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  1. agree - 99% of those vehicles will never see anything but pavement. "Hey folks, just buy the idea of being rugged and outdoorsy - then hit the mall, the sofa and call it a day"
  2. For security, I say squirrels - but the majority of FBG's believe you'd want crows.
  3. Reading it while enjoying a Tab.
  4. 10-16 inches due by tomorrow morning. Probably 8 already in the driveway. Expecting another 4 to 8 inches Wednesday into Thursday. #WorkoutWithAShovel
  5. Parkour skills of the squirrel make it the winner here.
  6. Expect Colts to be active in this for the right price (2nd + ?)
  7. Would be exciting, but I suspect Colt fans should be getting ready for Winston, Darnold or Brissett at QB in 2021
  8. Mother in law calls pasta patsa.
  9. Hard to believe Colts would be a player in this - but wonder if they are at least asking
  10. Colts could go this route with a focus on a WR in free agency then OT and Edge Defender in draft.
  11. Agree that someone will give a first and second or third. Unsure what leverage Stafford may have here. I expect the Lions are sending him wherever they can to maximize the return.
  12. I believe that "#1 Fan of Gamera" is still available on this site.
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