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  1. Don't want to do 100% remote. Both are nightmares.
  2. Its very convenient that this was recorded. Also saw this on another article: Guessing its only a matter of time this is determined to be a hoax.
  3. RIP to those 10 brave firefighters (heroes). This is their 9/11.
  4. Got my son's plan. He's going into JHS. They have 4 groups of kids. Groups A, B, and C are blended learning and rotate days in school. This means they are in school 5 days every 3 weeks. Group D is 100% Remote. When in school, kids will stay in classroom all day, teachers rotate. Kids eat lunch in the classroom and learn during their lunch break meaning the school day will be shorter. Everyone must wear masks all day. This is the part my son is gonna have the toughest time with.
  5. Yeah masks suck. We all get it. But if its what I have to do to allow my sons to play youth sports then mask me up. These "adults" don't get it. They complain their kids cant play sports but fail to take the measures to allow them to play sports.
  6. https://nypost.com/2020/08/06/california-man-robbed-of-life-savings-outside-of-bank/
  7. No he's comparing it to Measles which is one of the most highly contagious diseases ever. This is more in the flu range (slightly higher). https://www.quora.com/What-is-the-most-contagious-disease-on-Earth
  8. You think its confusing now. Just wait until season 3. Its like OH COME ON, now they're just ####### with us.
  9. Negative for covid! Results took 4 days so not terrible. She still has a cough and sinus pressure. Think she got it from my son who had post nasal drop cough for weeks.
  10. I've heard this story several times from different people. Its always a friend of a friend.
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