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  1. Awesome recap! Team Sweet Love need to grind through the next three weeks.
  2. Dead count for me - Just two: Gore and Fitzgerald...I would have powned you all in 2012...
  3. So odd - my LV and KC players scores are updated, but nothing else. i guess it shows progress, but why would I add new lineups for tonight, when I don't even know how I did this weekend??
  4. In all it's glory... QB - Cam Newton - NE/6 - $11 QB - Ben Roethlisberger - PIT/8 - $11 QB - Philip Rivers - IND/7 - $8 RB - Nick Chubb - CLE/9 - $26 RB - Austin Ekeler - LAC/10 - $26 RB - Chris Carson - SEA/6 - $21 RB - Antonio Gibson - WAS/8 - $9 RB - Chase Edmonds - ARI/8 - $8 RB - Frank Gore - NYJ/11 - $3 WR - D.J. Moore - CAR/13 - $23 WR - Adam Thielen - MIN/7 - $21 WR - Calvin Ridley - ATL/10 - $21 WR - Julian Edelman - NE/6 - $15 WR - Larry Fitzgerald - ARI/8 - $7 WR - Hunter Renfrow - LV/6 - $6 WR - Chase Claypool - PIT/8 - $4 TE - Austin Hoo
  5. To me, that is even worse - I guess in some cases they would get a loan off of a non-guaranteed contract, but if you are only in the league a few years, no one would stop me (unless I was concerned myself) from earning a paycheck. It just doesn't make sense, unless they willingly opt out. But to trust a GM that I am guaranteed to get that year in earnings back, no way.
  6. I guess the hard part I have wrapping around my mind, is that if this were the case (being orchestrated), you are still convincing guys who make millions to take 150k for the season. I have to be missing something, because I can't see a bunch of players agreeing to something like that.
  7. I am in the Ogie Orglethorpe phase, and love every minute of it!
  8. Gallup and a first? Done. Even Gallup and a 2nd should be strongly considered.
  9. February...letting the locks grow. In fact, I manage my company's charitable initiatives, and am going to shave the top of my head (but let locks and sides flow) for our Make-A-Wish initiative. Basically, i will look like a balding dude with the other stuff flowing.
  10. That is great - you will love the Duke campus! It has a very northern college look, situated in the south, so best of both worlds! In regards to Raleigh, we are still on curfew (8:00pm), and not sure if that will trickle down to the weekend. For some reason we were hit hard when the protests turned to riots. As a community, we tend to have a pretty good relationship with the police department, so it was a little surprising. However, I am not sure whether you are staying in Durham or Raleigh, but if you are in Durham, there are a lot of good, newer restaurants, I am just not sure who is op
  11. Daughter applied for gap year on Thursday last week and found out she was granted the gap year yesterday. I was absolutely shocked they made that decision so quickly. To me, it would be quick in the best of times, and we are certainly not there today. The most surprising part is that the university has yet to announce it's plan for the fall, outside of saying they will be open. but what does that mean. I for sure thought they would wait to make that announcement, see what the feedback was like, and then begin making gap year decisions. Maybe they know something we don't, but i would have
  12. I am not a particularly good test taker, but unless a few those 12 metrics they spoke about are objective, I am not sure how you get a hard number. GPA, to me, is too wonky based on school, classes, teachers, etc. I am not even sure how the test optional places do it. If you have two identical kids, and one sends in test scores, the other doesn't, but the one who did is 50 points off your SAT average (for example) how do you measure against one another. Maybe I am looking at it the wrong way, but while applaud the effort to be more inclusive, it seems more like a crapshoot to me.
  13. "highly encouraged" was the wording used. It is too bad, because we did a good job keeping it under control here.
  14. We are opening in Phase 2 here in NC. So that means limited capacities for Dine-in eating, hair and nail salons, churches, pools. No mandatory face coverings for employees.
  15. Hi all, apologies for holding everything up. I'm predrafted for the remaining rounds and will keep an eye on it. For the pick that was skipped, do I lose the position or can I IM or pick a player. Sorry again guys
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