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  1. They got very lucky last years runner up, Gunn, didn't move further.. Bad enough he made top 7. Of those left.. Willie is the big man and a voice to go with it.. Voice talent wise the best.. Just doesn't have the marketability to be star, IMO As a fan I like Casey.. But they'll force her into pop songs if she wins so better off not winning. I'm not a country fan, but Caleb is extremely talented. Grace has talent but sings all her songs the same way..
  2. My wife would burn the clothes before even doing any of those steps.. And if I made her live in those conditions I'd be in those clothes.
  3. There is something about the hum of the engines in the sky that makes me want to nap .. Whenever I've needed a MRI I just close my eyes and pretend I'm on a plane.. Last time they allowed me to bring in my own music.. Brought in the instrumental Pink Floyd CD and I was OUT!.. Nurses had to turn off the music and ask me to wake up so I could move my arm back into position
  4. A lot of people hated it. I didn't see it and after hearing from people will not be watching it. I'm guessing the people who made it are Hogan fans I thought it was pretty good.. last 15 minutes regarding Ms. Elizabeth and Macho's demise was depressing, but still worth the watch. I've only watched the Macho man and Steve Austin. Steve Austin one was better, but both were entertaining.
  5. I have two dogs, a cat and a wife... One of them is bound to make a noise in any given 30 minutes. But even if they don't I always seem to catch myself before I drop into a deep sleep.
  6. More then likely you are taking to long of a nap.. A "good" nap should only be for 20 to a max of 30 minutes.. any amount of time after that you'll go into a deep sleep, rather then a light nap and thus
  7. You must be a young pup.. Back when I was a young, on our Canada vacation, the older ones would nap after lunch and I'd be out wandering the woods. Now, at 52, an afternoon nap for 30 minutes is absolutely necessary after a morning of
  8. Tried multiple Hammocks.. Bad back doesn't allow me to enjoy it.. Nothing beats during the summer napping outside on the couch on our deck.. Helps we have 2+ acres of land and can barely see our neighbors
  9. Interesting, I will have to rewatch it but when I last saw it 5 or so years ago it was still great. A bit cheesy ofcourse but it's an action movie so that is to be expected. .. I still enjoy it, but watch it more in the realm of a "Comic Book to Movie" .. It is sooooo over the top with the dialogue at times that you just have to roll with it and laugh..
  10. Yea.. Based on what I've read out there many think the GM "did it again".. Got the player he wanted, while adding draft picks. Hopefully they can package some of the 3rd & 4th round picks to move back into the 2nd round.
  11. Our company is in the process of moving to a new location for September of this year. Office is moving from the Outskirts of the Twin Cities to Downtown Minneapolis.. Our manager has already let us know that he left his last job because he HATED driving to downtown. So he sees a majority of WFH.. maybe once a week meetings at the office. I sure hope he continues to go that way.. It would be a minimum of an hour, probably more each way, for me to drive to the new location. At this point in my life I have better things to do then spend 2+ hours a day in car to put in my 8 hours.
  12. The phantom 3 took some learning.. Especially landing.. Never could get it to land the way I wanted. The Mavic mini 2 is soooooooooooo much easier to fly and land..
  13. I had the dji phantom 3 and enjoyed it, but got tired of the size and amount of time it took to put it together to fly and tear it back down to pack up. So, just bought the dji mavic mini 2.. Absolutely love it.. Much smaller, flys further away, and has 4k video.. I can't wait until they reopen the Us/Canada border to fly it with no boundaries
  14. We watch it weekly.. It is still decent, but like many shows, they allow the antagonists to hang around way too long. It just gets to be the same old "why the bleep is he/she still around?" .. at a point find a new antagonist, rather then have the main one survive extreme odds over and over again.
  15. Montana, Colorado, Wyoming, Oregon, Utah, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Alaska, Washington, Texas..
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