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  1. Norm seemed like one of the few comedians other comedians would happily pay to listen to.
  2. Personally I think Maddux, Smoltz, Glavine and Avery were a better rotation; but to each his own.
  3. Browns will be a run first team and Mayfield is a limiter - if healthy, I don't expect to see Beckham much more than 78-1100-6 . Of course given my track record for projections, you can now safely mark him down for 96-1320-13.
  4. I've found this formula to be fairly accurate thus far; Report Date = Today's Date + 2 weeks + random number of days under 30
  5. Couldn't agree more - various reasons someone may not draft him for a fantasy team, but in terms of ability Chubb is amazing to watch run.
  6. as long as we get the return of CaptAndrewLuck on Twitter
  7. Recently Browsing 5 members popeye, Ruffrodys05, GroveDiesel, flat_earth, The General #popcorn
  8. Sadly, I believe many see defeating the left as a their new moral duty. Love, grace and peace have been replaced by hate, revile and destroy. Drifting further from where they/we are called to be. It seems that hating, reviling and destroying is much easier to do.
  9. Beautiful - no matter how many times I see the ocean (coming from someone born and raised in the Midwest) it is breath taking - vast endless waves. I hope those on the coast never find that image be 'ordinary'. It is not.
  10. Looking forward the Cyber Ninja's next audit - Right Twix Vs. Left Twix
  11. Cyber Ninjas ae the Washington Generals of auditors.
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