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  1. We need to stop scrutinizing historic figures through the lens of todays norms. It is just not possible to assume that a person living a few hundred years ago could ever think and act the same way we do today. You would need to cancel the whole society then b/c aside from massive contributions or actions that got that person in the spotlight to begin with, pretty much every single person of that time thought, acted and spoke the same. Canceling people like Washington or Jefferson wipes away the contributions they made to this country simply because they actually contributed. Unlike some other salve owning family down the dirt road who did nothing of notoriety and simply just owned salves and profited off of them. But he will get a pass b/c of the fact that he never did anything worthy of being remember 200+ years later. We can agree that things like slave owning and genocide are unacceptable acts today. However like it or not, that was the norm years ago. I can only imagine what people 200 years from now may think about us? Will we be looked at as environmental criminals simply because we owed gas fueled cars? Or population abusers because we had more than 1 kid? Its sad that people cant see through the garbage rhetoric
  2. Yea, I would assume thats the underlying motive (besides revenue). I think another way to figure it, if you and I both wanted to do big thunder as part of our "Thrill ride" interest day, they will send you there at 10am and me there at 12:30, hopefully keeping the lines shorter by distributing the crowds. But I also think that it may start offering things like Carousel of Progress b/c there is nobody there. Its going to be interesting to see how it works out. I think new guests will rely on it heavily while other more seasoned guests will just use it like a times guide.
  3. nice write up @GroveDiesel To expand on it slightly: "Disney Genie" is the new system. Its basically the new My Disney Experience app on steroids. It is intended to be your 'guide' throughout the park day, giving you suggestions on what to ride based on wait times, where to eat, park information and as GD said, book and pay for the old fastpasses. There are actually 3 levels to it. 1st is the free level. It kind of acts like a mini concierge service. You can put into it the type of experience or interests you want to have that day, like a "thrill day" or if you have little girls you can pick a "princess day", etc. Then the service will build you a custom itinerary that suggests you do certain attractions at certain times to fulfill those experiences you were looking for. So for example, if you wanted your kid to have a "princess day" then the app would build you a schedule that may suggest you visit Enchanted tales with Belle at 9:45, then go see Cinderella at 10:10, then on to Little Mermaid ride at 10:50, etc. They claim to build these schedules off of years of data they have on wait times and best times to visit certain attractions. Same if you wanted a thrill day, it would say Splash Mountain at 10:10, Big thunder at 11:15 and then space mountain at 4pm. You'll still have to wait in the normal standby lines for these, but they claim it will be less b/c they are recommending the best times to go. This free service also lets you pick dining. So if you say you plan on a Quick Service lunch at some point today, it my ping you and say "Pecos Bill's has a short wait time now, do you want to go order something?" I believe you can also reserve same day sit down dining through the service. this is a pretty good overview of it (with pictures): https://allears.net/2021/10/19/how-to-get-the-most-out-of-the-free-version-of-disney-genie/ 2. Disney Genie+ $15/pp/per day This is the new fastpass system. As GroveDiesel explained, its kind of like the old paper fastpass where you can claim FP's (now called "Lightening Lane") for different attractions throughout the day. I say this is like the paper fastpasses and not the FP system we just had is b/c you get these day of as opposed to 60-30 days earlier. Also you can only get 1 LL (lightening lane) access for each ride. So you cant do Big thunder and then get off and book another Big thunder, any other rides need to be standby line only. In addition to booking rides, the G+ service and has other features like special photo lenses (like snapchat) that activate in certain parts of the park, and additional A/V type things like walking tours, games, and trivia. As GD also mentioned, there are certain attractions—2 per park—that are not in the Genie+ system, thats because getting LL access to them will be an al a carte up-charge. 3. Individual Lightening Lane 2 rides per park are designated "Individual Lightening Lane" (JFC Disney, with these names...really??) where in order to get a LL access you need to pony up $7-15/pp. The price will fluctuate based on the park volume and date, ie. Weekends and holidays will be more expensive (but they say $15 is max) It is important to note that you do not need to buy the $15/pp Genie service in order to also buy the Individual LL experiences. If you only want to go to studios and ride Rise of the Resistance and thats it, you just need to pay the ILL price in the app and thats it. As of right now, the attractions and prices are: Magic Kingdom: • Space Mountain: $7 • Seven Dwarfs Mine Train: $10 EPCOT: • Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure: $8 • Frozen Ever After: $9 Disney’s Animal Kingdom • Flight of Passage: $11 • Expedition Everest: $7 Disney’s Hollywood Studios: • Rise of the Resistance: $15 • Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway $8 these prices could be higher depending on the day. Also, these ILL can sell out, I know that Rise was sold out by 10am yesterday. You can begin making any Genie+ or ILL selections at 7am if you are a resort guest, or 9 am if not. You can also make selections for both at a second park if you plan on hopping after 2pm. Like most stuff Disney introduces, it seems super confusing and you really need to test drive it a few times to get the most out of it.
  4. The new Disney Genie service started today, giving you paid access to certain rides. Either a blanket $15/pp charge to book (what were) fastpsses throughout your day, or for an individual up-charge, visit 2 e-ticket attractions per park—from $7-$15 each/pp. As expected it was getting mildly heavy use as every Disney blogger was there testing it as well as guests. However note that it is generally not a guest heavy day in the parks. That said, both Slinky Dog Dash and Rise of the Resistance (the 2 upgraded purchase attractions) were both sold out by early this am. Now Disney does have control over how many slots are available for purchase, but if this is going to be the norm, then this is no different then the old boarding groups where you had to be up at 7am to have a hope in getting one....except now this carries a $15/pp fee as well.
