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  1. That's fair. But Reaves was not a negative player ( 0 +/-), led the team in hits, had a block and zero pim. More than I saw out of Goodrow who is getting paid like 5x as much for what 4-5 more years. Last night was a disaster for the Rangers for sure.
  2. yeah, is this where we declare the Rangers seasons is over and Goodrow was possibly the worst free agent signing ever? Tinordi is simply terrible, I don't even think he's Hartford worthy. Nemeth is a waste of space. And yeah, the Rangers decide to toughen up at the expense of all offense. They only looked threatening on the pp, which is something they will be great at this year, but 5v5, terrible. Reaves and Blais were fine, they did what they were paid to do, but outside of Kakko and maybe Chytil, Rangers didn't look any good at all. Not sure why Igor didn't start game 1 either. And Kravtsov has shown he can play at the international level with KHL talent and be a good player. He obviously wants a chance to show it at the NHL and get paid (read Kaprizov), but if he getting buried on the 3rd line with the likes of Blais and Goodrow, well, that's going to be a hard sell. He hasn't proven anything obviously, but I think the talent is certainly there. Rangers should be able to get a bag of pucks for him.
  3. Messi's goal was nice. Doesn't hold a candle though to Thill's stunner
  4. I ran the numbers last night as I couldn't stop thinking about this. Tucker is so good, I'd like him perform a Tommy John surgery on my elbow. He is by far the most incredible kicker I've ever seen. He's hit what, 50 4th quarter and OT field goals in a row? That is just unreal. I'm not sure what the corresponding WAR is for football, but he'd be thrice Mike Trout's prime WAR. If I was building a football franchise, I'd probably go Mahomes 1, Tucker 2. Simply because Mahomes is younger.
  5. @BuffaloSabres “I spoke to Jack two days ago, I spoke to the team yesterday and addressed this, Jack Eichel is no longer the captain of the Buffalo Sabres. From our perspective, the captain is your heartbeat of your team, and we are in a situation where we felt we needed to make that decision.” Also appears he failed his physical and is on injured reserve. This situation has been spinning it's wheels for months now
  6. I know it's a cup game, but United's lineup, oof. And Phil ####### Jones made the bench. His testimonial game right around the corner.
  7. Sevilla game has had 4 pk's awarded in the 1st half ffs RB missed 2, game is 1-1
  8. Daniel James to Leeds looks a done deal. I think he'll be a great fit there, high motor guy for their press all over the pitch.
  9. Juve lost to Empoli today at home. I have plenty of thoughts there but I'll spare you. I am usually the first one to poo poo on MLS, but this LA/LA game was fantastic. Wish they could all be like that one,.
  10. McTominnay just has surgery, so he's out a few weeks/months. And even a blind man can see Matic can't be rolled out there more than once/month or so, right? Maybe we can a Fred/VdB pairing 🙏
  11. He had 29 goals in 33 games year and led Serie A. Year before he had 31 goals in 33 games. I watch a lot of Serie A, and certainly Ronaldo is not the player he used to be, but he will not need to be on United. Pair him with Sancho and Rashford with Bruno and Pogba offering service. He's an impact player for sure (as he had the winner for Juve last game out after coming in as a sub, only to be called off by a fraction). I actually thought he'd fit in perfectly with City as they could sit Sterling. Addition by subtraction. Imagine him getting through balls from KdB? He wouldn't miss the dozen or so sitters Raheem does each year. He'll be well received if nothing else at Old Trafford. United will be plenty hungry for goals all around with the likes of Bruno, CR7, Rashford, Greenwood, Cavani, Sancho (if he ever gets to play). Martial has to be sent out, simply not enough balls to go around. Saw something today which made me chuckle in that VanDijk has more minutes played in the premier league that VanDeBeek. FFS. United spent how much on him again. vomit. Play these ####ers if you're going to bring them in. If they can't cut it, move them, but you'll never know if they never play.
  12. Can't wait to see who takes first pk with Bruno and CR7 on the pitch.
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