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  1. @dhockster so let me ask, why Disney? I ask b/c with your kids ages, Universal Studios might be a better fit for you. Not to add options to your plate, but if you are looking for a theme park experience, but are not a pixie duster and need to "walk with Walt", your 4 days might be better spend over at Universal. Let me give a few reasons: • Size: WDW is huge and there is a lot of time spent traveling from resort to park and back. 4 days is kind of the bare min I would ever recommend someones does Disney. So posters mention staying at the 2 resorts listed b/c of their proximity whi
  2. Congrats!! I use to play hockey with Bobby Travingo's dad and my son played on a travel team with his nephew. Bobby skated with us during our team's Father/Son game...I may have stopped him (I'm a goalie) 1 or 2 times.....maybe. lol Seems like a good kid, hope he gets a shot at the next level.
  3. Yes!! Disney confirmas that Coke's "Club Cool" will indeed be returning to Epcot Club Cool was demolished along with the rest of the communicores buildings as part of the Epcot revitalization
  4. in regards to the SC shooting, my buddy's wife is a doctor who worked with the victim. She said he refused to continue to fill the shooter's prescriptions for pain meds. So very sad.
  5. Apparently it was someone butthurt that has it out for him. I dont know the whole story but when he announced them last night someone on twitter went after him hard and too kit too far up the ladder. He has a good thing with disney and didn't want to push too hard, so he took them down these were them: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hcxqiig9xpdwiyl/WDW018 Vax Shirts_with mockups.pdf?dl=0
  6. crazy....just reached out to him and they got taken down. Tuns out it was someone who had it out for him and reported the shirts and Disney sent him and IP claim. Whoooops
  7. if anyone is interested, I designed a line of "Vaccinated" shirts inspired by Disney properties for my friend Lou at WDW Radio. https://www.teepublic.com/stores/wdwradio?utm_campaign=3588&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_source=wdwradiofor They are discounted for a little bit.
  8. I'l admit, I am watching as much as I can b/c IMO I think he is going to get off and I'm interested in how the defense picks at technicalities and other evidence that can go either way. To be clear, I don't think he SHOULD get off....but just knowing the history of police beating charges, I would hedge my bet this follows suit. I'm not a lawyer, but there is some real interest in the strategy used by each side that goes beyond an episode of Law and Order.
  9. I think how you view lawyers really depends on your experience with them. Although I've thankfully never dealt with it, IMO divorce lawyers are one of the lowest rung of scumminess, but for every one who takes some dude's whole financial life away from him, there are others who help a battered wife regain he life again. It's hard to paint with a broad brush. It's easy to say being a defense lawyer is bad, until its you who are wrongly accused of something and thier experience in being "bad" is you only shot at freedom or sentencing. To clarify: there was a divorce lawyer's office next
  10. Rubio asks MLB commish if he will also drop his Augusta National Membership.
  11. Epcot: where every season is a festival. Normally I agree, but I like the change up to Arts and Flower & Garden However, I see the reasoning, with the need to draw people there this summer and with the 50th celebration starting in October, many people who enjoy F&W might not want to go while the surge is high for the 50th.
  12. We have a bush gardens, VA trip planned this summer. I'm interested to see how the crowds and safety measures are handled there compared to everything I've read about WDW (trip was supposed to be last summer, but like you, the passes were extended till this December and our friends were able to rebook the timeshare)
  13. I was going to add to my post that there is no denying that getting your foot in the door to some of these potential careers costs money—same with certain sports like ice hockey where there is a lack of minorities at the pro level. My buddy's kid is in HS and wants to be a pilot, so he is taking private flying lessons. Those are no joke on the pocket book. But he is middle class and can afford it for the most part. However, if we are serious about diversity, we need to bring those opportunities—at least in their basic sense—into communities that would normally be out of reach for those fami
  14. I'm not saying women or minorities are unqualified, but I think there are certain jobs where I would hope experience and skills should come before agenda and quotas. Plus who sees a pilot anymore anyway? I could see if this was in relation to the flight crew working directly with the diverse group of people on their planes. I've said it before, sometimes lack of diversity in certain jobs is in part to lack of educational opportunities or exposure to the career in high school. If these companies were really serious about diversity AND getting the best qualified candidates they would inve
  15. thats why I used the laughing emoji for the OP (for lack of a better choice)....I mean has anyone every tried to even climb an evergreen tree, let alone hang anyTHING off of????
  16. Starting April 8th, guests will be able to take photos with their masks off as long as they are standing still, outdoors and appropriately distanced. Photopass photographers will be allowed to take the photos as well.
  17. I'd take a black guy in Georgia's opinion over any of the average white middle American posters here. And as for random, if you look, there are more and more AA posters on SM claiming they have ID and have no idea why ID is a problem. As for "they" I wouldn't doubt that the "racism" debate is in part a distraction so we keep on fighting with each other while millions of illegals are streaming into our country every year. IMO that is why they are pushing for no ID laws b/c most AA are actual citizens and can get an ID much easier than an illegal.
  18. with no horse in the race....one would think that it would go by population? I mean thats why we have census data, school rolls, and other basic population metrics.
  19. What they "really" dont want to talk about https://imgur.com/a/UiGBuw7
  20. I run a magazine and the 3 months leading up to Christmas I was having insane issues with the PO and late deliveries. Some on my mailing list got their issue up to 2 months late. So I 100% get this. But thats why I figure "Drop Off Bins" would be a great solution. you are taking streamlining the collection process and taking the individual ballot out of the USPS system. On election day you just collect all the bins and start counting.
  21. And old people are not smart enough to use cell phones.
  22. I brought this up in the FF Vax thread last week and got trampled on as someone not ready to get the vaccine and also looking at the very real possibility of getting denied travel and entry into certain things. NYS is already testing the "Excelsior Pass" at large events (NY Ranger's games). Its an app with a bar code that shows up green when vaxxed. They clim it does not track you or what you do, just simply shows your vaxx status. However when the news channel did a story on the app, you had to select what type of venue you were attending. If its not "tracking me" then why does it need
  23. according to the article: I posted the story as part of the larger question: What else could the owner have done and how responsible if he for the driver? in regards to the thread topic, what is canceling this business going to solve?
  24. I would put odd on that it was. It is easy to prove if they send the owner a screen shot with the time and phone number stamp, and then the owner asks to see it on the diver's phone.
  25. here's one from a local pizzaria: Delivery driver is apparently 2 hours late to a delivery. Order is for a black family and they are rightfully pissed. They refuse to tip him. On his way back to the store, the driver send the family an angry text with a slur in it. Family calls the pizzaria and the owner apologizes, refunds the family and fires the driver on the spot. Now they are rallying in front of the store and saying the owner should have "done more," was "not sincere in his actions" and demand people stop patronizing the pizzaria. from the article
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