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  1. Scherff led the d-line in penalties last year I believe, passing Moses who was widely criticized for a couple years for committing too many penalties. In the offseason if the team wanted to part with one of them it should have been Scherff, not Moses.
  2. The team is playing defense wrong, the same way they did last year and many previous years --- bend but don't break, let the opponent rack up yards and TOP but try to stop them in the red zone. That leaves the team's considerably-challenged offense with too little time to score enough points to consistently win. If they had a strong offense it would be different, but they do not. This is how they played last year when they lost more than they won. And with all the defensive talent and effort (both of which are there), they are still playing that way. The offense had the ball for 23:57 on Sunday. They lost. This is beyond repetitive. Del Rio's strategy is costing them games.
  3. Personally I've never like those little insects. They get in the kids' hair.
  4. Hip subluxation for Fitzpatrick. On IR. Timeframe to return unknown. https://www.nfl.com/news/washington-ryan-fitzpatrick-hip-subluxation-injured-reserve
  5. I'm tired of seeing the team come out flat also. And Gibson's fumble killed this game. They had a decent shot winning it without that disaster.
  6. Voter ‘canvass’ features big allegations, zero evidence, outright falsehoods The "canvass" includes such stupidities as this:
  7. Thanks. I came here to post the same thing. https://www.wwnytv.com/2021/09/10/hospital-stop-delivering-babies-maternity-workers-resign-over-vaccine-mandate/ Pay is about to go up for vaccinated nurses.
  8. That's their entire injury report for Sunday's game. Nobody else hurt.
  9. Workers fired for refusing a vaccine are unlikely to qualify for unemployment
  10. You have either misread that link or are describing it wrongly. It lists how many vaccinated people died and were disabled. It does NOT say they died from the vaccinations. Telling people that it does is dangerous. https://www.openvaers.com/covid-data/mortality
  11. Court Dismisses Right-Wing Group’s Counterclaims in Georgia Voter Intimidation Suit court ruling
  12. Yeah, there's a long thread about customers doing that over the years with varying success. Which is why it's so odd that they've started giving it away to existing customers who never asked for it or threatened to quit.
  13. Directv has been giving away Sunday Ticket to some DTV existing customers. This is the 2nd straight year they've given it to me for free, and I read several other FBG's getting it for free this year.
  14. Agreed. I was talking about this country as a whole.
  15. More tangibly, the threats that shut down 1 vaccination site in Georgia and 3 vaccination sites in Colorado.
  16. Discussion on other sites by people saying they refuse to be vaccinated only because (to them) doing so somehow helps Democrats or liberals. And I'm surprised by that. The vaccines were developed and produced and distributed under 2 Administrations, yet some people refuse to vaccinate and protect others only for political reasons. Viruses aren't political.
  17. People can dump grease on interstate highways but very few of them do it, naturally, because it's dangerous to others. But refusing to get a shot to protect others is highly popular. The intent to harm is surprising with refusing the shot.
  18. 3 previous presidents didn't have the sense, courage, or energy to end the Endless War. Biden did, and I believe he did so with no shots fired between the US and the Taliban during the evacuation. Complaining about kowtowing overlooks the fact that the useless war is no longer going on.
  19. Surprised how many are willing to risk the health of others.
  20. Although there are bound to be lawsuits on the vaccination order, according to several legal experts it's constitutional. https://lawandcrime.com/high-profile/no-issue-of-constitutionality-legal-experts-give-bidens-certainly-constitutional-vaccine-mandates-the-go-ahead/
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