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  1. Panthers still have CMC, DJ Moore, Samuel. Lions have NOBODY except Goloday who will be locked down Harris.
  2. Saw something about half of 49ers starting defense out this week. Is this true?
  3. KC would probably be my last choice of those 4. Lock looks pretty good and teams can typically run on KC. Meanwhile KC's offense is not the juggernaut they have been in the past to force opponents to pass. I'd rank them: SEA (Allen is a disaster), BUF (great def vs Duck Hodges), PHI (Was is atrocious), KC
  4. I'm stashing Denver defense for week 16, home vs Detroit
  5. You know, i see SF ranked in the 20s everywhere and i get that they are played NO in the dome BUT the Saints LG is OUT and their LT is highly questionable. Dee Ford is back. Brees isnt mobile. 49ers basically shutdown the hottest team in football in the second half last week. Is everyone just ignoring the fact that this a stellar defense and should still be a top 12 play this week?
  6. Eli, Engram, and Tate all back. No way Id start Philly defense. Eli is a game manager who doesn't turn the ball over much in recent years.
  7. Wasn't really interested in a Black Widow movie but that trailer kind of reminds me of Winter Soldier movie which was amazing.
  8. I'd rather have both Miami and Washington in those games
  9. Whoever picked up panthers, could be a good two week play facing Atlanta next week
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