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  1. This idea that the defense lacks talent is over exaggerated....many players were brought in that played well elsewhere only to struggle largely in Guenther's scheme. Littleton was a top coverage lb as a Ram and has sucked with the Raiders so far. That is just one example....there are many others.
  2. Pick 5 to start in a ppr league with 3 point 100 Yard rushing or receiving bonuses. Chubb J Taylor Swift Akers S. Diggs C Ridley A Robinson Must start at least 2 wr's. Other 3 spots are all flex.
  3. https://twitter.com/JoshDubowAP/status/1338496572871491584?s=19 I agree the defense is atrocious....but this offense stalls often during inopportune times of a game.
  4. The lack of WR production isn't the receivers....Carr rarely looks their way. His percentage of targets to wr's is the lowest in the league by far at around 40%. Carr just doesn't utilize that position unless it is a check down option (see Renfrow).
  5. I think Swift ends up a late 1st rounder in next year's drafts.... especially in a ppr. He will be next year's Miles Sanders type of hype.
  6. I went with Edwards.....glad I did
  7. With Nathan Gerry on the IR now, who is the LB to pick up? TJ Edwards or Alex Singleton?
  8. The Chiefs played defense expecting Carr to be his normal check down self and got burned repeatedly for it. That's not them having a bad day and more just expecting Carr to do things he has done in the past and never adjusting. Look at the 3rd and 18 conversion....the defense bit hard on the underneath Waller route leaving Renfrow wide open 30+ yards down field.
  9. How does that assumption = fair? That's like saying....assuming there is 100% chance you fail the 4th and 1 what do you do 🤣🤣🤣
  10. Football is a game of momentum....by going for it and missing you give Seattle a boost of momentum. Kick the fg and give your defense the confidence that they can be aggressive and at worst go to overtime.
  11. I did the same....never thought I would bench Mixon....but feels like the right decision now
  12. Yes I watched week 1. Snap counts ended up almost exactly 50/50 in a game script that was in favor of hunt. Like I said in my post....in a normal game where they are close the split will be 60/40 Chubb. If they are getting blown out it will be closer to 50/50 with Hunt dominating garbage time.
  13. Were you all watching the same game I was? Chubb was the main rb in 2 of every 3 series with Hunt only coming in on obvious passing downs or 3rd downs. It also showed in the snap counts (Chubb with 36, Hunt with 20) In a normal game script this will be a 60/40 split. If the Browns are getting blown out it will be closer to 50/50. Chubb will be just fine this season assuming health.
  14. Derek Carr isn't capable of making an X receiver like Edwards fantasy relevant. 2/3rds of his passes are short routes to the tight ends and running backs....been this way since he broke his leg.
  15. That and 65% of Carr's targets are short passes to rb's and te's.
  16. 10 carries for 96 yards when 6 or less were in the box. 15 carries for 42 yards the rest of the time. I'm pretty sure many backs in this rookie class could be successful when running against 6 in the box.
  17. Would be nice....but Carr's play action fakes are terrible.
  18. The Jags also bad-mouthed Fournette in a way by saying they couldn't get a 6th or 7th round pick for him. Shouldn't that also be kept in house or is it only the players that have to keep their mouths shut?
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