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  1. The only thing Chase 'said' was that he thought it was disgusting that fans wanted to see Tony's blood on film. In no way did Chase ever allude to the fact that Tony is alive. That's not true at all. He's clearly indicating that Tony's alive. I never thought he got assasinated anyway, it wouldn't have made any sense. The mob war was over.Breaking his silence months after the HBO mob drama ended its run, he is offering a belated explanation for that blackout at the restaurant. He strongly suggests that, no, Tony Soprano didn't get whacked moments later as he munched onion rings with his family at Holsten's. Chase insists that what you saw (and didn't see) is what you get. "There are no esoteric clues in there. No `Da Vinci Code,'" he declares. He defends the bleak, seemingly inconclusive ending as appropriate -- and even a little hopeful. Which means the jaded Sopranos fans were right - the ending really was the Sopranos family munching on greasy onion rings after we learn the oldest child can't park worth a lick!
  2. You think it was another electriceelman-provided segment?
  3. I loved them. Me too, especially the Kevin Finnerty ones.Agree with Nigel here. The Finnerty one was horrible but none compared to the steaming pile of crap that was the next-to-last episode of Season 5 (where Tony has a bunch of random dreams including losing his teeth during dinner with Annette Bening and nearly banging Carmine Sr.)I'd sooner put up with another melodramatic Melfi session than deal with that "look deeper into the meaning" nonsense.
  4. wow. my post below yours now looks very stupid.If those folks are indeed the people from past episodes, that would make the whole thing a lot better.imdb doesn't have the complete cast list of each season/episode that I can find.You have millions of viewers, many of them casual viewers who enjoy the basic concept of a mafia boss trying to lead two separate "families."Why would you create an ending that caters to only the select hardcore fans that follow everything down to the tiniest detail?
  5. Sometimes I wonder what show people have watched for 86 episodes. Expecting a huge, ridiculous Scarface shootout? CHECKWondering why they're focused on his family? CHECKComplaining about Tony's therapy? CHECKUnsatisfied and complaining about no resolution? CHECKIt's been this way throughout. Either some of you people are extremely hard-headed, just don't get it, just don't care or are in denial about what the show is about. Unbelievable.Good posting.I'd like to thank these people for watching though. Because of them The Sopranos was able to reach 86.Nobody's watching Big Love, yet that's coming back for another season.
  6. Elizabeth Berkley made out with Gina Gershon for three seconds in the closing moments of "Showgirls."That doesn't mean it's not one of the worst movies ever made.
  7. Well, got the vomit in anyway .......Of course. But it's "art" not "fetish"...
  8. What about those of us who have always understood that and still didn't care much for the ending?if you didn't like the ending that's fine....but to all those who didn't think there was closure....there was.I disagree. There was no closure whatsoever. The series didn't end; it just went on and on and on.Yea I get it. Like I said before, it's been done. The "it's not really an ending" ending. I just don't see the creativity or originality in that.So you only would have liked one of the following options:a) Tony deadb) Tony in jailc) Tony in witness protection?Maybe I'm not 100% right here, but the "apologists" have provided some damn good explanation on why it was "really an ending"No they haven't.
  9. Eh. 24 did that in Season 3 (Stephen Saunders, the lead villian, gets killed by the wife of one of Saunders' victims.) Believe me, it's not all it's cracked up to be.Now the brusing guy that was Tony's original bodyguard? That would have been something.
  10. you say that like it's a bad thingyes, I do. When I expected an ending.You got an ending. Phil's dead. WTF is wrong with you people? Are we watching the same show? I don't care about the NY family. I wanted a resolution to The SopranosI didn't get it. Can the show do no wrong with you? You got a resolution. His family is safe. Why would it be more of a resolution if everybody died? Makes no sense. How many times has a season ended with Tony and his family? 1, 2, 3, 6 and now 7. And yes, I thought the middle 15 minutes was boring. The last 20 minutes ruled though. It's very clear IMO. All you guys looking for blood and guts need to watch a different show. This show has always been about Tony and how everything around him effects his family. will all the apologists get it straight. Not everyone needed blood and guts. Even a "rat" storyline would have sufficed. Something! Bars slamming in his face. End scene. Would have been good enough.This was a cheap copout of the highest offer. Can't believe how many apologists are in this thread. Can anybody please tell me how this high society family with the fancy cars, big houses, disposable income, and the taste for the finer things in life is suddenly eating at some dive diner sharing onion rings?!?
  11. Seinfeld was actually brilliant in its own way. Same with Roseanne. People still rave about the end of Newhart to this day (even though it was a boring POS.) NYPD Blue had a satisfying ending. St. Elsewhere is one of the most talked about finales in TV history.And that's just off the top of my head. No excuse for Chase's latest BS.
  12. "24" fans got the return of Milo after being MIA for five years.Anything's possible!But isn't the like 5 days in "show" time.Yes, but separated several years apart.
