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  1. I wasnt trying to assign blame to either side. Frankly I dont even know which side of the topic the signs that were taken were for. He is pretty political agnostic, so according to him, he isnt even following the recall.
  2. A friend of mine was just mistakenly the target of the "Cancel mob" One of his local FB community groups posted a photo of someone stealing some "School board recall" signs off of someones lawn. They had a view of the license plate and someone ran it and it somehow came back as my friend's car. The following posts began naming him by name, listing where he lived and worked, etc. He then became the target of threats and accusations b/c apparently the board recall in his town has become very highly contested. Thankfully he was able to find the person who posted the original information and prove his innocence and their mistake. They posted full redaction and apology, but it wasn't until after all the fall out and drama. Turns out they had the license plate info wrong originally.
  3. IDK? I took that segment as an example on how the trans community turned on her—esp on social where people who were not there or personally knew her still attacked her— so viscously that it made her make the decision to end her life. In a community that generally is about supporting each other in their decisions, instead they unanimously vilified her for doing what she loved, because of who she did it with, and basically completely closed off what already small support system she may have had.
  4. Netflix literally has millions of hours of content, and they are walking out over 1. When can we get back to a place where we can respect that everyone enjoys different things and what you find offensive may not be the same for others? Netflix has stated that Dave's comedy specials are among their most watched pieces of content, so obviously there is a market for it and enough people are not offended by what he does.
  5. not to hijack the thread, but this begs the question....how woke can you be? I completely understand and respect the need to bring attention and change to certain things, but at what point to you stop? Or at least, change the tone? Situations like this are examples where good intentioned groups eventually eat itself from the inside. We've built this world where people hang on every word said and action scrutinized. We actively seek to dismantle larger things where a very small minority of members disagree with. I guess the old "Glass houses" analogy fits here whereas if you live to target others for their mistakes, eventually there will be someone looking to target you. IDK if i'm saying that right, but I just think we've entered an area where no one person or group can be so perfect that the hate and vitriol we've been breeding doesn't eventually come for them.
  6. A teacher in my wife's school died of a heart related issue days after her 2nd shot. While I cant connect it to the vax, she was an otherwise healthy 38 year old woman and left behind a husband and 2 young kids. I dont know the family well enough to know what was ultimately decided as cause of death, but it happened right after her 2nd dose. We also have a female friend who has had (so i've been told) periods of overly heavy mensural cycles followed by long stretches of none at all. I also know a ton of people who are vax'ed and have no issues so far
  7. NP. As for the simulators, I would start off with Simpsons. IDK if you remember from the last time you were there, but it was the Back to the Future ride. Unlike disney's simulators (I'm assuming you were talking about Star tours) where you are fully inside "the box", the Simpsons ride is an open car that rises into a big dome, so there is lots of space around you and you don't feel boxed in. Then I would move to Spiderman. Its not an actual simulator, here you are in an open car that moves around and then parks in front of different big screens, and uses a mix of real props and settings and 3D films for the action. So again you are not inside a tightly closed environment. Transformers is the exact same ride technology, just a little more clearer b/c its newer, and slightly a little more scarier and louder b/c its the Michael Bay transformers, not our 1980's ones. Minions, Escape from NY and Shrek are all 4D movies where you feel some motion, but are really in a big theater. King Kong might be a no go b/c it is rather dark and scary with big fight scenes and oversized creepy crawlies. If she likes HP, then you will get your money's worth right there. My all time fav ride (and thats saying a lot) is the HP Forbidden Journey. It is one of the most unique rides with the craziest ride system (look up Kuka Arm Rides, the HP one is not as fast or upside down) I've ever been on. It can be scary from a storyline but if she is familiar with the HP universe and characters (like the Dementors), then she might not be as scared. The downside of that ride is the seating system. You sit 4 across but in like individual cubbies. So if your daughter is like my son when he was that age and rode most things from inside my armpit, it is hard to get to them to comfort them if they get scared. Overall, the best thing is that you will have the express passes. So you can do any ride 1st and then gauge how you think she would like it, vs waiting hours on line.
