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  1. From 2018-2020, Blues, Rangers and Preds all had 26 minors. Sabres had the fewest with 10
  2. This is much more 20 20 hindsight than you think. Sure, there was a lot of interest in Haaland, but stats in Austria are super inflated especially when he is the star striker on the best club in the league. Further, the transfer was not just 15m as stated. There were other fees entailed plus you had to deal with Mino Raiola here. Lastly, Dortmund had to give Haaland an 8m euro year contract for 4 years which most certainly priced out RBL. Also striker wasn’t necessarily a major pressing need for RBL as they had Werner. They have dipped into the Red Bull pipeline to get Hungarian wunderki
  3. Just a quick update from Houston. About a million still without power. We went two nights without power but just got it back a few hours ago. Got to about 53 in the house. It was cold but not unbearable. Pipe burst yesterday afternoon. Caught it quick and turned off the water to the house. Minimal damage to house which is good. But I’d estimate tens of thousands of people had pipes burst so who knows if/when water will be back or we can get a plumber out here to fix . Drove around last few days and nothing is open. No power no street lights it’s surreal. I have food and drinking water
  4. So, I use a wholesale electric provider in Houston. Loved them. For the past 18 months or so my all in electricity price has been about $0.08 /kWh. Their ap let’s me see how much juice I’m using and the wholesale price I’m paying. I don’t normally check it and they are great at emailing with potential price surges predominately in the summer. So yeah it occasionally will spike to 25, 30, 35 cents per kWh so you watch your electric use during peak periods. Pretty simple stuff to help lower costs and level off demand. Last Thursday I got an alert that with cold temperatures expect pri
  5. It's pretty evident that the Rangers need help at center badly. Winning 1/3 of your faceoff's each night is not going to usually be a winning formula. Every time I see Crosby or Bergeron line up in the circle, they are going to just about at will. It's frustrating as hell. Mika is not very good at faceoff's at all, but I think he is certainly a top 6 center here and you have to re-sign him. Chytil was actually showing signs of being good this year, but you need a #1 or #2 center. Rangers have PLENTY of pieces to deal from. Now, this team is not Stanley cup caliber this year, but they ar
  6. I'll just leave this here King Kazu tells Gordie Howe to hold my beer
  7. don't want to get extra snarky, but ffs I stated the cost basis was $7.00 which was the whole point of this exercise in math. But if you think that you have 600 shares that you paid $5, so be it.
  8. But if you buy 500 shares at $5.00, sell 200 at $2.00, buy another 500 shares at $5.00 and sell another 200 at $2.00 that leaves you with 600 shares at at $7.00 cost basis and price never went about $5.00 Math isn't all that hard.
  9. Allow me to share a story that will be of interest to no one other than myself. Atalanta were at home this morning against lowly Torino and just flying. Within 22 minutes Atalanta are up 3-0 and it's like blood in the water out there as Torino is barely able to crack into the attack, and every time Atalanta have it, they are 2-3 passes into a scoring chance. Torino are sitting well within relegation zone here and seems another loss is in the cards. In the 33rd minute, Torino captain Andrea Belotti receives a pass and is on the attack just outside the Atalanta penalty area, and ther
  10. ffs the Legend or perhaps GOAT has a brace
  11. United legend Jesse Lingard with a goal in his debut for the Hammers
  12. Has nothing to do with stock price. Nor should a stock split cause any increase in value, but people are going to believe what they are going to believe.
  13. I own AMZN already, do think it's undervalued, but I'm not adding to it. Plus, it offers no yield. AAPL would make a much better bond play, imho.
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