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  1. @Shadowfax I really wanted Herndon as my 3rd TE. Got a good feeling about him with Gase out of the picture. Not unhappy with Latavius Murray.
  2. The only Maggot Brain I know is from that song. Is there another that I'm missing? Or is this schtick? If after 15 plus years with the same name, someone claiming that my board name offends them enough for a no notice/consent change to be made is bad business. Even though the message board rules they have most likely allow for this....I still call BS on this one.
  3. I realized that this was true when I originally posted. I just wanted to see if anyone around had heard of it happening before and if there was some context I could get as to the reason why. I figured with my never having been a problem on the boards I might at least get some type of reason for the no notice change.
  4. Noticed it this morning, but not sure when it was changed. Definitely not with consent.
  5. @FBG Moderator can I get a little info on this one please?
  6. I rarely post anywhere but in the Shark Pool and that mainly when doing an Anarchy/survivor league, etc. Been a Bambi type on these boards and have never been censured in any way. Warnings, bans..none. This sucks the big one.
  7. I figured this was the forum for something this strange:). It's also my first original posting in this forum in the 15 plus years I've been a FBG subscriber. I just noticed that my message board name had been changed from Maggot Brain...to M-Brain without my consent or any notice. Has anyone had this happen previously? and if so, was a reason given. I don't know what the deal is with this one. It's merely a tribute to a 1975 song called 'Maggot Brain' by Funkadelic. It's also the name of most all of my fantasy teams. It features one of Rolling Stone's all time best guitar solos.
  8. With all the back and forth in regards to this summer's protests/riots vs Wed's protest/riot, I don't believe we've heard a response that truly satisfies either side. This youtube video hits it as much on the head as anything I've seen/heard. https://youtu.be/8lz702NhyKY
  9. I just saw the first episode and was extremely happy with it. Of course, I'd just listened to the audio book and re-watched the original '94 miniseries within the past week... so everything was so fresh in my recollection that I had no issues with all the jumping around folks in this thread have referenced. Saw that its Rotten Tomatoes rating wasn't so hot....but that's THEIR opinion....IMO :). Looking forward to the rest of the series. For my part, I always felt the first miniseries was a bit too short. It appears this one will expand on the first one and I've had no issues with the
  10. I wouldn't invest in CBS' subscription service just for it though. If you have a firestick the Cinema Movies App already has the 1st episode. That's also where I just re-watched the 1994 miniseries.
  11. I've read the original once and the revised version twice. I remember when the original 1994 miniseries aired but didn't watch it until a few years later while stationed overseas in the UK. I was a staunch hater of it originally and didn't watch it until I found out that King wrote the teleplay and even played a minor role in it. Not fair probably, but I'm like that when it's a book I'm really invested in. It even took me 5 years to watch the Peter Jackson LOTR movies. And I even picked that apart so much nobody would want to watch it with me :). Recently read on Wikipedia that Owen
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