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  1. This idea that the defense lacks talent is over exaggerated....many players were brought in that played well elsewhere only to struggle largely in Guenther's scheme. Littleton was a top coverage lb as a Ram and has sucked with the Raiders so far. That is just one example....there are many others.
  2. Pick 5 to start in a ppr league with 3 point 100 Yard rushing or receiving bonuses. Chubb J Taylor Swift Akers S. Diggs C Ridley A Robinson Must start at least 2 wr's. Other 3 spots are all flex.
  3. https://twitter.com/JoshDubowAP/status/1338496572871491584?s=19 I agree the defense is atrocious....but this offense stalls often during inopportune times of a game.
  4. The lack of WR production isn't the receivers....Carr rarely looks their way. His percentage of targets to wr's is the lowest in the league by far at around 40%. Carr just doesn't utilize that position unless it is a check down option (see Renfrow).
  5. With Nathan Gerry on the IR now, who is the LB to pick up? TJ Edwards or Alex Singleton?
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