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  1. 10 hours ago, Zyphros said:

    He looked good as a pass catcher but other than that, nothing stood out.

    Funny thing is, I can't help but keep thinking that had he transitioned to the WR position, the NFL would be drooling over a 6'2" 225 athletic build WR.  And I wonder if this may not happen at some time... call it a Reverse Ty Montgomery. :) 

    Or he could turn out to be David Boston. Still, even he had a one very good year. 

  2. 25 minutes ago, Zyphros said:

    if you're a person that drafts on combine workouts this guy will be your 1.02.  If you watch him play, he'll be a 3rd rounder at best in fantasy circles.  

    There are definitely things in his film that give you pause. His upright running style. His lack of desire to initiate contact. 

    That being said, it he was just a workout warrior, my expectations would be tempered. But I was very excited by what I saw at the Senior Bowl. 

    In my estimation, in what round he gets drafted (if he gets drafted) will be most telling. It's the clearest indication to what the real NFL thinks of a player. If he's drafted in the 3rd round or higher. That'll mean that the NFL thinks that he can make an impact. If it's 4th or 5th, I'll temper a bit, but given the depth of this class, I don't think being drafted in these lower rounds is that much of a knock. 6th or 7th would disappoint me. 

    UDFA would make me a sad panda.  Last year, I really felt that Ishmael Zamora could be an NFL ready receiver (as did Reception Perception) , but went UDFA and never made a team. 

  3. Starting the way too early Hype Train. But there is so much "potential" to like and could be a steal later in a rookie draft or redraft. 

    NFL combination of size and speed with receiving skills

    6'3, 229 with a reported 4.46 40 yard

    Big con on him was a too upright running style and not using his size to break tackles. Looked good at Senior Bowl, though, learning to run much lower.  Also, just was not used properly at ASU. 




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  4. 45 minutes ago, Sigmund Bloom said:

    This is very preliminary and already I am revising it. Chubb is a tough eval because while he's a two down back, a team that takes him could give him the fournette treatment. im not sure ridley or washington are #1s, but if they land with a good QB. Agree that there's a break at 4. I am working through WRs right now and will be refining them. QBs are always tough to slot on a list like this because value is falling in traditional leagues. thanks for reading!

    Thanks Sig! My opinion is that none of these WRs are #1's regardless of landing spot. I don't think anyone should be expecting more than supplementing their current WR corp on their dynasty team with these guys. I don't see anyone of them becoming a top 10 finisher in their career, except for maybe Washington. 

  5. Thanks Joe!

    I'm one of those always complaining..er... suggesting.. for more and earlier dynasty content. I really like to get to know and understand which rookies I should be keeping my eye on at the Combine and than at the Draft. 

    And it's also good to get conversations going on why some folks like some players and other's don't. I think, in particular this class, is going to be very divisive in evaluations after Barkley. 

    For example, Simmie Cobb over Christian Kirk? Uh, no. 

    And I'm the lead engineer on the Kalen Ballage hype train and Sig has him listed way too low. Choo-Choo! 

  6. 1st time ever for the Brewcity Bombers in the 250. In fact, don't think I've ever made it past Week 10 in all the years playing this. 

    Not unique enough lineup to pull this off. seems like there's always 2 or 3 players that go off each of the last 3 weeks to propel the winner. And i don't see anyone on my roster doing that. 

    It's exciting still, though!

    Good luck to all still left. 

  7. 13 hours ago, Faust said:


    If anything , this is a good thing. He will come back healthy for training camp. I see him as a top 12 WR with a healthy Luck.  

    Maybe, it's the White Russians talking, however I really see him dominating in the AFC South. While the division's Defenses should be better then last year, the secondary's are still suspect.  I just really like his size and I see Hilton and Dorsett helping him to get more open. 

  8. I don't know any of Landry Jones's history. All I have is the game film of how he did last week.

    He looked like a veteran QB. He made tight and accurate throws (Bryant in the endzone) and made reads on the defense.

    NFL network has a great breakdown on his performance in the game.


    I've picked him up in 3 of my leagues and am starting him in 2. Good matchup this week against the Chiefs.

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