  8. thats a solid example, but he's technically a kid too. Where unattainable bail really hurts is when the accused person has a family they are supporting and now is stuck in jail waiting for the system to get to them. Most likely they would have no assets or savings, their job is often something that is easily replaceable and there is no way to support the family while he/she waits, rent gets backed up, car gets repo'ed, insurance laps, etc. Worse if they are a single parent and the burden of raising the children falls on others. This could effect the generations if the wait is long enough. Lack of stability can let kids fall into problems with education, gangs, drugs, etc, and that arrest puts the next generation possibly in an even harder spot, well behind their parents.
  9. nope, I would prob do the same. Yes, the parks can easily be done (even at Christmas) in 3 days with ExpressPass. As for the one whos not into thrill rides, are they not into roller coaster type rides or just anything scary? If its just not coasters, there are a few good rides that they would enjoy: • Men in Black • ET • Any of the Harry potter land experiences in both parks. Get him/her a wand and let them do the spell casting around those areas • HP Forbidden journey* • HP Hogwarts express • Flight of the Hippogriff (kid coaster) • Simpsons • Kang and Kodos spinner ride • King Kong* • Race through NY w/Jimmy Kimmel • Dispicable Me Minion Mayhem • Shrek 4D • Fast and the Furious • Transformers* • Spider Man 4D* • Bourne Stunt show • StromForce Accelerator the items with a star after are somewhat on the thrill side, just not coasters. I didnt include water rides, b/c it will be December, but there are a few if the weather is warm enough.
  10. to add to this, the bail issue of money playing a huge role in the system is another big concern. I am not in favor of the current "just let them out" reform going on here in NY, but the current bail structure needs to seriously be revised. If you cant come up with bail, you can sit in waiting for years for your case to come around. By then you surely lost your job, your family lost at least 1 if not the only income, and a parent is absent. Guilty or not, I use to be one of those "comply and defend yourself in court" but I can understand why some people would opt to run rather than trying to deal with a legal system they cant afford. There was a good Vice documentary I saw that highlights some of the issues. The point that stood out to me the most was the Bail and a Business effect. They have whole neighborhoods where the bail office is visited more than the local deli. There was one woman who owened a BB office who was everythnig that is wrong with the system. Her whole things was "F you...pay me" and you can tell how being indebted to her would cause more pain then being arrested.
  11. voted 1. I stayed away from this forum for a while, but dripped back in and found the conversations more interesting than most of the FFA. I have my beliefs and dont mind defending them, but also dont mind hearing other, often opposing viewpoints. There are also other issues that I may not be 100% educated on and like to hear the debate before I make up my mind.
  12. Alright, pulled the trigger on the annual business conference I attend for next month at WDW. I was on the fence for a few reasons, but mainly dealing with air travel. Southwest's massive issue last week didnt help bc thats the main carrier for my local airport. But i was able to get non-stops both ways, unfortunately they were at stupid hours, really early AM, but its worth it for not having to connect. I dont think I'll have a lot of park time on this one. Most of the parks close on the earlier side that weekend and the conference runs until 5/6pm each day. So that would give me very time at night considering the current ticket prices (and I'm not an AP anymore), and there are no more discounted "After 4pm" tickets. l prob will go on Friday after I get there, but that still wont be till about noon. My guess is I'd do a combo of Studios and Epcot, so I can finally do Rise of the Resistance and then see the new stuff at epcot and take in a little F&W—plus it's the park that closes the latest, so maximize my only day I'm thinking of trying some dining locations I've never done before on the other nights. Staying at Disney Springs, but open to visiting some resorts for a meal and checking out their vibe. I think the top of my list is Topolino's Terrace at the new(ish) Riviera Resort. I'm hoping Jellyrolls opens this month (as reported) b/c I've never been there and it would be a good after hours spot, also want to visit Trader Sams at the Polly.
  13. Sound exactly like the person we want running the country once old joe gets forced out in a few more months (or whenever, but at this rate we all know he's not finishing his term). We can debate "likability" all we want, but if you can't even manage your own individual campaign and staff, how are you qualified to run a country? Yea, you make the case that "She never ran for president before" but every cycle, there are a bunch of candidates in the same boat who make it further than she did (less than 11 months).
