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  1. Can newton has been a ATM machine. As a pats fan I can’t wait to cut him. As a bettor I want him in the pro bowl.
  2. That’s roughly three yards more than any other shop I’ve seen. i like under 25.5 attempts or under 15.5 completions a little more. I was able to get under 1.5 TD -190 earlier and it instantly shot to -250. He hasn’t thrown for two or more all season. bookm@ker is about as sharp as they come on lines and they have under 3.5 FG at -150. Most local shops I’ve seen it’s -120.
  3. If they played this game over and over again how many times would that 1 point matter? law of averages you are not going to win the bet more than 50% of the time, but let’s assume you are a long term winner and win 60%. So the 40% you will lose an extra $40 for every ten bets on a $100 per unit basis.
  4. Do you think you will make out being ahead buying the 1 point for .10 over time?
  5. The local Western Beef puts Prime Rib Roast On sale every Christmas week. Two years ago they had it for $6.99 a lb and there was a line down the street for it. This year it was $8.99 a lb and still a popular item. I have a nice 4 rib roast waiting for Friday. thursday night it’s Italian in the quirky form of lobster ravioli and chicken parm.
  6. I say it again because nobody disagreed with me it seemed. luke showed up and found a Darth Vader armor looming dude with a dark saber and turned around and walked right out of the room. anyone else think that’s a bit of a hole?
  7. I have to admit I had hoped it was going to be Ezra or Asoka, but Luke was awesome. I guess they need ammo for the Asoka spin off. Most of any of the few complaints I have all revolve around Moff Gidion. For starters - luke kicks down the door and there stands in the middle of the room a guy dressed up like Vader. Guys been the main antagonist the whole run and clearly has ties to what is now the empire........ I would have Strongly suspected Luke would have at least raised an eyebrow about that and not just walk out. That’s going to take some explaining. Moff, who is a
  8. I’ve been 100% invested up until 2 weeks before the election. On the sidelines ever since. Only thing I missed was the pop in MGM from 25 to 30 and TSLA 420 to 600. Rest of the portfolio isn’t up that much and I’ve enjoyed not having to worry. I already told myself I’m staying in the sidelines until after he new year no matter what
  9. I just think we are well well past irrational exuberance at this point. And I know the market can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent. I’m not suggesting running out and maxing SPXU. I think there is a giant amount of risk out there. “Everything” In the market is so damn expensive but Milk/Gas has no inflation in it because Average people Don’t have the Money. just a huge disconnect in my mind. Feels like 2006 again. my suburban home just got priced out at Zillow up 15% this year. BTC is up 500%. Market higher than January but Covid (and fed, I get it).
  10. 8-9 years ago I was asked to join a online BTc poker room. They were $5-$10 a coin then. the nightly tournament was a $500K event now. The monthly was $3M. Crazy never got into it
  11. I also got a laugh out of the “let’s go fill out the TPS reports”.
  12. Um.... so what was the reason to send a telegram to Moff that they are coming for him?
  13. *not for political discussion* i have a small used car on Biden to win spread Across the general and individual states. It would be a nice Christmas present to have that $$ on Monday.
  14. You can have fun with numbers all day long And most of them won’t mean a thing. Problem is I think over time this metric means something. the Ratio of average hours of work In the USA needed to purchase one share of the S&P 500 Hit an all time high of 141. In 1980 it was 10, which was the low.
  15. It’s ok guys. Robin Hood just hired Goldman to have an IPO. Im sure everything ends well.
  16. I don’t either. last year things looked good for this season as I collected a few “buckeye” and “sun-wager” accounts. both have pulled anything college player related now. sucks
  17. Ended up sending my prop trip report to a buddy of mine who “found” props this year. can’t believe it was 4 years ago now
  18. Getting imposable to find outs that even offer them anymore. DK has them but most local pay per heads pulled them
  19. They are. Malak was the main Bad guy..... unless you played the dark path and usurped him.
  20. My Facebook is out of control with the “is so and so coming”..... I've seen Thrawn, Revan, Luke, Malak Just to name a few
  21. Interesting stat but it was only recently that Bama went to a pseudo pass first score 100 if they can philosophy
  22. The one blown spot, which really didn’t matter was when she was aging good by and said “may the force be with you” he should have responded “this is the way”.
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