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  1. Gallup and a first? Done. Even Gallup and a 2nd should be strongly considered.
  2. We seem to do a lot of that - drafting very specific players for a system, tossing the coach, then getting rid of the players who do not fit the next guy. I know it happens across the league, but when you change coaches as frequently as the Jets, it just gets magnified.
  3. Just about 4 hours until we find out what Mac does. Personally, I don't see a way they trade down (that makes sense), and am almost a bit worried they get to a spot where the value of the 1st rounder they get drops lower than what they get in return. Williams, Bosa or Allen. Just sit back and pick one.
  4. So he was 1-11, and 7-6 at Baylor, and we choose him over McCarthy...a proven guy who wants to be here? I will say, it is a little odd more teams are not clamoring for him. I get that there was a fall out of some sort with Rodgers, but let's not put Rodgers on some sort of personality pedestal.
  5. I don't think I have ever seen a hire more scrutinized...Jets dodged a bullet there. Apparently, McCarthy wants the Jets...and now two other roles have been filled - is it just the Jets and Miami left?
  6. He is really branding the team as a player-friendly organization. If they can get the coaching up-to-snuff, they may become a destination team for FAs.
  7. That is a really good point...outside of the Adams pick, the other two (Williams/Darnold) were such shoe-in picks, a kid with a magazine could have made those selections. He needs to tighten that up. Works OK in the NBA when their are five starters, but in the NFL with 22, better to be overall solid, than have some major hits and nothing else.
  8. I was a little stunned it broke the way it did (I totally thought the Giants would take Darnold or trade to someone who would take him), so it has yet to sink in for me. I guess I was resigned to the fact that we would select Rosen. Still not sure who will be the better of the two, but I appreciate the Jets selecting a low floor guy, who won't give us any trouble.
  9. I very much could see that and those guys would be tied together forever.
  10. Totally get it, but that is saying (admitting) that they are satisfied with three individuals to be their franchise QB going forward, in this particular draft. Not saying that isn't the case, but it would be kind of rare. I don't really see them staying put and selecting a non-QB, but maybe trading back down again. What I would not be surprised by (nor would any Jet fan for that matter) is that when they hit 3 they select the third QB, and a day later reports come out that they tried to get out of the spot, and couldn't and selected the third QB...now that would be the "Jet way".
  11. So outside of just waiting here for "the pick", I will throw this out there. If the Jets like two QBs, and both are taken at 1 and 2, is there any chance you see them selecting Barkely/Chubb/Nelson, or trading back down if someone provides them an offer where they can recoup their pick quality from the initial trade up to 3? Discuss among yourselves...
  12. To @Kiddnets point regarding Rosen vs. Darnold, when I saw the two of them play against one another this year, one guy looked like a top pick (Rosen) and the other looked like an also-ran (Darnold). It was one game, they lead different teams, I am not a QB guru, etc., but I thought Darnold looked slow out there. I am very nervous about the concussions with Rosen (especially since our line is a work in progress), but I get the lower ceiling talk regarding Darnold.
  13. If we do pick Mayfield, Post headline the next day should read, "Are you not entertained!?!"
  14. It will be interesting, because I think there is a decent chance that all four AFC East teams walk away with a first round QB. One of them (if not 2-3) will hit. The AFC East over the last 15 years has been the poster-child of what having (and not having) a very good QB means. As much as I moan as a Jets fan for not having a viable QB in my 44 years of life, any 20+ year-old Bills or Phins fan can make the same complaint. There is blood in the proverbial AFC East waters, and the sharks are out.
  15. Funny, you do not even really hear Jackson linked to a team like the others (Darnold with Browns/Giants, for example). Apparently, his mother is representing him, and a team has placed seven calls to set something up and has yet to hear back. I understand there is a perception that agents are scum, etc., however, a first rounder would recoup the agent fee by just moving up one slot in the draft. They do more than negotiate a contract, and I think Jackson is going to learn it the hard way. A lot of analysts think he is good, yet I don't think I have seen one scenario where he cracks the top
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