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  1. Who the Heck am I to say what’s what? That said I find it helpful to remind myself that all these other coins are the side show to BTC and maybe ETH.
  2. i love my nanoX if you just going to dabble here or there coinbase is probably Safe enough. if you…. Say 10K plus and in it For the long haul then it’s time to get cold storage
  3. Not sure what advice to give here other than to say make sure you are happy. if the ink is dry and it got so bad that a separation was needed I can’t reconcile why you would want to be together unless there were kids involved.
  4. Fair, but you don’t tend to give your most important “customer” millions of dollars. Id say he’s more of an employee than a customer. I’d also speculate (unless this guy is a part owner) he had clearance to say this so one of the executives at the company didn’t have too.
  5. To be fair that’s everyone in this space. There are a legion of 25-35 year olds that think watching you tube videos and listening to crypto podcasts is a full Time job and a road to being a billionaire. maybe they are right - but the point is you will always find a bunch of bulls in this space.
  6. I don’t think there is a standard line service offering to the PPH on this. Lines are a bit all over the place and there are many different versions of the same bet. I’m seeing most pph have Ohtani > Gallo in the final and pays +375. there is one out there that is offering +800 so make sure you check all the options available. buckeye is offering both Ohtani and Gallo under 22.5 first round at -180. I got a different one at -115. point is - whatever you want to take I’d shop it first
  7. If you got a book that’s asleep at the wheel and has The Open window open and had Rham at +900 or +1000 or so - as crazy as it sounds now is the time to hit it. It might be +500 next week. he’s in God mode right now
  8. I’m a wuss but if he has the stones for it the rollercoaster off top of the Stratosphere
  9. Going next week ( to hell’s) I think my wife just wants to bang Gordon but I’ll leave a review after anyway
  10. Great food and they actually built a hotel tower on top of it to boot. Plus if I remember right it’s dead center in the property and near poker and sportsbook.
  11. +2 wife and I almost always end up at aria. oddly enough considering @chet comment we are going in 3 weeks and staying at Nobu.
  12. The market something something irrational something something
  13. Even money - NSA tracked down the hackers through all the means they have at their disposal via Patriot act and other. They then put a gun to head and say either your brains or the password will be on this page in the next 2 minutes. 10,000-1 .gov used quantum computer to hack the blockchain and recover the BTC they got.
  14. Cant argue with a lot of this. Problem is it may take 2-4-8 years before a correction sets in.
  15. No Lie I did the same for the masters and it paid off. Meant to bet Hideki for the week and bet him for masters by accident. Don’t think Bryson is a good fit for the open, but you never know!
  16. Also keep in mind saylor had a Billion dollars left to put in at any time.
  17. It’s on the table. DJ went into God mode for a few months last year. It could be Rhams turn, even if it’s just for 3-6 months.
  18. I can’t remember a player being so great tee to green and missing so many 6-10 Ft puts …… only to finally come alive the final two holes. If Rham had even slightly better results when putting for bird he would have won by 4 strokes. i won’t call the ending “disappointing” because the Oost/Rham battle was entertaining but I will say we all may have lost a potential all time finish. Rory, X, Bryson and even some of the early players like Bryson and Mori…. When most of the field hit the turn all of these players were within 2 strokes. Could have been an all timer.
  19. We may have an alL time finish to the US Open coming up. Leader board is a whos who and everyone within 2 strokes
  20. Well my Rham bet defiantly don’t count then. how can they use flagsticks that cause the ball to bounce off them and off the green when you are aiming right for them every hole.
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