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  1. Just found the documentary and added to the watch list. 👍🏼
  2. Clickbait (NetFlix) It went up and down from being good, to being hokie. I had a feeling the ending would be a character we least expected, and kept guessing who it was. I was right that it was someone I didn't expect, but it wasn't who I guessed. Pretty below average acting in this one. Especially the annoying sister. Although it was nice to see Caleb Brewster from "TURN". Final grade: Satisfactory. News of the World (HBO Max) Tom Hanks, post Civil War traveling news/story reader. One of those movies that I really liked the production, but the story fell short for me. It wasn't awful. Kind of a predictable formula, man travels with child or woman and faces typical wild west dangers. Gets chased by bad guys, loses horses in the middle of no where, survival,...etc, etc. Although they didn't get tossed into river rapids. (sorry for the spolier). Final grade: Satisfactory if you have nothing to do on a rainy night. Galaxy Quest (I don't remember where I watched this, maybe on SLING) I actually watched this twice in the last couple of months. It's an underrated favorite in my own rolodex of favorite laugh out loud movies. Alan Rickman, Sam Rockwell & Enrico Colantoni all brilliant. I get that this movie may not be for everyone because of the silliness, but for my money, it's a winner!
  3. Leonard Fournette scores 12 rushing TD's. Kyler Murray leads the Cardinals in rushing yards and rushing TD's. (I know, not terribly bold). Trevor Lawerence leads all rookie QB's in passing yardage. Jonathan Taylor finishes as a top 3 RB.
  4. I saw @mattwaldman has Dan Arnold listed as his 49th TE. Is that for real?
  5. I enjoyed this as well. It was sad in parts, but also encouraging to see him pushing onward with his life. I was surprised to be reminded that Top Gun was so early in his career. My memory had me thinking it was a good 10 movies into his career.
  6. A couple of shows I finally had a chance to wrap up last night: 100 Foot Wave (HBO Max) As mentioned in my original post regarding this program, the cinematography is breathtakingly superb! The entire series is a bit slow, but each episode is good to very good. I enjoyed getting to hear from all the characters from this big wave community. You really get to know them in a way that is enjoyable. Some of the coverage of the wipe outs is remarkable. One spoiler of sorts, the first episode in my opinion was by far the best. The White Lotus (HBO Max) It sucks you in right from the beginning. Each episode has something happen to wet your appetite, but you keep waiting for something REALLY BIG to happen, and it just didn't. At least not for me. I've enjoyed watching Steve Zahn in everything I've seen him in ever since "That Thing You Do". I really liked his character. The crazy middle aged woman was annoying, but her big speech about dating and "exposing the core of the onion" was some pretty impressive writing. The newly wed wife was 🔥🔥🔥. It's recommendable as a winter time binge watch when there's nothing else going on.
  7. I’m not basing this on the production of the 2nd preseason game; but am I completely crazy to think Enos Benjamin is going to finish the season as RB1 on this roster? Edmonds has never impressed me and after last season Connor has convinced me he was a one year wonder.
  8. Career 200 hit seasons; Joey Votto 0 Pete Rose 10 Votto is such a talented hitter. I know we know this, it’s just something to remind me how great Pete was. It aggravates me that when he’s dead and gone, it’s not what he will be remembered for.
  9. Who do you choose if Ben isn't under center? JJSS? The slot guy for quick slants and higher percentage of completion probability over passes that are 20+ yards? I'm just thinking out loud.
  10. Zeke is on my list. Entering his 6th season averaging almost 300 carries per season. I just think a significant decline is due.
  11. Reds win! Brewers lose! 5 back!
  12. I watch baseball, but I'm not a student of the game. I watch it for sheer enjoyment. I couldn't tell you the difference between OPS and OBP and I couldn't care less. What I do know is the Reds are either competitive or they're not. When they're competitive I'll pay a monthly subscription to MLB.TV, and when they're not, I don't, but I still listen to games on Sirius. When I go to a local AAA game, I don't go to watch baseball. I go for the sights, the sounds, the smells, the hot dog, the beer and the great conversation and laughs among friends on a warm summer night. It's glorious. The fact that there's a game going on is a mere coincidence.
  13. Kyle Farmer. Is he legit? He's been incredible.
  14. We finished this last night. It was hit and miss. Parts of it were terrific. Parts of it were forgettable. If you have HBO it's worth watching, if you don't have HBO, it's not something I would pay a one month subscription just to watch this program.
  15. It's about 3 months past due to have Geno sit for a few games. (Let's see if it works again.)
  16. Just finished Season 2. This is like the serious version of "Silicon Valley".
  17. It's about 3 months past due to have Geno sit for a few games.
  18. If Baez isn't greeted with high inside heat at his first at bat tonight, no one ever will.
  19. Started a couple of mini series over the weekend: The 100 Foot Wave (HBO Max) 6 Part Mini Series. Only Episode 1 is currently available. Episode 1 is AMAZING. The cinematography is pretty incredible. Just watch this trailer: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt14126234/?ref_=nv_sr_srsg_0 A brief description: Garrett McNamara's search for the the biggest surfable wave on the planet. The interview's of his "team" adds a lot of interest to this series; the locals in Nazare, Portugal, the dudes from Ireland, and all of his surf buddies from California and Hawaii. Catch and Kill: The Podcast Tapes (HBO Max) Another 6 part mini series. The first 4 epiosodes are available. Ronan Farrow, leads a series of interviews surrounding the events leading up to the arrest of Harvey Weinstein. Much like the Doc "Untouchable", it's disturbing. Why dozens of his enablers aren't in prison is a mystery to me.
  20. Re-Watched a couple of movies over the weekend: Michael Clayton (HBO Max) I've now watched this movie 4 times. It's a formula that's been rehashed in legal dramas over and over, (Erin Brokovich, Rainmaker, Dark Waters etc.) but it's a formula I like. David vs. Goliath. Clooney was at his best and Tom Wilkinson is a gift. Tom Wilkinson lost the Supporting Oscar that year to Javier Bardem in No Country for Old Men. Hard to argue with that, but Wilkinson was really great. In a couple of years, I will gladly watch this movie for a 5th time. Argo (HBO Max) I hadn't seen this since I saw it in the theater. The high point of the movie, the suspense of the Americans trying to get on the plane while their identity was being discovered by the Iranians was really well done. If never seen before, I recommend it. If you've seen it before, it's maybe worth a re-watch. I'm glad I watched it again, I won't need to see it a third time.
  21. Started this last night based on your recommendation. Two episodes in and already looking forward to seeing more!
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