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  1. Check back in three or four years. That's when you can grade a draft.
  2. you should probably just forward the link and let a few of us join. "Hey John, this is Popeye. I'm sorry about joining late, would you be able to start over the beginning - thanks"
  3. So apparently Haggis Pizza is a thing. "This pizza is topped with haggis, the traditional Scottish treat that's made with sheep's stomach or ox cecum, mixed with various spices." I would like to officially retract any rant about anchovies or pineapple.
  4. also, everyone here must have been thinking about a hot Halloween Pirate, cause every other one has a mustache and beard - kind of a requirement
  5. while I wait, I just noticed the neighbor across the street on tier riding mower had their dog in their lap. I suppose I'll be impressed if the dog is cutting the yard by itself next week.
  6. All along expected he will remain unsigned until after the draft. Teams can then evaluate their rosters and look to add if needed. That he hasn't been signed also likely reflects a league wide recognition that Gurley's knees are in very bad shape.
  7. I expect someone has already shared this with the OP
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