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  1. Is it a fair default position to say that if you think more could/should be done to limit the spread of the virus that you aren't calling for the end of capitalism and the suspension of liberty? Just curious if the ridiculous strawman arguments go both ways?
  2. I, too, want to know more. Everything I have seen as shown domestic air travel was down 50-60% year-over-year. I bet many people still had Thanksgiving with people outside their immediate HH, but I'd be surprised if that netted ONLY a 5% reduction in total interactions. Please share more specifics @parasaurolophus
  3. Hey, sorry about my smart@$$edness. It's just that I have little patience for any comparisons of this to the seasonal flu. That comparison is a bit of a lightning rod for me as it was put to bed a long time ago. Still, I could/should have been way cooler. Thanks for recognizing your error. I, too, am man enough to admit mine.
  4. I, too, thought we we were done with these. Which is why I respond with such contempt for anyone who seeks to travel down this well-trodden path AGAIN.
  5. Because I am tired of schooling people like you on this virus. That's why I am snarky. So you are now contending that a virus that has a well documented mortality rate of .1%, annually kills .2% of South Dakotans? Is that what you are claiming? And to what do you attribute this outrageous run of bad luck that South Dakota should be SO much more susceptible to both contracting and succumbing to this seasonal virus than the rest of the US? Please check your math, come back here and apologize when you have found the correct answer. Until then I shall continue to fight nonsense with snar
  6. Am guessing that less than 100% of South Dakotan contract seasonal flu annually. Also, most of the deaths occurred during the low season. But by all means don't let any of that keep you from comparing this to the seasonal flu. You be you.
  7. Yeah, I uad read about this previously as well. Unfortunately I think this is a natural human reaction and throughout this entire pandemic I have been reminded of this painting from Mark Tansey.
  8. What I think Biden would have done differently and what difference that would have meant. TLDR: Biden’s actions would minimally save 27k lives Messaging I agree with others that write that Biden would not have politicized mask wearing, would have let scientists lead the messaging, and would not have undermined his own administration’s messaging. Lockdowns and Stay-at-Home-Advisories I think Biden would have encouraged, and provided governors more political cover wrt, stay-at-home orders and targeted, rolling lockdowns similar to what Charlie Baker did in
  9. I think most people who feel that way are simply reacting to the idea that the fractional allocation signifies that the slaves are "less than fully human." I don't think many of these people have really thought about why the clause exists, nor the implications of eliminating or adjusting it.
  10. Understood, but when you do silly love song-y things in a song titled Silly Love Songs you get a complete pass from me. 'Cuz here I go.....agaaiiiin...
  11. Below are my top 25 Paul songs, some of which I have posted already, but can't remember which so here is the entire list. Also, I recognize that I failed to correctly guess a single one of your #1s for ANY of the former Beatles...and yet somehow I still feel confident that I won that contest. 1--Maybe I'm Amazed--Chalk 2--Back Seat of My Car--Love the Brian Wilson influence on Back in the USSR, Love the Brian Wilson influence even more on this 3--Let Me Roll It--Love the ripped off guitar and everything else 4--Take It Away--Sublime 5- -Monkberry Moon Delight- -
  12. I regret that I have but one life to give for my NASDAQ* *To be clear, the stock market is NOT the economy. Yes, we must keep basic services from collapsing, but the grist-for-the-wall-street-mill philosophy that some have adopted is quite disgusting. So, before spamming me with "we can't just shut everything down!" I would ask that any naysayers thrice chant quietly to themselves "the stock market is not the economy" before proceeding. Thanks in advance.
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