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  1. I tried Walgreens yesterday and it said I had to be immunocompromised, which I'm not. Today there's a list, one of which is "over 65" which I am. It took them a day to react to the CDC approval.
  2. You want to explain what is on both those pages that you find significant? Or are we just supposed to go "ooooooh, he has links, must be right"?
  3. Does the list of positions Tua plays include "Owner"? If so, interested.
  4. Good. It's going to take a lot of pressure to get the NFL to release those 650k emails, many of which have to do with awful workplace conduct which is exactly what the team/league were investigating.
  5. "IT HAS TO BE CRIMINAL BECAUSE I'M SO ANGRY!" lol. The guy's just irrational. Maybe it's business pressures, could be as simple as a chemical imbalance.
  6. It doesn't sound like the contractors actions and words are based on thought or reason. Just sounds like out-of-control anger. If he actually takes you to court he'll probably sabotage himself in the process.
  7. There's no old Albert Haynesworth thread and I'm not going to start one, but this is interesting and pretty scary: https://theathletic.com/2876615/2021/10/19/how-albert-haynesworth-an-nfl-pariah-with-the-titans-and-a-free-agent-bust-in-washington-got-a-second-chance-at-life/ It's a long article behind a paywall but he did find a kidney donor, got the transplant, and is doing well.
  8. Draft QB landing spots per one guy's speculation: https://twitter.com/PFF/status/1450846808943599623
  9. I like to look at sources. In this case, the source has a longrunning page of outright falsehood, misinformation, unsourced stories, and drawing definite conclusions from a tad of information. https://twitter.com/ke11ybender Let's look at the first one: If you want to scare and misiform someone, send them to that site.
  10. It's almost certainly and accountability move. Whether it's for show for the fams, or something to get the locker room on their toes, remains to be seen. I think if there are more accountability moves on offense or defense they'll be benchings and not cuts. Jackson and Collins are my guess as the most likely targets. BTW I've never though Holcomb as that good. He's always looked fast, out of position, and easy to block But last Sunday I thought he head a very good game
  11. LOL. I'm sure he's just what we need to put us over the top vs. Green Bay.
  12. Depending on Antionio Gibson's MRI, Washington may be looking for an RB.
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