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  1. Moderna vs Pfizer: Is there a difference? by Katelyn Jetelina
  2. https://twitter.com/dwainmcfarland/status/1437159970101936130?s=20 If this is sustainable, even running a route in 50-60% would be very serviceable.
  3. Decided to start him over Kareem Hunt in a new league....guess we'll see.
  4. Blocking TE Nick Boyle that's so key to their running game now on IR.....don't do it folks. I have 3 shares that I hope pay off in best ball or survivor leagues. But in my single case in a guillotine, I just can't start him over Corey Davis/Kareem Hunt/Marvin Jones/Devonta Smith. I'm not that bold.
  5. Thanks, the CDC site is what I wanted so I could compare and figure out why the numbers would differ.
  6. Who are the members of this 'small team of people with vaccine injuries or have children with vaccine injuries'? Is it listed anywhere on the site where one can validate their qualifications, etc? That's alot of numbers just thrown up on the site. Sorry, but I need more Also, the CDC acknowledging them is a far cry from the CDC endorsing/confirming their findings. If the info's available, I'd like to see it. Haven't been able to find anything as yet.
  7. I retrieved this from the site's FAQ section. Who is behind OpenVAERS? OpenVAERS is a project developed by a small team of people with vaccine injuries or have children with vaccine injuries. We do not accept donations or solicit fees. There is zero monetization of this site. It is purely created in order to help others browse the VAERS records and to identify the reported signals that may otherwise get missed.
  8. Looks like we're on an island with our predictions this year. I wasn't quite as bold as you but I'm on board with your optimism. The bolded phrase above WILL matter this season. Guess we'll see.
  9. Just signed up to ESPN yesterday and wondered when you'd get off your lazy behind and get this ready
  10. 9-8 (389) @Atlanta Falcons W San Francisco 49ers L @Dallas Cowboys W Kansas City Chiefs L @Carolina Panthers W Tampa Bay Buccaneers L @Las Vegas Raiders L @Detroit Lions W Los Angeles Chargers L @Denver Broncos L New Orleans Saints L @New York Giants W @New York Jets W Washington Football Team W New York Giants W @Washington Football Team L Dallas Cowboys W
  11. In week 1 Sam Darnold throws for 3 TDS and runs for 1 vs his old team the Jets Heisman winner Devonta Smith totals 1200+ yards receiving Trevor Lawrence breaks the rookie record for TD passes and passing yards Philadelphia Eagles lead the league in sacks Minnesota Vikings finish the season 5-12
  12. I agree with this. I've personally gone back and forth on how well our QB play from Hurts will be. Presently leaning toward him surprising everyone and shining, but I've been admittedly all over the place on it all preseason I guess my homerism bleeds through as I can NEVER root for these guys to do badly. Call me a sucker, I guess. GO EAGLES........Stella and Jameson starting to kick in
  13. I hear you. And just like that I'm contemplating a change to my surefire lock roster after viewing some recent news. Oh well, it will only affect 3 or 4 players. Of coure, bye weeks are screwed now. Damn it
  14. Currently I'm pretty settled on my roster. It would take some major news to move me off of any players at this point. May even splurge and enter a second team with a neighbor buddy as co-owner. I've done it a few times through the years, but realized I was just throwing away money. All my 'second guess' roosters have fared pretty poorly, except the one I collaborated on with the wife during Manning's super duper 2013 season in Denver, I think .
  15. Yeah, where's the Winz?? I'm only at 75 iterations so far. Definitely my low point in the past several years. Gonna have to step up my game to achieve my norm of 150 or so.
  16. We know that this type of competition bothered Wentz somewhat last year, but Sirianni and staff inherited Hurts, so I can understand their move. We'll see if Hurts can handle some true competition(it definitely ain't Flacco) in the end. Either way, I don't think it comes into play until the guy learns the system. Until then Jalen has plenty of time to distance himself and make it a non issue. It's totally on him right now. I'm just dreading the potential doom & gloom in this thread if things go south and we have QB drama even remotely similar to last year's stink.
  17. I would think resources are already tasked to the max with the pandemic adversely affecting hospitals/emergency response/law enforcement, etc. Plus Louisiana and all their neighboring states are experiencing similar hardships to varying degrees. Just not worth it for a game that doesn't count. Yeah, their in season prep could in reality put them somewhat behind other franchises..but priorities come into play here. The governor asked, and I'm sure the Saints conferred with the NFL and the Cardinals people on this. It was an easy call to cancel IMO. Our priorities have to change during these difficult times
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