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  1. Thanks krista About those seemingly random numbers on the right side of the draft list. In each tier somewhere to the right I would put how many songs I would be glad to take in that tier. To keep it camouflaged, I used code for the numbers, e.g., a nine meant three. I can't believe no one ever deleted them
  2. Man, this just happened to me the other day. I guess its a thing now.
  3. 299 - I Put a Spell on You / Screamin' Jay Hawkins - 1956 I am so glad you guys let me get most of the blues standards on the list. I don't know whether y'all don't like them or are just unfamiliar with them., but I'm thrilled with my results. link ,or maybe you'll prefer the original over-the -the top music video version
  4. And since DOug B is my only rival for my final group and he picks after me, I think its kosher to make that pick now?
  5. 312 / Walk on By / Isaac Hayes 1969 So happy this made it back to me one more time. I would have gladly taken it long ago. Issac was one of my favorite soul singers after Redding, Pickett, etc. Unlike Stax and Motown of the time, his style was labeled "symphonic soul." In retrospect, that doesn't sound like something I'd like, but I'd be very very wrong. Wriiten by Burt Bacharach (?!) and backed by the Bar-Kays. @Uruk-Hai, is this song too long for you?
  6. I remember reading an article and the guy asking her how she felt getting paid $100 for the rights to Hound Dog, when Elvis made millions. She replied to the effect, "Well I'm alive with my $100."
  7. Krista texted me and asked that I extend her apologies. She can only see the thread, but cannot logon on her phone. So she can see what we ar edoing but cannot remind us not to mess up the Song List sheet. If her picks comes up, she requested I text her for it, or give her number to someone else who can. Also a bunch of legalese about suing the owners of the rent house she's in for not providing proper internet service.
  8. I always preferred Tito's over Kettle One until I had a K1 dirty martini. I still prefer Tito's overall, but keep a bottle of Kettle One around for when I'm feelig dirty.
  9. 2000 is pretty foggy for me. I partied way, way way hard on New Years eve 1999, thinking Y2k would be the end of civilization
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