  13. Re: Whether or not the Ukranian girl was Phil's goomar: Couldn't a Sopranos historian (likely RaiderNation) pull up the episode where Tony had Phil's restaurant blown up? (I think the finale of the first part of this season.) He opens the door for an attractive blonde girl, walks her out of the car, and then both are thrown backwards by the explosion. I could be thinking in too simple terms for an answer to a Sopranos question though!
  14. "24" fans got the return of Milo after being MIA for five years.Anything's possible!
  15. you ever take peyote?? you always puke, alwaysHe seems obsessed with having at least one, visible vomit scene on camera each season and it's unnecessary.Why do you consider it unnecessary?Besides it being disgusting and possible distracting from the storyline? Chase is brilliant enough to imply a character is vomiting without being graphic. If he did it once in a while (like the finale of Season 2), I could understand. But he feels it's necessary to do it all the time (mostly through Tony) and he could make the point just as strong with sound effects or others' reactions.I'll throw the question back at you: Why do you feel it IS necessary?
  16. you ever take peyote?? you always puke, alwaysI'm not arguing that there shouldn't be an element of realism. But there's no reason to have the act of vomiting clearly displayed. You can do it off-camera, showing Tony from the back while he retches into the toilet, etc. He seems obsessed with having at least one, visible vomit scene on camera each season and it's unnecessary.
  17. Was out of town yesterday so I caught this episode on On Demand last night. Fantastic stuff. I have no problem calling Season 6B the best so far. I know so many have much love for Seasons 1 & 2, but I've found every episode captivating this season, including the much criticized "Monopoly by the Shore" opener. Everything was going so smoothly through the first set of episodes too and then David Chase reverted to his old crutch: A character graphically vomiting on screen. Why? Is it really necessary? Don't give me the standard line of crap how "it shows how Tony can't keep his evil inside him no matter how hard he tries" or other excuses. Chase obviously has some sort of vomit fetish or feels he needs to use the vomit to be shocking. Beyond that little quirk, nothing but high praise for just about everything that's gone on this season. At least Chase has (so far) refrained from the pretentious and boring dream sequences.
  18. Sirius' #1 uncensored talk radio show: SternXM's #1 uncensored talk radio show: Opie & AnthonyUntil the merger goes through, O&A and Stern are competitors.
  19. Not sure on the Dallas numbers but 0.0 is obviously false. Why obviously false?A 0.0 means you have absolutely no listeners. They had a following in Texas (however small it was) and as I said, airing in Dallas helped Norton sell out his comedy shows.Plus, since Sabean screwed up the Chicago numbers (which even Howard admitted) and the Vegas numbers were proven to be a blatant lie, it's kind of hard to believe anything he says about his competition at this point.
  20. Nope. More Hoo Hoo lies. Originally, Stern's lackey Tim Sabean said it was Chicago but he was wrong. He also said ratings were flat across the board but that was a lie because they are doing well in several markets including NYC and Buffalo. The Vegas numbers were proven false by Vegas station management (they did have close to a 0.0 when they originally took over for Rover.) Not sure on the Dallas numbers but 0.0 is obviously false. I'm sure it was real low but not non-existent. Jim Norton's Texas comedy shows sold out there and it's only because of the presence of the show.Amazing that Stern just can't admit that others succeed in radio. He's got a billion dollar deal and has satellite's most powerful executive in his back pocket. Unless he's willing to take O&A to task like he did back when he had balls, he should STF up and keep his hole in line.
  21. I used to think the Seinfeld finale was weak. But the more you watch it, the more you realize what a clever, appropriate way it was to end the show. Just a shame no amount of money was going to convince Jerry to agree to "Seinfeld: Life After the Big House"
  22. I actually thought he was going to vomit...Vomiting? On The Sopranos? No way!
  23. I think being a top earner trumps that. Remember: Bobby is also the only member of the family without a gumar. He gets the job done, cracks a few skulls, but doesn't get in the position where he has to take someone out (until yesterday.)Speaking of which, that was something else I enjoyed about last night. The foreshadowing on the boat with Tony reminiscing about Bobby's dad (the killer) and how Bobby never wanted to take that route.
  24. The fact that David Chase didn't rely on puking or another self-important dream sequence made it a solid episode for me.I thoroughly enjoyed it despite the slow the start. So much subtle comedy (Christopher's cameo, the house stuck to the face, Tony's singing) and a fight where Tony finally gets his butt kicked (c'mon FBG, you filter every different way of saying the PG-rated version of the word?!?)...yet can't bring himself to admit it.Like I've said before, I don't need graphic violence, explicit sex (although it's always nice), or toilet humor to enjoy the show. Just give me an intriguing storyline, interesting dialogue, and characters I care about, and you're on the right track to ending the season the right way!
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