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  1. I will probably watch every Monday game from here on out if the Manning boys are going to call it.
  2. What was number 11 doing for the Browns? What is the upside?
  3. So, my twins are seniors this year and will be going away to college (hopefully somewhere close). One of my kids is getting offers from everywhere (humble brag) for his grades (takes after mom). My other kid is getting some JUCO baseball looks and has stated, "If I am offered a scholarship to a school I like I will go, but I am not going to a school I don't like." So to me that sounds like he is 50/50 at best. Hoping that both kids attend in state. Wife doesn't seem to bothered by the fact the twins will be leaving the house in less than a year. Me well I talked tough ever since they were little, "I can't wait till your old enough to move out!" Kidding of course. It has been hitting me pretty hard. I feel like we have lost a year due to Covid with the kids school being out more than in. Also, I had COVID pretty bad back in December/January. I have lost friends and really close friend just yesterday (roommate in College). I see pictures of my twins on facebook that pop up from years ago and it hits pretty hard right in the feels. I have been a father for so long and my life has revolved around the twins (Sports, School, Travel Ball, Practice, Lessons, Kumon) that I honestly don't know what I am going to do with all this free time that will happen sooner rather than later. 1. Was there anything you wished you would have done your child's last year of school? 2. Did you and spouse go through the "Empty Nest Syndrome" 3. This sucks.
  4. Oklahoma checking the portal for Bishop Sycamore players. OOF ... thought today would have been an easy one.
  5. Coached youth football for many years. Make sure your kid has as much fun as possible. Take a ton of photos. Record as much video as you can. Most kids respond better to other people coaching them. Ask your kid to give 100% while at practice. If at the end of the year you think that your child would like to be a RB, WR, or TE speak with the current coaches. If the coaches are set with their decision maybe a change of teams is the answer. Often times coaches kids are the QB, and RB. Coaches can also get complacent and only see your child as a right guard/tackle for his current team. We had many kids change positions over the years. Our best linemen in 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th grade turned out to get offers in high school for several D1 schools at RB. Never criticize a coach or referee in front of you kid. No one is getting a football scholarship in 3rd grade. Get some of his buddies together in the off season and work with an agility ladder, cones and a speed chute. It will be more fun than doing it by himself.
  6. Prayers for the lives lost. damned if you do and damned if you don't After serving in the Army for 6 years and seeing my fair share of combat and knowing that the guys you serve along side become brothers. I remember always shooting the ####, making fun of some #### bird commander or 2nd LT. Laughing and complaining about everything because that is what we did. "Welcome to the SUCK!" I remember and still laugh today one day in Somalia we had this crap assignment to secure to secure the airstrip for President Bush. I saw an old jet engine lying on the airfield and yelling at my battle buddy, "Hey Arencibia I found your mom's vibrator!" We were thicker than thieves. We had each others backs. I would trade my MRE's for something he had in his MRE, and he would teach me dirty Spanish words. Still keep in touch today. He has several kids and my twins are seniors in HS this year. I miss those days knowing that someone has your back unconditionally and they are as close if not closer than family. Laughing, crying and even fighting with each other at times. I only say all of this to somehow make it right in my mind that these warriors did not die in vain. I hope and pray that the young men who died today were their brothers and right before they took their last breath they were giving each other #### and feeling that camaraderie that only happens to people who face that type of adversity. Prayers to the family left behind. These families gave the ultimate sacrifice to secure our way of life. Tonight these brave souls are drinking, feasting and laughing in Valhalla. 🍻
  7. So let me get this straight, the SEC grabs TEXAS AND OKLAHOMA, and the other conferences respond with… a non-binding scheduling alliance that can’t begin until like 2037? Do I have this correct?
  8. The amount of $169,000,000 in 100 dollar bills would have a weight of about 3726 pounds.
  9. What happened in 20 years that Afghanistan couldn't fight off the Taliban? 20 freaking years. Shameful on our government to not realize what a waste of time and energy was spent in Afghanistan earlier. 2 trillion dollars. Still hard to get your mind around? How about this: One trillion dollars is enough to hire all 2.8 million residents of the state of Kansas -- men, women and children -- in full-time, minimum-wage jobs for the next 23 years for only half the money spent. According to the National Education Association, the average elementary school teacher salary in the U.S. is about $55,300. NEA estimates that there are about 2 million elementary school teachers, so $2 trillion would cover their salaries for about 18 years. A lot of numbers are being thrown around about just how much the a professional athlete will be paid. But let’s say it’s just $20 million a year. At that rate, $1 trillion would cover the tab for a professional athlete for the next 50 millennia. Heck, King Tut was born less than four millennia ago. Median household income in the U.S. (half the families earn more, half earn less) was $52,029 in 2008, according to the Bureau of the Census. There are about 100 million families in the country, so $2 trillion is enough to cover the income of about two-in-five families. One way to think about it is in terms of time. A million seconds is about 11.5 days, a billion seconds is about 32 years, and a trillion seconds is 32,000 years. Or you could think in terms of space. If you had it in hundred-dollar bills, a thousand fits in your pocket, a million fits in a briefcase, a billion will fit in your van—and to hold a trillion you need a football field. Two trillion dollars is just a staggering number representing a staggering amount of wealth. Anywho
  10. Well that was lives, money and time well spent. Which country do we invade next?
  11. First time in my career I am feeling burned out. So many in the healthcare industry are leaving. Some are burned out, some will change jobs due to being "forced" to be vaccinated and they want to die on the hill. Others are going to make real $$$ taking care of Covid + people in other states. But, eventually applying a band aids to this problem is just delaying the inevitable. Always a shortage but this time it just seems different. It is more taxing on the body, and mind. Morale is crap. Witnessed a healthy 32 year old male die from Covid this week. Unvaccinated. Crazy to think that if he would have taken the shot maybe he is here with his wife and 2 daughters today. Nursing homes are starting to shut down again. Those people in the nursing homes went an entire year without hugging their family. I have a patient who is 104 and she is wanting to just die if she cannot touch her family again. My governor is in a pissing contest with the board of education. masks / no masks. OOF Please be safe.
  12. I hope when OU holds their press conference to declare they will be going to the SEC they hold.it at 11:00 am.
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