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  1. 🙋‍♂️ Ok, fine. Gov Cuomo touched me.....well, can I show you on the doll?
  2. IDK, reading some of the comments is 🤔
  3. I know, thats what I was referring too. I dont remember everything about it, but now we cant even create literature with certain nationalities in it unless you ARE that nationality? Again, "Wokeness" is setting the sidelines of what is and is not appropriate so close together that it will eventually be impossible to create anything soon.
  4. let me do your homework for you Recall Impeachment Regardless, neither of these, or him voluntarily stepping down look like a possibility
  5. the comparison is not the same. you are quoting a blog post about marketing, where the OP was speaking of a person writing a piece of fiction and being denied that opportunity b/c certain people—completely unrelated to the project—didn't feel she was "qualified" to write that based on her ethnicity. IDK, sounds pretty racist to me. In the end, that group get the publisher to bend and the author never got the opportunity to publish her book.
  6. Caricatures are intentionally simplified drawings. Nothing in Suess' library are overly illustrated with any major detail. Hence when you simplify things, you need to highlight on obvious features or characteristics like period or culture specific clothing or accessories. Again I'm finding it hard to understand that putting chopsticks in an Asian cartoons hands is racist? I can walk into any Asain restaurant today and right there on the table are Chopsticks.
  7. I dont think it was getting played for laughs, but it was used as a device to identify that character as Asian. If you would have put him in a baseball cap and Burmuda shorts would it be recognizable? And don't forget, The illustrations in Seuss' books were based on the written sentences which usually leaned heavy on rhyming, alliteration and other language devices to get children to read easier.
  8. sure, there were no stereotypical Asian characters in Mulan. But really, you are going to compare a feature animated film drawn in the late 90's to a caricature-like illustrated children's book from the 30's?
  9. In one of the books "To think I Saw it on Mulberry St" one point that is under fire is a depiction of an asian man. Its not the 1st time the image has been in the news. It was 1st brought to attention b/c it was part of mural at the Seuss Museum The image just shows a cartoon man with Asian features, running in a very asian styled hat and holding a bowl of rice and chopsticks. It gives no other description of the man other than to say "A Chinaman, who eats with sticks" In some editions of the book, his face is white while others it is yellow, but it is important to point out that all of S
  10. agreed...the problem with "if they offend people" really means "if they offend certain vocal people" And often "people" is a very small percentage of the population, but we've emboldened them with a very large sword and companies, municipalities and schools have become very afraid of them. And while we are talking about these 6 books, there are other groups who want his material not taught in school at all...full cancel. this is where we are creating moral standards that just cannot be sustained or reached.
  11. Shifting gears back to the Gina Carano stuff....Damn I love Bill Burr https://www.indiewire.com/2021/03/bill-burr-gina-carano-mandalorian-firing-1234620604/
  12. Maybe she's defending him b/c she was there and didn't feel as threatened as the rest of the woke mob who wasn't there told her she should have been. IDK. I'm no fan of Cuomo, but I dont see the blatant d!ck euphemisms that others are trying to create. They were legitimately served sausage on a rolI...its not like it was a huge hamburger and he's like "Eat that whole sausage!!" She makes the first reference to it being a lot of food, and he replied, "Yea, thats too much sausage fro that bun" THen he even mentions that there is a course on how to eat on camera and
  13. I could never be a politician. I couldn't imagine every word I said , 24/7 being scrutinized and put under a microscope for everyone to interpret though their own cloudy lens. Any we wonder why the best people for the job wouldnt touch it with a 10 foot pole
  14. why now though....wouldnt you wait until closer to 24? Politics seems to have short memories and IMO its just too far away from the elections to pul la stunt like that, esp within your own party
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