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  1. They are pretty much set at 6th worst record now. That takes them from a 40% of keeping that pick to a 28% chance. Totally worth the positivity and confidence boost this run should give them (and me).
  2. In 29 post-ASB games, here are Anthony Edwards' numbers: 23.1 PPG 5.4 RPG 3.1 APG 1.6 SPG 43.4% FG 33.2% 3PT 54.3% TS 28.3% Usage
  3. 1. Shocking loss by the Wolves. They had gotten quite good (well, 3 games or so) at closing out when they had a lead. But I suppose I don't want them to win too many games. 2. Edwards > Ball
  4. smells like feet

  5. ALSO, the Wolves are 8-6 this year when D-Lo, KAT, and Edwards are all playing. That would put them at the 6 seed in the West. And they're the youngest team in the league. Pieces. Are. In. Place.
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