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  1. Wtf uvxy? Vic up 6%, but you're down. Today's the kind of day I need you
  2. 1. I didn't order last time. I was presenting how I was pitched and why I felt no inclination to assume it was predatory. 2. Could you present this a bit more condescendingly so I understand better.
  3. When I was getting gas turned on at my rent house, I was getting numerous calls from vendors. I never paid much attention. I've lived here a long, long time and gas is historically cheap. Like $30 in the summer (9 months here) and 70-100 in the winter. Its just not a big deal. SO when the vendors were calling, it never occurred to me I could be subjecting myself to 1000s of dollars in monthly bills. I never dreamed that would be on the table. ITs like how I can go order a hamburger any for $7-15. Its not a big deal if I pay 7 or 16, its a negligible amount that I dgaf. No way would I ever imag
  4. I have a stake LT, but I'm not particularly pleased right now. I still think its maybe the best of the EV lot
  5. TRXC Could someone explain to me why the SP is $5.14 and their warrants (expiring 3/21) are $5.70. I guess either I misunderstand warrants or this pricing is nonsensical.
  6. Looking at @TripItUplist and will post notes as I go along. This is a great, much appreciated list. I am not blessing or disparaging them, I will just be reporting my DD and initial takes. AHAC - Love their product and future potential. There is the expected premium to pay since the merger has already been announced. Digging a bit deeper I see that a lot of their capital will be through PIPEs (Private Equity Public Funds) where shares are sold below market. One of the largest purchasers is FMS (Fresenius) a large, stable provider of dialysis, with very handsome metrics: a 2% dividend
  7. I thought GSAH might make a play for them. I hope its not CoinBase
  8. I just read an article today that if China truly stops exporting rare earth metals to us, we won't be able to build F-15s. And a lot of other stuff, I'm sure.
  9. It was only up $4 or so. That's a buttload of shares. What? 5000?
  10. Sure. If you don't mind missing out on the quick, easy and high risk profits in this overheated market. If it ever crashes, I don't know that Apple will hold value better than the SPACs, etc. I just sold my MSFT, MU, NVDA, and a few other tech stocks. The markets seem to want to rotate into infrastructure and make them oversold, now. Think DEER, CAT, etc.
  11. Why aren't all energy companies here required to have sufficient LPNG stored on site, so that they could do a quick conversion when problems happen. Not only is the system fragile and unmaintained, they tell us that when it completely shuts down it could take weeks or months to restore. This seem inordinately stupid.
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