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  1. Starting a new tactical position here. Going into these dividend stocks: LUMN 8% Lumen Technologies, Inc. is an investment holding company, which engages in the provision of integrated communications to residential and business customers. AB 10% AllianceBernstein Holding LP engages in the provision of research, diversified investment management and related services. It offers investment trusts, mutual funds, hedge funds and other investment vehicles. ABBV 5% AbbVie, Inc. is a research-based biopharmaceutical company, which engages in the development and sale of pharmaceutical
  2. I sold 1000 out of 7000, holding the rest
  3. Looking into FFIC (Flushing Financial) no reason, other than the name fitting perfectly in my portfolio
  4. What about those three martini lunches hedge fund fatcats are famous for.
  5. They are on different clocks. GTBC is only market hours, not even Pre or afterhours. BTC itself is for sale 24/7
  6. Did you get away with community service or doing hard time?
  7. GBTC and MARA down about 3% RGBFF, MSTR and MOGO down about 8-9%. Could be some relative value in those
  8. VIX Down 21.5% UVXY +10% wtfh. I sure miss TVIX. This is ridiculous. We should be up 40% today in UVXY
  9. Sounds like it would be great in a ROTH?
  10. Wtf uvxy? Vic up 6%, but you're down. Today's the kind of day I need you
  11. 1. I didn't order last time. I was presenting how I was pitched and why I felt no inclination to assume it was predatory. 2. Could you present this a bit more condescendingly so I understand better.
  12. When I was getting gas turned on at my rent house, I was getting numerous calls from vendors. I never paid much attention. I've lived here a long, long time and gas is historically cheap. Like $30 in the summer (9 months here) and 70-100 in the winter. Its just not a big deal. SO when the vendors were calling, it never occurred to me I could be subjecting myself to 1000s of dollars in monthly bills. I never dreamed that would be on the table. ITs like how I can go order a hamburger any for $7-15. Its not a big deal if I pay 7 or 16, its a negligible amount that I dgaf. No way would I ever imag
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