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  1. Sounds good. I think I will probably book tomorrow morning. I fear my options will diminish daily at these prices.
  2. I'm leaving the 25th to Juneau, 28th to SD (for Del Mar) , train to LA on 29 or 30, LAX to AUS the 31st ketch me if u kan
  3. Try doing it as a muilt-city. ie Mem to LAX to AK to LAX to Mem. I ended up choosing AUS to JUN to SAN, then LAX to AUS. Cost me 25,000 miles for the main cabin.
  4. I'm changing my dates to late August or early Sept. And I think I am now leaning toward Ketch, unless I read some great stuff about Juneau soon.
  5. thanks. in that case I think I'd definitely prefer Ketcmeifucan
  6. Which did you like better: Juneau or Ketchmeifucan? WHy?
  7. Maybe there's something else worth doing there for a few days. Maybe I should choose a different destination. Ketchikan is a cool sounding name. A roundtrip Uber to the Austin airport will cost more than the roundtrip flight to ALaska.
  8. Yes it certainly would. Temps those days 50s to 70s. That would be a huge relief from the TX heat.
  9. It would be pretty ####### cool if we could meet up in some random Alaskan city for my birthday. July 22. Let's do it. DO they have abnb up there where we could rent some big nice place?
  10. Anchorage Fairbanks Juneau Ketchikan Sitka Each was 10-13000 sky miles for RT. Add 5-10K miles to get into the main cabin I have always wanted to see the northern lights. I booked a flight to Fairbanks July 19 -24 I know absolutely NOTHING about AK. I chose Fairbanks because it was the furthest north and I figured best odds for the light show. If anyone knows anything about AK, let me know. I just know there are some crazy misfits there and I don't want to get murdered. But I do want to eat mushrooms and see the lights.
  11. Lots of great comments here. I appreciate it. I'll respond some more tomorrow. I was talking to the wife this evening after posting and told her that we chose this location in Austin because there were 40 resaturants, five movie theaters, 30 bars and five libraries within a $10 Uber. So I'm afraid I'd have to give that up and unsure I'd actually be willing to do it. eta - unless I move in with El FLoppo. I love me some Bowery, Soho, Little Italy, Chinatown
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