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  1. "The Talk" That Every Black Family Has About Police
  2. 2020 Eagles historically bad O-Line continuity The 2020 Philadelphia Eagles Offensive Line: A Tragedy The Eagles troubles actually began in June, when right guard Brandon Brooks tore his Achilles, ending his 2020 campaign before it even started. As Scott Spratt noted in Football Outsiders Almanac 2020, Brooks' absence "will also disrupt the unit's continuity, which can often be as important to a team's blocking as the talent of its individual blockers." Spratt's words proved to be prophetic. Things only got worse when Andre Dillard, the projected starter at left tackle, tore his bicep
  3. Got my first shot (Moderna) at my local VA clinic on Tuesday and was extremely sore at injection site all the next day. That was the only adverse symptom for me, although it's noticeably less sore today. Also the same day, I took my brother -in law who I'm caregiver for to get his Pfizer vaccine at the local hospital. He's got down's syndrome and chronic kidney disease. He experienced markedly less soreness than me and seems to be fine. Every time I rub my arm in discomfort he calls me a p*ssy.
  4. 6 Questions Officials Still Haven’t Answered After Weeks of Hearings on the Capitol Attack
  5. @Shadowfax I really wanted Herndon as my 3rd TE. Got a good feeling about him with Gase out of the picture. Not unhappy with Latavius Murray.
  6. The only Maggot Brain I know is from that song. Is there another that I'm missing? Or is this schtick? If after 15 plus years with the same name, someone claiming that my board name offends them enough for a no notice/consent change to be made is bad business. Even though the message board rules they have most likely allow for this....I still call BS on this one.
  7. I realized that this was true when I originally posted. I just wanted to see if anyone around had heard of it happening before and if there was some context I could get as to the reason why. I figured with my never having been a problem on the boards I might at least get some type of reason for the no notice change.
  8. Noticed it this morning, but not sure when it was changed. Definitely not with consent.
  9. @FBG Moderator can I get a little info on this one please?
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