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  1. Same here. Wonder if there will be an adjustment or if the lateral play gets scored differently?
  2. What was Cooks total yardage for today’s game? Did he get receiving yardage for the last play with all the laterals? CBS Sports had him over 150 yards receiving for a while but then knocked him back to 141 yards on 7 receptions. The extra yards might make a difference.
  3. Yeah, I hadn't even factored in the possibility that Waller may be doing more blocking this week than usual now...
  4. Might be doing it again this week. Like the matchup Hockenson has against Atlanta and Waller's seems tough vs. TBay. Not married to the idea yet, but leaning towards TJ...
  5. Waller also has this odd pattern of never putting two big games together in a row. Going back to the beginning of last season, he has not had two games of more than 10 fantasy points back to back (at least in my 0.5 PPR league). He’s a yo-yo, EKG, tight end, like a lot of them are. Love him, but coming off of last week’s big game, a bit nicked up, facing BB’s defence that has a proclivity of taking away a team’s best offensive player, on the road, can’t say today’s result comes as a surprise. Next week who could/should be back with a much stronger performance.
  6. Yes disappointing after last week. Glad I benched him for TJ Hock, but was second guessing that call all morning...
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