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  1. See that ref protecting Brady? His kid and my kid play baseball together. True Story. Clay Martin.
  2. Hurts running for his life on the snap. Great game.
  3. This extra point kick shows the greatness of Tom Brady
  4. Brady throws a 2 yard pass to Fournette. Fournette breaks 4 tackles and turns it into a 15 yard gain. Aikman - "See this is the excellence of Brady!"
  5. Lakeland, Fla. DL Gabriel Brownlow-Dindy has just committed to Oklahoma
  6. "Knock on wood if you’re with me"
  7. Saban was not going to use his timeouts in the 1st half. Saban was not going to use his timeouts to ice the kicker. He is consistent.
  8. For the first time in Texas football history, the Longhorns lose after leading by 21 points
  9. 1. Gonna be BIG controversy on the QB situation. 2. Defense finally played a little today. 3. 4 in a row against Texas. 4. Thank you Kaleb Kelly for coming back for your 17th year. 5. SEC! SEC! SEC!
  10. https://www.newsweek.com/arizona-gop-chair-calls-new-audit-after-biden-confirmed-winner-again-1632669?amp=1 ONE MORE TIME PLEASE
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