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  1. City on a Hill (S2) Streaming on Showtime I thought S1 was really well done. Kevin Bacon character a little over the top. Season 2 was weak. Jill Hennessy singing was brutal. S2 Just never grabbed me.
  2. Not to jinx it, but nice little run going since India was moved to lead off.
  3. I’m a bit perplexed by the idea that Adam Silver and the NBA Board of Governors have high interest in a mid season tournament. One of the primary reasons I’ve seen is to ignite interest in the league during an otherwise low interest part of the season. I don’t know anything about European Soccer but I’ve read the league wants something similar to what the do? This seems extremely high risk - low reward to me. I can’t imaging the players association would let this get off the ground.
  4. Line Of Duty - Seasons 5 & 6 (Streaming on Brit Box) I know a lot of people have watched this series and like it, it's a favorite in our house. Brit Box will begin showing Seasons 5 & 6 (along with S1-S4) beginning May 18th. Previously to my knowledge only Seasons 1-4 had been available on Prime and maybe also on NetFlix. Brit Box doesn't have enough programing to pay for repeat months of service, but it should be noted that it's only $6.99 per month and it's well worth a single month of binge viewing with what they have, and certainly worth the 7 day free trial.
  5. I agree, regarding my only reason for watching. Robin Wright is head and shoulders above any actress alive today. I don't even put Streep in her class. I just think she's so great at the craft. I'll watch any thing she's in even if the rest of the production is a steaming pile.
  6. The Good Son - The Life of Ray “Boom Boom” Mancini (Prime) I’ve never been a boxing fan, but I’ve always enjoyed following the big personalities in boxing. This documentary is GREAT! Really well done!!
  7. Yes, I saw that too. Really fun watch. Great background on all of their personalities. Enjoyed the sound clips from the production staff.
  8. The Brits do police drama's really well. And I've said it before they have really great strong women lead characters. This show is no exception.
  9. Tiger Woods Doc. (HBO Max) Finally had the chance to watch this series. I enjoyed it even though I found it to be somewhat depressing. It's interesting in hind sight watching clips of Jay Leno and Jimmy Fallon mocking the story of all his mistresses during their monologue and then consider the collateral damage of his family left behind by his behavior. Very depressing. There's a special place in hell for the media and paparazzi. They used a lot of not so close people (family friends and high school mates) interviewed to tell his story, I did think the spots with caddie Steve Wi
  10. Just started. Laughing out loud from the first 5 seconds. Looks at hand written note on hand: "Don't sleep with Aine". Rolls over, see's Aine; "Ah #&%@" 😄
  11. So glad you're at least enjoying what you've seen so far. Season 2 is some of the funniest television I have ever seen. If you're looking for something funny like this program, "Friday Night Dinner" is available on Prime. It's another Brit humor program that takes a couple of episodes to understand exactly what you're seeing, but has several laugh out loud moments each episode. On Brit Box, we liked the following programs that were all police drama's: Line of Duty (also on Prime) Scott & Bailey (also on Prime) The Bay The Victim (a little slow) A
  12. Aside from having never been a fan of Allen, I felt the same way you did about the series. I've now watched the series twice and it's appalling to me that he walks around free. I really wish the series would have had a more balanced presentation of both sides providing whatever evidence the Allen team has to support his innocence (if there is any), but whatever, I've been of the opinion for a long time that Hollywood is freakish and bizarre, and this story really legitimized the opinion for me...that along with few minutes that the series gave to including Polanski and Weinstein.
  13. Allen vs. Farrow (HBO) Wow, I couldn't tell if this was a hit piece or fair and honest delivery. Since Allen, Soon-Yi and one other son that suggested the allegations were false, were not interviewed I have to say "my jury" is still out. However based on the soundbites and telephone conversation recordings, I lean toward saying this guy should be hung up by the short hairs. Really revolting to hear the other Hollywood types worship the ground he walks on, but I was pleasantly surprised at how many celebrities were willing to go on the record that they wouldn't work with him.
  14. Mum (Streaming on Brit Box) Very very funny. It does take a handful of episodes to figure out exactly what you're watching, but through all three seasons (6E each), you find that each character is on their own journey. Sometimes you want to laugh, sometimes you want to cry. But overall, a hilarious show.
  15. Who woke Joey up? I love it.
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