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  1. The problem with Swift is Kerryon Johnson isn't a stiff. His skill set isn't far off from Swift. Plus this coaching staff is likely gone after next year, and Stafford the year after that. Bad team, with instability in the organization, and competition for reps. That's a big NO for me at 1.4 My top 12 are Taylor - Love the landing spot. Reich is a good coach and he wants to run the ball. Taylor has a lot of miles, but so does Zeke and no one would bat an eye on drafting him in the top 5 of next years draft. CEH - Love the landing spot, but I have a hard time drafting Darren Sproles at 1.2 But I am not sure I could pass on the back in this offense. Lamb - closest thing to Deandre Hopkins we have seen. This kid is something else with the ball in his hands, and he has amazing hands. Great spot long term, even if not year 1. Dobbins - another great landing spot, see the theme here. Akers - the talent is in him, even if the talent wasn't around him in college. That wont be the case with the Rams. Jefferson - another solid landing spot, with an open opportunity and a pretty accurate passer getting him the ball. Jeudy - Talent alone is worth this spot, but in a run offense, how many mouths can you feed through the air. Swift - my 2nd favorite back before the draft, but the landing spot wasn't idea. Incompetent organization, probably changing coaching staffs and QBs in next 3 years. AJ Dillon - LaFleur saw first hand what Henry was able to do in 2018, and what he did again in 2019. Salary cap problems will likely see A Jones leave via free agency, with this kid taking over a run heavy offense in 2021 Reagor - One of my favorite scheme fit/landing spot players for this offense. I am not sure he would thrive in Houston, but think he will here. Aiyuk - He should have an early opportunity and looks electric with the ball in his hands. A bigger Percy Harvin. Pittman - I tend to stay away from USC WR, they have burned me too much in the past. But I like this kid. I have swift a distant 8th in my top 12. And this time next year we could be writing him off for another rookie.
  2. Love the analysis. We differ a bit, but I loved the read. My comps in bold...
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