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  1. Probably in.. I like how they are not "rebooting" the movies... Going back in the Time machine to setup the Original Book/Movies.
  2. yea, don't get the "Oh no way could she throw a knife that well".. it was what 20 feet away? Not like she threw it a couple football lengths through the woods for a direct hit. If that makes you "Tap out" then I'm surprised they even tuned in.. I thought the character development they have done with Daryl over the past few episodes has been great.. His conversation with Judith last season, when she thought he was going to leave along with Michonne was very good, and this week's discussions with Maggie also showed a side of him we don't see that often.
  3. First off the Search function was bad enough before, but now is totally worthless.. Had to go through the "My Content" to find this thread. Reapers, I guess, are a Military style group who believes in kill first, ask questions later.. Would have liked to get back to Eugene and the group that were captured the last episode as I think that group that captured them could be the "good Guys".. The end battle with the Reaper guy had a few moments.. Daryl shoots the guy with an arrow and then rushes him?? Why not shot him a few more times in the legs to bring him down for questioning
  4. No big laughs.. but did chuckle at his ineptness using the phone... "Dang, took a selfie.. is this the right camera.. nope, I just turned on all my lights at home" ..
  5. Although it is a Reboot, and not quite as good as the original, so far we are enjoying the new "Equalizer" on CBS..
  6. Agree on the laugh track, just a add.. Watched the first two episodes.. Not bad, not great but good enough that I'll watch the rest.
  7. Although I had problems with the ending in the compound(no reason for what she did), I still thought episode two of Clarice was really good and like it so far.
  8. That was funny as heck.. You suck at singing, but dam, that jacket
  9. Sorry to hear of your pain.. Back in 1995, at 27, I ended up needing back fusion of the bottom 3 disc's due to a combination of work I was doing and Degenerative Disc disease. My Fusion was a "Solid Fusion" in that my L5 was fused to my Pelvis bone so lost a lot of motion. Had to give up golf (had a 5 handicap at the time), and anything that you'd consider "High Impact" like Down hill skiing, etc. But it was worth it! At the time of the surgery, sitting down caused radiating pain down my legs and within a minute I'd lose feeling in my left leg. 26 years later and everything i
  10. We hit -28f this morning.. Wind chill was around -50.. Working from home sure does have its benefits
  11. Not great, but thought it was a decent 1st episode. Could do without the "jealous the girl is better then me" leader Enough interest to see where it goes.
  12. In the realm of "don't judge a book by its cover".... I finally got over the title and watched Peanut Butter Falcon.. Man, I am sooooooo glad I did.. Really was a great film. Was fun to see Mick Foley & Jake the Snake make cameos.. Can't recommend this enough
  13. News tonight said that the last time it wasn't above zero in the twin cities on Valentines day was 1923 .. Current forecast is for -4.
  14. today's high was -5, tonight -14, high tomorrow -2, low tomorrow night -22.. I figure the falls should be mostly frozen by Sunday morning so...... challenge accepted.. Sunday morning going to attempt a hike down and get some
  15. Western Wisconsin says, I'll take your weather, you can have ours .. High today -4, tomorrow -2, Sunday -4..... Lows -15 to -25. That is Air temperature.. Prediction is -30 to -50 wind chills throughout the weekend.. By Monday we might make it back to zero
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