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  1. Well, Zimmer tried to lose the game by playing not to lose in the 4th quarter.. Lucky for him it was Detroit.. Think the Lions coach made a mistake going for 2. He kicks the XP there and I'm 90% sure Zimmer has Cousin kneel and go to OT.. His hand was forced to actually play to win and they were able to get it.. The schedule after Carolina and the bye is Brutal.. Cowboys, Ravens, Chargers, Packers
  2. Not sure what to say about this team except they can't get out of their own way.. Constantly making dumb mistakes that costs them games.. It's not like they are getting blown out, just not doing enough to keep themselves from losing. If they lose next week, then time to start selling/rebuilding as they might as well play for a good draft pick. At this point Jefferson, Cook and Theilen are "untouchables" on offense. Otherwise, make us an offer??
  3. Yet again they let Kirk sit in the pocket behind a Swiss cheese OL, rather then have him roll out, where he has proven to be effective.. Mayfield at least gave the Vikings a chance here by missing a easy TD throw to zbeckham.
  4. Wow.. filler episode that filled in nothing.. Judith gets bullied and threatened a boy, who cares.. Group goes to hill top finds left over Whispers.... Who cares..common wealth was a complete waste of time... Only thing that was semi-interesting was the Maggie-Negan back and forth which could have been part of the next episode. Complete waste of an hour..
  5. Actually.. Based on the missed xp earlier, and the made 52 yarder, they would have been better off not getting those last 10 yards. I didn't understand sitting on 25 seconds.. Should have taken a shot at the end zone and not leave it all on the kicker.
  6. Uggghh.. That was a kick in the .... This Defense is NOT good .. A few turnovers saved them .. Coaching isn't helping.. Blitz on 4th and 5 good.. All out blitz on 4th and 5 is Not good... Harrison Smith is in his normal spot and they probably turn it over on downs. How many times does Breland need to get torched before they realize he is not a one-on-one CB? At least the offensive looked pretty good.. Would be nice to have a TE you could count on.
  7. Took the wife to see Cry Macho today.. Very much the definition of Slow Burn.. Wife and I both enjoyed it quite a bit. Many times we go to a movie, talk about it for 5 minutes and move on.. We talked about this one for a good 30 minutes afterwards.
  8. I don't think the Reapers were ever in the comics. If they were, I don't remember them. Yea. no idea.. Like I said, I stopped reading at the Point Negan was introduced .. Just was saying that the comics, up to Negan and Whispers had the same story line.. Meet bad group, defeat bad group.. meet even badder group, defeat even badder group.. Meet worse group.. beat worse group.. Show would have been much better off dumping the rinse and repeat story lines right after the Negan one ended and moved onto the rebuilding story line that most of us can agree on is 100 times more interesting..
  9. sorry to hear.. Always tough to lose them.. Wish they'd live longer then us.
  10. Unfortunately, that is how the Comic went.. and whenever the writers of the show tried to deviate away from that storyline they got hammered. I think had they switched to the Common Wealth storyline, along with other communities that are trying to build, the story lines would have been better. No idea regarding the Comics how long the Reapers story line sticks around as I gave up reading them around theNegan storyline... But being as they only have about 15 members, it can't be for long.. I hope ..
  11. Agree to Disagree on the current season lowering the bar.. The common wealth storyline is infinitely more interesting then the last 2 seasons.. I feel, so far, this "last season" is about as good as when Negan came around..
  12. If he gives up some info right away there is no way they would have believed it.. They think they got the truth after water boarding and his cabin love begged him to give her something she could bring to the leader.
  13. Interesting as I thought it was a better then average episode. Yes, we've been down this road it seems a hundred times with Bad guy group run by lunatic, but has good intentions shtick.. Still, I enjoyed the episode and the back and forth between Daryl and his lost love. The test was More interested in the Common Wealth storyline as that is where we need to get to.. rebuilding of society, so I'm glad to see in the preview they are returning there.
  14. so many penalties.. You'd think they decided they wanted to set a record.. Good - down 14 they did come back and looked better then they had when the game started. Bad - Kirk again holds on to the ball WAY to long.. lost count how many times I was yelling "throw it away!!" instead, once again he hangs on hoping someone gets open before he gets plowed. Watching how the Bengals were able to move the ball at will at times, and watching what the Cardinals did in week one.. Not to mention their defense looks crazy good does not make week two look like it will be any better.. Then looking further.. Seahawks and the Browns.. They better figure things out REAL fast or they could be 0-4...
  15. Kyle is such a piece. When he wins its I drive hard, I drove smart.. Me, me, me!! He crashes/loses .. My team sucks, they can't figure anything out.. They, they, they! Was fun listening to the crowd cheering when he crashed out
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