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  1. Kris Dunn waived by the Grizz. Somebody's got to grab this guy, right? Hard to believe he's reached this point already, but I guess when you're traded three times in five years you aren't exactly impressing.
  2. PM @shuke for all questions and your welcome basket.
  3. (blews out) Do we not think this anti-Ben Simmons thing has gone a little too far at this point? Did he compoletely meltdown on the biggest stage in a horribly embarrassing way? Yes. Did he also handle the aftermath in perhaps the worst way possible? Also yes. Is his image about as tarnished as possible? Again, yes. HOWEVER He's just 25 years old, and has been coddled essentially his whole life, up to and including this situation, and has never faced adversity before. If he's trusting the wrong people/person no wonder this thing is going so horrendously. He doesn't know any better. And he's a 3x All-Star, 2x All-Defensive Team, 1x All-NBA player with career averages of 16/8/8 + 2 steals. I mean, that dude is talented. Maybe he just needs another chance. And I swear I didn't write this because the Wolves are a possible landing spot for him. I just think it's gotten ridiculous and SOME PEOPLE are enjoying the fall of this 25-year old a little too much for my tastes.
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