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  1. The issue I have is that JD has proven he can build winners. Drury has not. Why not wait to make the move until after the season? It’s ridiculous timing. Rangers are youngest team in the league. Have been without two of their better players the past few games in Trouba and Kreider. Were without Panarin for 11 games in a shortened season. Team has great core and decent cap room and really plenty of talent in the pipeline and you fire your GM and president before the season ends? That reeks of incompetence. Want to get tougher fine, address that in the off-season. Team is moving in the
  2. Bigbottom, I love you as a poster, but we may have to put you on ignore for two weeks here
  3. Unfortunately this isn't even remotely isolated. Off the top of my head, in France, ultras stormed the training ground at one team and surrounded players. Another French teams grounds were destroyed causing a game cancellation. Last year Sporting Lisbon's fans ran into the training facility and attacked the players. Something else just happened in France too, can't recall off the top of my head. Not sure why there were no police around, Schalke not a small side.
  4. It's funny how we hear about the backlash of the English fans. I don't seem to see any reports of Barca, Real Madrid or Juventus fans citing what a terrible idea this was. Just saying. And how is the premier league going to punish these teams? Point reductions? Utterly ridiculous. Color me shocked as well that American and Russian billionaires cannot tell the tone of working class English fans. At least Woodward is out, one good thing that came of the league. And earlier point about the ICC - it's an exhibition, not an actual league, and I've gladly paid money to at
  5. Pretty sure the reasons teams pulled out was when they read the paperwork and saw the inclusion of Spurs in the league. Didn't want any part of it. Can't say I blame them, tbh.
  6. To a neutral if I'm given a choice of watching say Liverpool and Barcelona (both teams of which I hate with the burning fury of 10,000 suns) or Leicester/Burnley, let's just say I'm rooting for cards/injuries in the game I'll be watching. Here's my opinion. I try try try each year to get into MLS. I have a local team. I want to watch the league and see some good matches. But, each team has like 2-3 good players. 3-4 decent players and the rest of the club is garbage. And then MLS feels the need to expand, and thus dilute the talent even further. So, the quality of play is worse, a
  7. Okay, I'm pretty sure this Super League is happening, it's simply inevitable. The owners of these teams are getting a massive revenue stream, why in the world would they turn it down? NFL owners move their TEAMS to a new city if they don't get their way, cough cough. This is a no-brainer, surprised it took so long to happen. The FA's would be foolish to kick the teams out of domestic leagues/cups and I'm sure they will allow the Super League to happen, so long as it's been played outside of league play. The Italian teams have already confirmed that that is exactly what they intend to
  8. This MLS starting their games ON TIME instead of the customary 20-37 minutes late is taking a toll on me getting my bets in accurately. Would have been nice if they gave me the heads up. Also, was surprised to read about the Brian Rodriguez drama as I was looking over lineups earlier. I thought he looked like a good young player with lots of potential last year
  9. Cubs lineup today vs Burnes Happ .152 Sogard .105 Rizzo .158 Pederson .118 Baez .220 Heyward .162 Bote .125 Romine 0.00 Arrieta 0.00
  10. I think this weekend is shaping up great. Honestly, I think anyone even or better could win it, that's like 30 golfers. Hell, even a Hatton or Reed at +1 throw up a 65 on Saturday it's game on. Could be some showers tomorrow, depending on when they hit may keep the course soft, but Sunday will be an absolute bear. Would love to see 20 guys within 3 or so shots before Sunday tee times.
  11. Right. If Terrible Warner wasn't just that, totally different story. I watched the previous game vs. Romania in it's entirety, and Germany absolutely thumped them, hit a few posts, missed a few golden chances and squeaked out a 1-0 win. Final score does not tell the story. I cannot see Germany simply putting in a caretaker coach right now, and the group they are in is extremely winnable. I'd love to see Klopp or Nagelsmann coach the national team, but I think these are simply pipe dreams. Low will stay there until he doesn't want to, he's not getting pushed out the door, and gave t
  12. Drop Eloy Jiminez down your draft boards for this year.
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