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  1. 1qb 2 rb 3wr 1k 1def. Nonppr, 6pt all td. Team a: a rodgers, h.ruggs Team b: k.cupp, k.allen, 2021 2nd
  2. 1qb 1rb 2wr 3flex k d non ppr, 12 team Gave davante adams, 2021 1st(9-12) Get Dk Metcalf
  3. Recent saquon trade 12 tm non ppr 1qb 2rb 2wr 2 flex Tm1 : barkley, cohen, justice hill Tm2: ruggs, lev bell, mike williams Cohen, hill were throw ins to balance rosters
  4. Its nonppr. Woods is currently wr52, not td scorer hurts in this format. Ingram, solid rb 7. Ingram alone rejected by 4 other teams for a 2020 1st. Picks side rebuilding, buyer didnt have a 2020 1st. League sour on ingram for whatever reason.
  5. 12team 1/1/2 3 flex k def 6pt all td Team a - Mark Ingram, Robert woods Team b - 2021 1st Team c - coutland sutton Team d - 2020 1st, 2021 2nd Team a - winston, 2020 5th Team d - 2020 1st, breida
  6. Few more trades. 12 team 1/1/2/3 flex k ded. 6pt all td (im team c rebuilding) Team a: 2019 1.12 Team b: jimmy g, peyton barber Team c: james conner, tyler lockett Team d: b cooks, 2020 1st, 2021 1st (both early-mid) Team c - antonio brown Team e- 2020 1st(mid), 2021 2nd
  7. It was a 1st also...updated... 12 non-ppr 1/1/2 3flex k d 6pt td Team A: James Conner, Amari Cooper Team B: Davante Adams, 2020 1st (early/mid), 2021 1st (early/mid)
  8. 12 non-ppr 1/1/2 3flex k d 6pt td Team A: James Conner, Amari Cooper Team B: Davante Adams, 2020 1st (early/mid), 2021 1st (early/mid)
  9. 12team 20man keeper. 6pt td non-ppr Team a - give sutton, 2019 1st, 2020 1st Team b - give antonio brown, john brown, dj moore
  10. 12 Team non-ppr 1qb 2rb 2rb 2flex 1k 1d 6pt TD Not involved. A - Mike Thomas B - Lamar Miller, Cameron Meredith 2019 2nd C - Hopkins D - Mckinnon (pre-injury), 1.08 (Guice), 2019 2nd
  11. 12 team non-ppr. 6pts all Tds. Not involved. Barkley hype continues to grow. Team A: gives 1.01 Team B: gives d.johnson, s.watkins, 1.04
  12. 12team non-ppr Awful sell low for team a. Team a: a cooper Team b: darkwa, e sanders Team a: d freeman, m ryan Team c: j grahm sea, l murray
  13. No one knows. For subscribers, the email going out was more confusing with positive and negative comments for each...including dangling rod smith as a possibility. May as well said, here is a depthchart, throw a dart.
  14. 3 firsts for brown was effectively how i saw it. Coleman was a 1.05 in 2017, with nothing really available at 1.11 I shopped the pick with owner looking to move antonio brown 'sell high'. According to owners in the league i 'lost'.. thats why trades happen when value is viewed different. The 2nd was a last minute change after coleman was swapped for kev. White in the deal.
  15. 12 team, keep 10, 26man roster, non-ppr, 1/1/2/3flex/k/d Traded on the clock.... Team A Trades: Corey Coleman, 1.11 (Marlon Mack), 2018 1st Team B Trades: Antonio Brown, 2018 2nd
  16. 12 team dynasty, keep 10, 6pts td, qrrwwwfkd Team1: gave winston Team2: gave 1.04, tannehill Team2: gave wilson Team3: gave lat. murray, 5th rd (mod)
  17. Got offered a him for a 1st and 2nd 2015 pick in a non-ppr dyno...I'm thinking this is too much. The bears can't support 1 wr, let along two plus bennent and forte. I'm thinking a redraft sell for a solid WR2 with some upside is a steal. See him going down for the remainder of the year. Looks like Cutler is shutting it down.
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