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  1. You are aware of the rules on how they are playing the 4q, yes?
  2. I had a “boomer” ask me about BTC last week. “Can I ask a stupid question..... where is the coin.... there is an actual coin out there isn’t there?” ”in the future aren’t these coins going to be counterfeited”
  3. If I worked money professionally and talked smack about BTC for 10 years and started doing the Math and realized a 10k investment would mean I’d be retired living on the ocean I’d be salty too
  4. This This is why BTC isn’t a tulip bulb. In addition - if Biden came out tomorrow and suggested that BTC needs to be shut down I wouldn’t guarantee we would see a price drop. Nigeria banned BTC and it’s currently trading as much as a 50% premium there. People in India are scrambling to get in as well before their government shuts them out.
  5. Other guys in the thread probably more qualified to answer than me as I’ve only really been following for a month. My lazy explanation below..... GBTC is a near 1:1 follow Of BTC. It’s trades at a small premium but it was sub 4% last I checked. MSTR is the company with the CEO that keeps borrowing 1B cash at a time and goes into the market and buys BTC with it. It’s a tech company but what it’s turning Into is a BTC holding company. Seems to trade at 100% premium to BTC so it acts like a 2x ETF RIOT and MARA are crypto miners with focus on BTC. They are trading to some big
  6. That quick crash to 48K this morning is going to end up being an epic good entering point.
  7. For reasons I state above if you are holding less than .2 coin I wouldn’t mess around with timing. This thing runs away you will never own any. .2 at “any cost”. You want to play around with timing after that at least you got a min stake
  8. I have a 1100 Eur hotel credit in Dublin that I’m supposed to use by the end of July so I’m I’m kind of in the same boat.
  9. Im Going to sound like a BTC Twitter troll I used to hate. But these two facts have stuck with me the past few weeks. There are 44 Million “millionaires” world wide. There are 18.6M BTC in circulation (and as many as ~2M+ have been lost or otherwise discarded). If/when this gets worldwide acceptance and everyone needs to own some BTC - remove central banks and governments and Wall Street companies AND us poor slobs and simply leave the 44M Millionaires...... there is only enough BTC for them to have .36 BTC. Figure ~half of BTC will go to Wall Street, Governments and regular folks and
  10. Already here. And it’s going to get worse over the next few weeks. Wall Street being very quiet about doing any actual buying..... but it’s all everyone is talking about and the price has gone straight up. all it’s going to take is one more Fortune 500 company to say they bought a half billion and its to the moon. My bet is Oracle but MGM and Disney were both noticeable at the micro strategy conference. If Mickey Mouse buys in its laser eyes to 100K time.
  11. You are all correct about Greyscale and premium. In the past it’s been way higher than 7%. better question. If we wake up in a month and BTC is $100K - what asset appreciates the most?
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