  14. again....I'm struck at the idea that an email that slightly insinuated about the "devaluation of the movement and the people that put a new holiday on the calendar" would cause an employee to give it more then 10 seconds of attention and cause them so much pain that it derails their productivity. Now if he sent an email saying "this whole Indigenous people's whatever day is just stupid and needs to stop" then OK , I can see giving that some attention. But if we constantly make mountains out of molehills then all we are doing is making people afraid to put anything in writing and scrutinize every word in fear of being taken out of context by someone somewhere. We are heading into a wold of everything generic packaged and plain white jumpsuits b/c everyone who perceives an offence, no matter how small, gets to make waves about it and we give them priority. We've come a long way from "rub some dirt on it and move along" and I don't think you need to retrain anyone....spelling and grammar mistakes happen all the time esp when we are sending so many emails and correspondences on small cell phones.
  15. And its not officially only indigenous people's day. Columbus day is still a thing and reccognized. It does cause confusion, so its entirely possible that this guy was making a joke like "ah, whatever day it's called" and it didn't come across like that in text. but again, we jump straight to the "this is offensive and thats it" conclusion w/o even looking into the meaning behind the statement.
  16. no, its about everyone being so sensitive and afraid of everyone's hurt feelings, that an innocuous, out of place word—which could easily be debated may have had bad punctuation or placement—would have warranted a notice to HR and possibly disciplining this guy bc he "may" have triggered someone. IDK what type of work they are doing, but if something like this was potentially causing such massive harm in the business, then we need to look at those who can't keep being productive and instead scrutinizing misplaced words in an email. We have given too much power and attention to these types of non-issues.
  17. eggshells, we are walking on them. just b/c a group of people may be "socially conscious", you cant expect everyone to cater to every level of their "offensiveness" Its impossible b/c there is no ceiling to it. We are creating a would where "inclusion" is actually taking us backwards. When everyone has to scrutinize everything they write and others hang on their every word and look for "gotcha moments" and points to it like it defines this dudes whole ideology This email was pretty innocuous overall. When did we let Gen Z have complete control over what is said and done, esp to the point where we need to tell everyone else to watch what they say or change the way they think? We are looking to reprimand people over the idea that others "might" be offended, instead of asking those who are "Why" they are so offended over words.
  18. people need to chill out. Honesty, stop being offended by everything. there were many, many layers of "worse" he could have went then that.
  19. I have self censored, but mainly b/c I ask myself" is this really going to make a difference?" And most times the answer is no. I've typed long winded replies to people being stupid (IMO) in FB, and before I hit "Post" I usually delete it b/c I realize that my little post isn't going to change their mind. Its the exact opposite, it will generally only make them come at you stronger or potentially other things. But I also consider the setting too. In a place like FB, esp on certain public groups where you are just a member of the group (not conversations with your friend group), does responding to someone I dont even know matter? However in a place like this, where we are having actual discussions, I'm more open to speak my mind. Also, while we may differ on opinions, I consider many of you good people and friends even though I have never met many of you. But we can differ here, but then still be helpful to each other in other threads where politics are not the focus.
  20. thats the hand held one, right? Maybe that one is better, but the backpack is just ok. It has a Boost button which works well, but they say it drains the battery faster, and when we are blowing heavy maple leaves here in the NorthEast in fall, that wouldn't get me through it.
  21. I could get by with my battery backpack blower, but I already had a gas one so I kept it for the season when leaves were heavier. overall, if you want to reduce emissions, I could see the mandate for homeowners, the equipment is out there. But I don't see it being feasible for landscapers. Overall I dont have an issue with simple mandates, but full sweeping mandates like this seem very short sighted.
  22. hmmm...I want to say the mower was a bout $250ish. It was a floor model/open box deal. I found out I got screwed on the battery, they gave me one of the medium sized one b/c it was out of the box and thats the only one they could find in the store. I tried to complain but they told me the best I could do was return it, but I decided not to. I looked to buy a large individual battery but they are super expensive, like $300+ The string trimmer was prob $200 and it came with the smallest battery. The backpack blower was about $400, but the real deal was that it came with the big battery. So knowing what the battery cost on its own, I was really getting the blower for $100 and now had the big battery for my mower. The edger was about $180 w/o the battery and the pole saw will be about $150, just the attachment to use with the edger head. Its really a battery game. As mentioned, alone they are really expensive. So you need to think about your usage and mix and match battery vs equipment use to make the most out of the gear w/o blowing a ton of money. I went slow, I think the mower is 3 years old now (and running fine) and I added a new piece each season.
  23. Is this it for the Frontierland Shootin' Arcade? It recently reopened for free play, but now it seems it will be closing on Nov 27th for no reason given, and no reopening date has been listed.
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