  5. I think you need to give it time to calibrate itself into place. Plus it needs a few heavy days (like thanksgiving and christmas weeks) to really see what it can do when the parks are at their max.
  6. I love how the author just assumes that they were all men...isnt that, like a no-no?
  7. I'm sure the holiday played a lot into it. Universal is in a unique place right now thanks to Disney's (kinda) incompetence. The one big thing is that UO never suspended their annual pass sales—which to a local, having theme park AP's is almost like a birthright. On the other hand, Disney not only suspended AP sales, but also renewals (from what I remember) and didn't release new AP plans until just a about 2 months ago. So many people started going over to UO when they needed their theme park fix, and dare I say it, liked it better. IMO, WDW is getting very bloated in terms of the hoops you need to jump through to visit a park now and its not appealing to a segment of locals.
  8. In honor of the 50th....here is the Grand Opening TV Special. Entertainment was def different back then...lol. Enjoy!!
  9. I wasnt trying to assign blame to either side. Frankly I dont even know which side of the topic the signs that were taken were for. He is pretty political agnostic, so according to him, he isnt even following the recall.
  10. A friend of mine was just mistakenly the target of the "Cancel mob" One of his local FB community groups posted a photo of someone stealing some "School board recall" signs off of someones lawn. They had a view of the license plate and someone ran it and it somehow came back as my friend's car. The following posts began naming him by name, listing where he lived and worked, etc. He then became the target of threats and accusations b/c apparently the board recall in his town has become very highly contested. Thankfully he was able to find the person who posted the original information and prove his innocence and their mistake. They posted full redaction and apology, but it wasn't until after all the fall out and drama. Turns out they had the license plate info wrong originally.
  11. IDK? I took that segment as an example on how the trans community turned on her—esp on social where people who were not there or personally knew her still attacked her— so viscously that it made her make the decision to end her life. In a community that generally is about supporting each other in their decisions, instead they unanimously vilified her for doing what she loved, because of who she did it with, and basically completely closed off what already small support system she may have had.
  12. Netflix literally has millions of hours of content, and they are walking out over 1. When can we get back to a place where we can respect that everyone enjoys different things and what you find offensive may not be the same for others? Netflix has stated that Dave's comedy specials are among their most watched pieces of content, so obviously there is a market for it and enough people are not offended by what he does.
  13. not to hijack the thread, but this begs the question....how woke can you be? I completely understand and respect the need to bring attention and change to certain things, but at what point to you stop? Or at least, change the tone? Situations like this are examples where good intentioned groups eventually eat itself from the inside. We've built this world where people hang on every word said and action scrutinized. We actively seek to dismantle larger things where a very small minority of members disagree with. I guess the old "Glass houses" analogy fits here whereas if you live to target others for their mistakes, eventually there will be someone looking to target you. IDK if i'm saying that right, but I just think we've entered an area where no one person or group can be so perfect that the hate and vitriol we've been breeding doesn't eventually come for them.
  14. A teacher in my wife's school died of a heart related issue days after her 2nd shot. While I cant connect it to the vax, she was an otherwise healthy 38 year old woman and left behind a husband and 2 young kids. I dont know the family well enough to know what was ultimately decided as cause of death, but it happened right after her 2nd dose. We also have a female friend who has had (so i've been told) periods of overly heavy mensural cycles followed by long stretches of none at all. I also know a ton of people who are vax'ed and have no issues so far
  15. NP. As for the simulators, I would start off with Simpsons. IDK if you remember from the last time you were there, but it was the Back to the Future ride. Unlike disney's simulators (I'm assuming you were talking about Star tours) where you are fully inside "the box", the Simpsons ride is an open car that rises into a big dome, so there is lots of space around you and you don't feel boxed in. Then I would move to Spiderman. Its not an actual simulator, here you are in an open car that moves around and then parks in front of different big screens, and uses a mix of real props and settings and 3D films for the action. So again you are not inside a tightly closed environment. Transformers is the exact same ride technology, just a little more clearer b/c its newer, and slightly a little more scarier and louder b/c its the Michael Bay transformers, not our 1980's ones. Minions, Escape from NY and Shrek are all 4D movies where you feel some motion, but are really in a big theater. King Kong might be a no go b/c it is rather dark and scary with big fight scenes and oversized creepy crawlies. If she likes HP, then you will get your money's worth right there. My all time fav ride (and thats saying a lot) is the HP Forbidden Journey. It is one of the most unique rides with the craziest ride system (look up Kuka Arm Rides, the HP one is not as fast or upside down) I've ever been on. It can be scary from a storyline but if she is familiar with the HP universe and characters (like the Dementors), then she might not be as scared. The downside of that ride is the seating system. You sit 4 across but in like individual cubbies. So if your daughter is like my son when he was that age and rode most things from inside my armpit, it is hard to get to them to comfort them if they get scared. Overall, the best thing is that you will have the express passes. So you can do any ride 1st and then gauge how you think she would like it, vs waiting hours on line.
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