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  1. Happy day! Face coverings are now optional in all of the theme parks and resorts when outside. You still need them when on line, indoors, on an attraction and on any WDW transportation. Also, physical distancing has been reduced from 6 feet to 3 feet overall. UO has also reduced their policy as well
  2. On a personal note: I may have mentioned it in the past, but I'm a graphic designer and run my own studio. I just got off a call with a new client who is putting on a new Disney themed expo in Orlando in December. He has partnered with some people who run successful expos for other genres and have good connections to those celebrities who make the Expo rounds. I've been hired to create the branding, marketing materials, social images, on site signage and any other items needed. So if it all goes well, I'll finally be back in town to be on-site for this thing later in the year and maybe ge
  3. The new Jungle Cruise Movie, staring the Rock, will come out on July 30th in theaters and also on Disney+ Premier Access. It was pushed back last year w/o an official date in mind then. This timing and release makes it a perfect movie for a family night outside on the projector!!
  4. Trump is reprising The Apprentice but instead of "You're Fired" he's going with "You're Canceled"
  5. reposting b/c of @AcerFCand @AAABatteries comment about possible re-theming RnRC. No matter what happens, this story will always be on my mind whenever I ride it.
  6. Honeymoon 2000, back when there were paper fastpasses. Wife and I are not shy and wore our wedding ears everywhere. The FP attendant noticed them as we were getting RnRC FPs and gave us an extra set. We went in on our orig FPs, and at the end a nice CM saw our ears and said "hey, come here" and let us in a side door back to the load area for another ride. We took it and at unload the CM was distracted so we simply left and went to use the 2nd set of FPs. After that trip around, the CM noticed us again, and was like "how did you guys get back here again?" then gave us the wink and opened up
  7. Something to keep an eye on According to the Orange County Mayor, they have nearly reached a 50% vaccination threshold which would remove the mask mandate outdoors. Both WDW and UO are located within Orange County, however both being private businesses can choose to enact any policy they choose.
  8. my standard answer to this has been: Kissing a dead girl to wake her up: How dare you!!!! Plotting the murder of a teen by hiring a hitman to cut her heart out but then deciding to just poison her yourself, simply because she is prettier then you: Nah, we cool.
  9. it really depends on the space you have. Overall, I recommend setting up shop in a separate room, away from your living environment. It allows you to "leave work" when done and you are not constantly walking past that stack of papers that are guilting you into working on the weekend. The reverse is true, if you are working on your kitchen table, that pile of dishes will keep mocking you until you stop and wash them. Keeping your work and home spaces separate is key. The more space you have, the more you can do. I took over our finished basement and I have my working area, a utility area fo
  10. I love Halloween, but I'll be damned if I think of it while the sun is poking out here finally. But apparently we are 1/2 way to Halloween and Disney took the opportunity to announce their new Disney Boo Bash events. It appears to be Halloween themed version of their After Hours Events where the park closes early and a limited amount of guests can enjoy the parks, just with a Halloween feel and guests are encouraged to dress up in costume. It will be offered on select nights from Aug 10 - Oct 31 (basically replacing the MNSCHP) In the mean time, you can take a YouTube tour of
  11. talk about giving hope to the working class. Maybe its time for a new party!
  12. will Mike Rowe just damn run for president already.
  13. its so very frustrating that people feel the need to cause a mess without 1st finding out the reason it was there. I thought the district response to the public was good, saying ti was part of a history lesson. But then...... Why do you need a "Task force." You clearly aid it was part of a history lesson and was not there for any political statement. Case closed. You are teaching history. The last thing schools and the general public need are more "task forces"
  14. I'll take "Alleged White Supremacy" for $500 although hand gestures can give you away. Be careful.
  15. I think her "stand your ground" excuse would have ended when she chased the one girl out of the house and then tried to stab another girl standing outside.
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