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  1. Norm seemed like one of the few comedians other comedians would happily pay to listen to.
  2. Personally I think Maddux, Smoltz, Glavine and Avery were a better rotation; but to each his own.
  3. Browns will be a run first team and Mayfield is a limiter - if healthy, I don't expect to see Beckham much more than 78-1100-6 . Of course given my track record for projections, you can now safely mark him down for 96-1320-13.
  4. I've found this formula to be fairly accurate thus far; Report Date = Today's Date + 2 weeks + random number of days under 30
  5. Couldn't agree more - various reasons someone may not draft him for a fantasy team, but in terms of ability Chubb is amazing to watch run.
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  7. Sadly, I believe many see defeating the left as a their new moral duty. Love, grace and peace have been replaced by hate, revile and destroy. Drifting further from where they/we are called to be. It seems that hating, reviling and destroying is much easier to do.
  8. Beautiful - no matter how many times I see the ocean (coming from someone born and raised in the Midwest) it is breath taking - vast endless waves. I hope those on the coast never find that image be 'ordinary'. It is not.
  9. Looking forward the Cyber Ninja's next audit - Right Twix Vs. Left Twix
  10. Cyber Ninjas ae the Washington Generals of auditors.
  11. Weekend at Bernie's 2 - of greater concern is understanding is how high I must have been to decide to go see this in the first place
  12. ". . . We are what makes America. Regular people like you and me putting a greater good ahead of themselves and doing rad stuff. People showing kindness and generosity to each other. People doing their best to display empathy to one another and trying to understand when they see something differently. People assuming the best of each other. . . ." X 1,000
  13. China bangs out fake Eagles all the time - you likely now have 5 of them
  14. LOL - this is like a trip to Sanibel or Captiva Island and seeing a dozen people in IU, Ball State, Butler or Purdue tee shirts. #fromUnincorporatedJohnsonCountyIN
  15. LOL - this is like a trip to Sanibel or Captiva Island and seeing a dozen people in IU, Ball State, Butler or Purdue tee shirts. #fromUnincorporatedJohnsonCountyIN
  16. First they came for my dogs poo, and I didn't speak up . . .
  17. Thank you for the information. From what I understand, data related to workforce, voting and other areas are collected as part of the Current Population Survey (CPS) which is performed monthly. The link is to the results extracted from the Nov 2020 survey. Based on the survey results, the census bureau projected 154 million votes would be cast in the 2020 election vs. the 158 million actual. But this was only a projection. For anyone who would like to delve a little more into the survey; voting questions begin on page 119 and results can be found beginning on page 186. Per the survey "The universe consists of all persons in the civilian noninstitutional population of the United States living in households. The probability sample selected to represent the universe consists of approximately 54,000 households."
  18. I believe this is a copy of the 2020 census document LINK I don't see anything related to voting. I don't recall the question as part of the online version (which I completed). For those who believe there is an issue here, can you provide evidence questions related to voting appear on the census form?
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