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  1. I read there were 14,500 tix available to public (however that is determined) & 7500 given to front line workers. I personally know 4 people attending as guests of the owners and I'm over 1200 miles away from Tampa (not a major city & I don't mingle in those circles so assume much larger percentage of 'fans' will be VIPs). Only 'advantage' for TB might be familiarity with stadium, but Chiefs just there 2 months ago. 7500 Bills fans had big impact on Ravens game, but I haven't heard that TB fans are crazy like us...
  2. They could always become coders Screwing Canada too
  3. He squints & reads well off a big screen at 78. Good for him.
  4. Was Biden in his basement while Eric Holder said he was Obama's wingman, and later became the only AG ever held in contempt of Congress? Maybe people's brains were pounded into mush more than 4 years ago?
  5. THIS was never going to be partisan. Recall after Trump closed off China travel, Pelosi & Biden called it xenophobic. NOW, Pelosi admits she will approve Covid Relief bill because there's a new president (and Bernie confirms it). THAT is disgusting
  6. Thank God "Russian Influence" didn't become a drinking game or Schiff & Pelosi would have killed us off long ago.
  7. True. Instead he could get paid huge advances to write a book or create content for television based on being a President or VP. Oh, that's right he already did that ON HIS OWN as a private citizen. Do you really think anyone is in politics who doesn't have an ego?
  8. So, how to explain Trump shutting down travel from China and then Biden calls him xenophobic & Nancy goes to China Town & says "come on out, nothing to be worried about"? Oh, that's right, expert Fauci didn't agree with travel ban at that time so Pelosi, Biden et al were just following the experts. Yet you think they would have stated a scientific reason other than "Trump is racist"
  9. Well it was Bush's fault for 8 yrs, then Trump was going to go to war & destroy the economy, when the market/economy exploded it was due to Obama's policies, and now the unemployment & market downturn is Trump's fault and nothing to do with the global pandemic.
  10. No other Republican could have done what Trump has done. Trump has given the Rs a backbone. Ds attacked Romney for being wealthy & he didn't know how to handle it in the environment of 'you didn't build that'. Trump embraced it, said 'yea I did build it, acknowledged it as the "american dream" and yet spoke to & resonated with Americans.
  11. No matter what may have been said about Obama, I do find it amazing that such a 'racist' country elected a black man to 2 terms. And as was stated, Romney should have been able to beat Obama based on how things were heading but once Candy what's her name from CNN deflected the Benghazi question for Obama, Romney was done.
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