of nothing. In the past few years however, his star has really fallen. I'm not sure how he makes this Simmons thing work.
  10. I don't like the idea of full-time robo umps but something like tennis could work where you have a few chances to challenge the call.
  11. Never saw that collapse coming. Looks like we got a series.
  12. Just came in here to post this. What a great series. I'm a Stros fans and watching this instead.
  13. Grienke is their only hope. Must win tonight. With McCullers out, they're definitely stretched thin.
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