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  1. Used offense: LAR / LAC / KC / Cin Used defense: Den / GB / Ari / Buf Week 5: Offense - Minnesota Defense - New England
  2. Thanks, appreciate the updates on all 3 leagues.
  3. Used offense: LAR / LAC / KC Used defense: Den / GB / Ari +26 Week 4: Offense - Cincy Defense - Buffalo
  4. Same here, started him over Hunt. It may get me axed in a guillotine league. There are 6 teams below me but they all have players tonight while I've shot my load already. My fingers are crossed while I kick myself in the A##
  5. After serious contemplation, I'm sure?? As an Air Force veteran also, I take his word for it.
  6. Your're comment pique my memory so I went searching for this https://thehackernews.com/2021/09/protonmail-shares-activists-ip-address.html. Found it originally on one of my tech message boards. It's not exactly the same thing, as the request came from the Swiss government, but the precedent would lead me to believe that it's not a sure thing , since the seal seems to be broken now on that policy. Disclaimer: I'm a privacy geek and use the service myself.
  7. I'm quoting Gradkowski here from Sirius radio.....'His footwork immediately after snap was atrocious. Used to stray from RG to LG constantly, even at USC. He's not doing that now and it's noticeable. I thought this was relevant coming from an ex-NFL QB
  8. Used offense: LAR / LAC Used defense: Den / GB Total : +28 Week 3: Offense - KC Defense - Arizona
  9. Agree. I hadn't made the finals for several years, but I could see how that would bother some folks.
  10. Free MFL league (2 teams in the household).....works great.
  11. The new 25% cutoff each week vs what was done in the past has definitely impacted things, as well. We'll all need to re-evaluate how this thing works going forward. Joe B and crew really screwed with our heads with such a seemingly innocuous change. Definitely a new twist that has to change strategies going forward.
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